So, I have a player rolling up a third level character, and the schtick he wants is to be able to assemble a variety of items on the fly.
I made this power up for him to use, but I know my weak point is making things over complicated. Does this power make sense to you guys?

Psionic Prefabrication
Metacreativity (Creation)

Level: Shaper 2
Display: Material
Manifesting Time: Move action
Range: 5 ft
Target: Up to 5 cubic feet of parts
Duration: 2 rounds / level (D)
Saving Throw: None
Power Resistance: No
Power Points: 3

As the Fabricate spell, except as noted here.
Instead of being able to use any sufficient mass of raw material,
Psionic Prefabrication instead uses parts constructed
specifically for use with this power. Items fabricated with this power
fall apart back into those parts when the power’s duration ends or is
dismissed, and these parts can be reused unless the item was
destroyed. If the parts are carried on the manifester’s person, the
action required to retrieve them is subsumed by the manifesting time
of this power.
The parts used by this power are created with the craft (tools)
skill at a DC of 15, and the crafter decides what material to use and
the total gp value of parts crafted. Psionic Prefabrication can
only fabricate items made of the same material as the parts used. (You
cannot fabricate a mithral buckler from wooden parts.) <i>Psionic
Prefabrication</i> still requires an appropriate craft skill check
when fabricating complex items.
The manifester may also craft and use a supply of parts made of
“miscellaneous” materials, but they can only be used for up to 25% of
any item’s fabrication. (This is mostly intended to cover things like
bowstrings, buckles, padding, etc.)

EXAMPLE: John the 5th level elven shaper crafts 400 gp worth of steel
parts while at home. Later, when exploring some old ruins, he is
attacked by zombies! He manifests <i>Psionic Prefabrication</i> and
makes a craft (weapons) check of 20 to create a masterwork longsword
to fight them off. 10 rounds later, the longsword reverts back into
steel parts. Later, Jon comes across an old sarcophagus he wants to
open, but can’t do it with just his hands. He uses the same steel
parts, and manifests <i>Psionic Prefabrication </i>again to create a
crowbar (after making a craft (tools) check of 10), and pries the
stubborn coffin open!