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Thread: CannonBall

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    Post CannonBall

    CannonBall #1: That's not a Punchline, that's Just You Moping

    This is Cannonball, an OotS style webcomic.

    I started this webcomic four years ago. I'm reviving it now because I like the setting and the characters. Back then, I had some idea of an overarching plot, but, like most things I wrote when I was 16, it was derivative bollocks. I haven't figured out a new overarching plot yet, so my new plan is to send the characters on adventures, make dumb jokes, and generally mess around until a plot direction emerges. I wouldn't be opposed to taking on a collaborator, if I find someone interested in making a fan comic who clicks with me and maybe has some experience DMing. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy the beginning of CannonBall and subsequent screwing around!


    I redid some of the art between issues 3 and 4, and issues from now on will reflect the improvements.
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    Default Re: CannonBall, an OotS style webcomic

    Oh, hey, how did I not notice this until now?

    Though yeah, it is a bit rough.
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    Check this game out! Or at least give it a thumbs up.
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    Default Re: CannonBall

    You probably should make your sig a link to the thread. I saw you signature a few days a go and kept trying to click on it. Then I googled the name of the comic and didn't find it either. I didn't think to check if it was being published here rather than on its own website. That would probably get you more views if other people try to click your signature.

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    Thanks for pointing that out, Lissou. The link works now.

    Progress is slow. Comic #5 is drafted; while I'm happy with the script and the layout, it will be a few days before I can put it all together.

    Here's a teaser, for anyone who likes that sort of thing


    This is a character from the next strip.

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    Default Re: CannonBall

    Interesting indeed. The comic already feels like it will a little bit of a lot of things :3
    If I can say one thing though, I'm on a mobile device, and it's little hard to read the comic via the photobucket site (it displays the comic, but it's too small to read).
    I hope to see more!
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