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    Default Sorcerer Paragon Path - Strike Reverser

    This is a homebrew design for a paragon path in fourth edition, inspired by comments here:

    Currently WIP

    Strike Reverser
    "I'm not helpless to physical attacks just because I'm a sorcerer. Watch this!"

    Your powers came to you uncontrolled, and that got you in many dangerous situations. However, your powers are also adaptable enough to fix this, and now help you not get hit nearly as much.

    Gameplay wise it has abilities that help mix stuff of other roles in, and helps those in odd multiclasses or hybrids.

    Prerequisite: Sorcerer

    Strike Reverser Path Features:

    Strike Armor (11th Lvl): You can use your Charisma modifier in place of Dexterity for determining AC in place of Intelligence or Dexterity when determining AC without heavy armor.

    Strike Resistance (11th Lvl): Resistances granted by your sorcerer class features increase by 2.

    Struck Action (11th Lvl): When you take damage, as an immediate interrupt you may use an action point, and take a standard action immediately.

    Teammate's Energy(16th Lvl): When you flank a foe, both you and your ally deal additional damage to the attack equal to you charisma modifier.

    Strike Reverser Spells

    Blasting Jump Strike Reverser Attack 11
    You make a wild jump straight to a foe, so you have a advantageous position.
    Encounter - Arcane, Force
    Standard Action Close blast 10, one target.
    CHA v. Reflex
    Hit: 2d8 + Dexterity modifier + Strength modifier force damage.
    Effect: Before or after the attack, teleport adjacent to the target.

    Enblastic Shielding Strike Reverser Utility 12
    You fashion energy around you to discourage foes coming after you, despite how close you are.
    Daily - Arcane
    Minor Action Personal
    Effect: For the rest of the encounter, if a foe hits with an attack, you deal 1d10 + Charisma modifier damage to them.

    Stopping Pulse Strike Reverser Attack 20
    You launch force around you to stun any foes who are too close.
    Daily - Arcane, Force
    Standard Action Close Blast 2, targets enemies
    CHA v. Fortitude
    Hit: 2d12 + charisma modifier force damage, and dazed (Save ends).
    Miss: Half damage, and prone instead.

    To do: Come up with more lore. Make sure reasonably balanced.
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