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    Default Vestige's Maneuver (3.5, Feat)

    Vestige's Maneuver
    You are able to draw forth more power from your favorite vestiges, pulling them out in sublime ways.
    Prerequisites: Favored Vestige.
    Benefit: Whenever you have a Favored Vestige bound you gain access to a martial maneuver based upon it. This maneuver is not considered to be known by you, and is not readied. Instead once you use it you must wait 5 rounds before using it again, this is considered an ability of the vestige's meaning it is a supernatural ability and effects which reduce the time it takes to use their abilities again (such as Rapid Recovery) function on it. If you have multiple instances of the Favored Vestige feat and multiple favored vestiges bound you gain the maneuvers for each of them as long as they are different maneuvers from each other.

    Tome of Magic
    Vestige Maneuver
    Amon Burning Blade (desert wind)
    Aym Stone Bones (stone dragon)
    Leraje Wind’s Stride (desert wind)
    Naberius Mind-stabbing Blow (Star Dream)
    Ronove Mighty Throw (setting sun)
    Dahvler-Nar Mountain Hammer (stone dragon)
    Haagenti Battle Leader’s Charge (white raven)
    Malphas Cloak of Deception (shadow hand)
    Savnok Stone Vice (Stone Dragon)
    Andromalius Shadow Garrote (Shadow Hand)
    Focalor Release Spark (Flashing Lightning)
    Karsus Luna’s Blessed Aegis (Lunar Spirit)
    Paimon Agile Riposte (Jeering Monkey)
    Agares Bonesplitting Strike (Stone Dragon)
    Andras Divine Surge (Devoted Spirit)
    Buer Revitalizing Strike (Devoted Spirit)
    Eurynome Overwhelming Mountain Strike (Stone Dragon) may use while standing on water.
    Tenebrous Hand of Death (Shadow Hand)
    Acererak Final Dispatch (Edge of Apocalypse)
    Balam Hoary Edge (Crushing Avalache)
    Dantalion White Raven Tactics (White Raven)
    Geryon Flanking Strike (White Raven)
    Otiax Cursed Gale (Crone’s Hex)
    Chupoclops Muscle Rending Blows (Darting Viper)
    Haures Mind-Venom Strike (Star Dream)
    Ipos Spell Rending Edge (Lunar Spirit)
    Shax Lightning Rush Strike (Flashing Lightning)
    Zagan Disrupt the Heart (Darting Viper)
    Eligor Castigating Strike (Devoted Spirit)
    Marchosias Death in the Dark (Shadow Hand)
    Halphax Earthstrike Quake (Stone Dragon)
    Orthos Command the Sky Kneel (Crone’s Hex)

    Online/Dragon/Non-ToM Official Vestiges
    Vestige Maneuver
    Primus Defensive Rebuke (Devoted Spirit)
    Ahazu That is not Dead (Edge of Apocalypse)
    Arete Ruby Nightmare Blade (Diamond Mind)
    Astaroth (Diabolus) Stand between Futures (Edge of Apocalypse)
    Astaroth (the Unjustly Fallen) False Prophet Stance (Edge of Apocalypse)
    Cabiri Eye of Clotho (Crone’s Hex)
    Kas Divine Surge (Devoted Spirit)
    Ansitif Castigating Strike (Devoted Spirit)
    Desharis Order formed from Chaos (White Raven)
    The Triad Moment of Alacrity (Diamond Mind)
    Vanus Order formed from Chaos (White Raven)
    Zceryll Black Wind Rebuke (Edge of Apocalypse)
    Abysm Diamond Nightmare Blade (Diamond Mind).
    Ashardalon Wyrm’s Flame (Desert Wind) damage increased to 15d6.

    Avenger Vestiges
    Vestige Maneuver
    Rojar White Raven Tactics (White Raven)
    Anstark Distorting Strike (Protean Hunter)
    Logarth Pouncing Charge (Tiger Claw)
    Pymos Order formed from Chaos (White Raven)
    Tonjak Iron Bones (Stone Dragon)
    Maest Undying Beast Ferocity (Feral Hunger)
    Mjol Lightning Throw (Iron Heart)

    Pacts of Possession
    Vestige Maneuver
    Mane Blood Forged Claws (Protean Hunter)
    Dretch Predator’s Piercing Blow (Feral Hunger)
    Uridezu Tactical Strike (White Raven)
    Dybbuk Hand of Death (Shadow Hand)
    Vrock Black Wind’s Wail (Edge of Apocalypse)
    Marilith Dancing Mongoose (Tiger Claw)
    Gorristro Ancient Mountain Hammer (Stone Dragon)
    Balor Inferno Blade (Desert Wind)
    Lemure Dreadful Edge (Edge of Apocalypse)
    Imp Cloak of Deception (Shadow Hand)
    Abishai Deathmark (Desert Wind) energy type of damage dealt is the same as Lingering Energy
    Bone Devil Terrifying Blow (Edge of Apocalypse)
    Chain Devil Obscuring Shadow Strike (Shadow Hand)
    Dolgai Shadow Stride (Shadow Hand)
    Malebranche Transfix the Soul (Edge of Apocalypse)
    Paeliryon Clarion Call (White Raven)
    Pit Fiend Universal Dread (Edge of Apocalypse)

    Infernal Pacts
    Vestige Maneuver
    Mephistopheles (Lesser) Fire Riposte (Desert Wind)
    Zariel Zephyr Dance (Desert Wind)
    Bel Cowering Strike (White Raven)
    Belial Entrancing Flourish (Star Dream)
    Dispater Mithral Tornado (Iron Heart)
    Fierna Lingering Inferno (Desert Wind)
    Levistus Dazing Strike (Iron Heart)
    Mammon Stomach Churning Strike (Darting Viper)
    Baalzebul Scorpion Parry (Setting Sun)
    Mephistopheles Leaping Flame (Desert Wind)
    Moloch Doom Charge (Devoted Spirit)
    Glasya Eye of Lachesis (Crone’s Hex)
    Asmodeus Universal Dread (Edge of Apocalypse)
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    Default Re: Vestige's Maneuver (3.5, Feat)

    I was not prepared to feel what I am feeling now.
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