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    confused Warforged, E6 and Armor as Damage Reduction?!

    Hello Playground!
    With my upcoming campaign, it seems I have run into a dilemma I guess.
    Using the alternate rules for Armor as Damage Reduction from UA, and the Warforged, I am uncertain how to handle this.

    In my current example, my player who wishes to play a Warforged with the Adamantine Body feat.
    This would normally grant a +8 AC and a DR2/Adamantine, but with the alternate rules it would actually grant +4 AC, DR2/Adamantine AND DR4/-

    However, in a game of E6, which I plan on runnning, either of these two versions seems extreme and overly powerfull to the other.
    Playground, help?!

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    Default Re: Warforged, E6 and Armor as Damage Reduction?!

    It sounds "ZOMG Broken Kill It With Fire" but I don't think it is. (Or if it's broken, it's because Armor as DR is broken, which would make me sad).

    The armor values (+ 4 AC, DR 4) are the same as a regular ol' suit of full plate. So the player is spending a feat on getting a free suit of full plate at 1st level.

    Maybe offer the other players the option of spending a 1st level feat on an heirloom magic item, < 2000 gp? (Frodo inheriting the One Ring, Roy inheriting the Greenhilt sword)
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