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    Default Deepwater Merfolk (5e Race) PEACH

    This is probably not the most balanced thing ever, but if anyone wants a drow-analog for underwater campaigns I think it's pretty cool.

    Spoiler: Picture

    Ability Scores: +1 to Dex, Con and Cha. Deepwater merfolk are swift and vital, and have a mesmerizing glow to them.
    Size: Medium
    Speed: 10/Swim 40
    Alignment: Any non-good
    Languages: Common, Aquan
    Amphibious: Can breathe both air and water
    Natural Weapons: 2 claws (1d4), bite (1d6)
    Senses: Darkvision 60
    Light Sensitivity: Disadvantage to Perception and attack rolls when self or target is in sunlight. (Clear, shallow water counts as sunlight during daytime. Deep (+200 feet) or very muddy water does not.)
    Air Sensitivity: Can go without immersion in water for 6 hours. After 6th hour, Con save vs. suffocation once per hour spent without submerging in water.
    Resistances: Resistant to cold.
    Immunities: Immune to high pressure

    Names: Skeelah, Ayakish, Gibwathi, Adurakee, Skrashleek
    Description: Deepwater merfolk, also known as anglermaids, are a race of carnivorous merfolk that dwell in the lightless depths of the sea. They tend to have blank, pearly white eyes, light green or blue hair and skin in fish-belly white shades with black or midnight blue scales. Small lights and/or lures cover their bodies, shining enticingly enough to offset their long, sharp nails and shark-like teeth.
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