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    Default The Alchemist! Bomber, potion maker, and researcher of knowledge!

    Hello playgrounders!

    A friend and I have been working on an Alchemist class for D&D 5E, and wed very much like your feedback. Well hopefully be getting the chance to playtest it sometime in the next few weeks, but we thought some advance review from the experienced gamers here would help before we get to that stage to notice any obvious problems.

    So, the design goals. First, we were big fans of the alchemist class in Pathfinder and wanted to bring it into 5E. However, the goal was less a direct port of the class and more something that was inspired by it while still feeling very much like a 5E class. Some of the 5E classes we looked to for a sense of that design were the bard, paladin, and warlock. Second, we wanted to make something that occupied its own niche in the system, rather than directly taking up the design space of the other classes. In particular, we altered the casting of the class to use the potion mechanic to give it a distinct feel separate from the other classes. Last, we were especially impressed by the warlock, and wanted to introduce another class like it that involves more choice for character build worked into the class itself.

    Currently the class resides on a Google Document link, like so:

    We eagerly await any comments, feedback, or suggestions you have. Thanks for taking a look!

    v.01 - Just posted! As we make changes, I'll keep track of a log here explaining what's new. Already planned are a few more new spells and research options.

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    Default Re: The Alchemist! Bomber, potion maker, and researcher of knowledge!

    Ok, so one thing i wanna clear up right away is that does the spell progression stack with the normal multiclass spell progression or is it its own thing?

    I originally thought that the power of the bombs where too powerful, but then i noticed how limited they are per day and i'm wondering if that is the right direction.

    You should probably ask around what is considered alchemy items and give examples as well so that it can be a unified idea instead of what the gm says

    Breaking the Concentration mechanic is generally a bad idea for class balance.

    Some of your class mechanics renders other class mechanics obsolete.

    I generally don't like the idea of creating spells due to the general imbalance of their creation. and your spell selection is a great hodgepodge of abilities. I (shameless self endorsement here) have the same issue with my take of the alchemist in my sig below.
    I would really like some input on this 5e Homebrew

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