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    Default Warlock Patron: Sentai

    The Sentai Warlock

    They've got
    A power and a force that you've never seen before.
    They've got
    The ability to morph and to even up the score.
    No one can ever take them down!
    The power lies on their si-i-i-i-i-ide.

    Go, go, Power Rangers!
    Go, go, Power Rangers!
    Go, go, Power Rangers!
    You Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

    Every so often, an evil comes into the world that no one can stop. No wall can hold them back, no army can defeat them, and they cannot be reasoned with. It is in these times that an almost unknown group of Great Old Ones known as the Guardians awaken from their long slumbers, and they select champions to fight for them on the side of good. For an unknown reason, the Guardians almost universally select young Humans and Near-humans with no obvious powers of their own as their guardians, and these "teenagers" are always known to have attidue.

    Sentai work as a team. While each Sentai is powerful in their own right, as a team they can be nigh unstoppable. More often than not, a team of Sentai are themed around an ideal or totem, Such as Animals, Shapes, Sigils, Dinosaurs, Planets, or just their own elemental powers. Those that become Sentai unconsciously find themselves becoming embodiments of their chosen totem or element: A fire Sentai may be hot-headed and tend to dress in bright reds, While an elephant-themed Sentai may have a fantastic memory and lean towards greys.

    The Majority of Sentai take the Blade pact, with a small number of others taking the Tome Pact and even fewer taking the Chain. A weapon summoned by a Blade pact Sentai is always overly large, brightly colored, emits flashes of sparks and/or bright lights when struck against a target, and has a unique advantage and disadvantage: The Sentai may not change the type of weapon they summon after selecting it the first time, and a Sentai may select any kind of Bow or Crossbow as their Pact Weapon.

    While the Guardians are universally good, and therefore their Sentai are also universally good, the Guardians are not the only ones that can make sentai, and these may be of any alignment. As well, Sentai have been known in the past to fall from grace, and join the side of evil.

    Sentai Warlock Spell list

    Warlock Level Spells
    1st Bless, Expeditious retreat
    3rd Scorching Ray, Enhance Ability
    5th Fireball, Phantom Steed
    7th Fire Shield, Dimension Door
    9th Cone of Cold, Wall of force

    It's Transformation Time!
    At first level, Upon gaining his powers, a Sentai gains the ability to Transform into his true fighting form, gaining a brightly colored, fully helmeted battle suit. This grants the Sentai a massive increase to his previous fighting skills. While a Sentai may maintain this form for an extended period of time, the inherent identity masking abilites of this form and the somewhat forced bombastic speech and gesture patterns make most normal social interactions all but impossible.
    Once per short rest, The Sentai may use an action to transform. When he does so, he gains the following abilities and suffers the following side effects:
    - Disadvantage on stealth checks
    - Disadvantage on Deception checks
    - The Sentai cannot gain the benefits of rest or sleep while in this form.
    - The Sentai cannot be recognized as his true identity, except by a True Seeing spell, his Patron, and anyone that watches him transform.
    - Gain the Martial Arts class feature
    - AC becomes 10 + dex + cha
    - Gain resistance to non magical weapon damage

    At first level, the Sentai may maintain this form for up to 1 hour. At 5th, this increase to 8 hours, and at 9th, this increases to 24 hours.

    With our Powers combined!
    A sentai team is well trained in combining their attacks into one overpowering blast. As well, Each member of a sentai team is given mastery over a different element or force of nature.
    Starting at 6th level, a group of two or more Sentai may hold their actions to combine spell effects into one massive attack. Each member elects to use this action during their turn, and must end their turn within 10 ft of the Last Sentai in the initiative. On the last Sentai's turn, Each member casts a spell or cantrip that deals damage at the same target/area. The combined attack utilizes the Highest Attack roll modifier in the group, and any effects which require saves use the highest save DC in the group. All damage is totaled together before taking resistances into account, and the damage and/or Save DC of each spell increases by +1 for each member of the team. Only one Sentai in the group needs this ability for the team to use it. The Sentai must complete a Long Rest before he can use this ability again.

    Additionally, a Sentai Picks a damage type other than Slashing, Piercing or Bludgeoning. He may Change the damage type of any attack, spell he casts, or ability that deals damage into that damage type at will.

    By the Light of the Guardians, YOU SHALL BE PUNISHED!
    A Sentai's continued training and teaches her to push beyond her normal limits and to never succumb to her enemies. Starting at 10th level, A Sentai may gain an additional action during his turn that can only be used to cast a spell or a cantrip. Additionally, he gains resistance to his chosen damage type.

    The Ultimate expression of teamwork, a group of Sentai may combine themselves to become something much greater than they were before. Starting at 14th level, a group of two or more Sentai may hold their actions to combine spell effects into one massive attack. Each member elects to use this action during their turn, and must end their turn within 10 ft of the Last Sentai in the initiative. On the last Sentai's turn, all effected Sentai vanish and a Gargantuan, Multicolored, Heavily armed/armored humanoid appears in their place, Called a "Zord". The Zord combines all of the best benefits of each Sentai, and boosts them even further.

    The Zord's attributes are dependent on the Sentai that summoned it. It's attributes are each the highest of that in the group, with a few exceptions: It's Strength becomes 26, It's Constitution is 26, and it's HP is the combined max total of each Sentai member. the Zord's size is Gargantuan, Has a reach of 15 ft, Deals an additional 3d6 damage on each attack, has a movement speed of 120 ft., and has access to all spells, powers, skills, and abilities of each of the different Sentai members. The Sentai may maintain the Zord for a total number of minutes equal to the number of Sentai that summoned it.

    If the Zord is destroyed or the time runs out, the zord vanishes and the Sentai reappear in their previous spaces. Each Is exhausted. Each Sentai must take a Long Rest before they can either use this ability or assist in this ability again.

    Okay, so, this thing is OP and a couple of the abilities are overly complicated...gotcha, that's totally the point. I generally designed it because it was fun, I felt that the mechanics of the Warlock Class lent it self well to this kind of thing (Zordon is totally a Patron! Those kids had NO power before he gave it to them!), and it's mostly meant to be used in a game where EVERYONE is playing one of these. Beyond that, If you guys have some decent ideas about how this could be balanced/simplified to work in a REAL game, I'd love to hear it!

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