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    Default animal shapechanger race. (would like suggestions)

    So I was makeing a campaign when I realized there were no +2 wisdom races. I also realized that my want to make a seprete selkie, anansi, and kitsune races would be a bit to much. So I decided to quickly wip up this race. I think it's pretty cool but at the moment it looks kinda weak. What do you think? it clearly isn't polished yet, so what do you think should be added?

    Ability score increase; +2 wisdom
    age. Depends, more natural ones like selkies live as long as a human, more magical ones like kitsune are immortal.
    Alignment. Being fundamentally beings of nature shapeshifters typically go towards neutral alignments.
    Size. Most shapechangers resemble humans in their base form, and as such are medium.
    speed. your base walking speed is 30 feet.
    Darkvision. As an animal you need to see in the dark
    Trained by nature. You have training in perception.
    Animal nature. You are one animal. You choose this at level one and canít change it. This effects what you look like when you shapechange and what subrace you should take. Your animal form can be tiny small or medium
    language. You can speak common and communicate with animals similar to the animal you are as if you both spoke the same language.
    Shapechange. You posses an object which allows you to change forms between your human and animal forms. As long as you are in possession of the object you can change forms at will. What this does is determined by your subrace. You allows perfectly resemble the animal you resemble.
    Subraces. Pick one of the subraces.

    When you shapechange the following happens to you
    You are amphibious
    you have a swimming speed equal to your walking speed.
    You have a 1d4 finesse piercing bite attack you are proficient in.

    you have a flying speed equal to your speed
    you have a 1d4 finesse natural attack you are proficent in. This can be a stinger or claw or bite

    You have a climbing speed equal to your speed
    you can spend your bonus action to make a 5 foot by 5 foot area of web. This area counts as difficult terrain to everyone but you.

    Your speed increases by 5 feet.
    You have a 1d8 finnese bite attack
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