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    furious Re: Ordering Issues from APE Games

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    furious Re: Ordering Issues from APE Games

    Quote Originally Posted by apegamer View Post
    I'd feel remiss if I didn't stick up for my shipping manager here, who went above and beyond to help you, was always very polite, and received only swearing and condescension from you.

    Weeks ago, when she noticed you had placed two book orders, she emailed you about whether you wanted the books sent ahead of the game, since you'd paid multiple shipping costs. You said to ship the books, so she did.

    So you got your books before the game, we're returning you $5.95 in extra shipping and you still can still only complain?
    Misrepresentation. You combined the orders. I was always supposed to get the books before the games, I don't know in May perhaps. The whole reason to order them separately was to avoid a delay. HAH! There were two book orders as one was a gift, and I don't like wrapping. So I paid $5.95 to have it come on it's own so I could just give it to him.

    Above/beyond. Where is that? By sending me books I'd paid for? By charging me shipping 3 times and keeping the extra? The not returning it on your own and having me jump through hoops? It wasn't extra shipping. If I hadn't complained, are you saying you would have returned it yourselves? No. Because you then said that I'd had combined orders.

    I am not happy because after all of the delays, which I can understand, but to then top it off with trying to get what was mine by having to argue was it. Last straw. I asked about it, and got turned away at first. She didn't read/bother to look up my orders. It was stated in the e-mails attatched to her reply. She wasn't thorough. If she was offended by my condescension, well, she should be. They were insults. After 12 emails, 3 months, and misappropriated funds, my response stands.

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    Default Re: Ordering Issues from APE Games

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