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    Default Essence Extractor (PF PrC, PEACH)

    Essence Extractor
    Some spellcasters are creators of great magical wonders. Some create powerful magical items, weapons and armors. But not all have realized the weave of magic behind their creations, and learned to draw it out and toy with it at a whim. Those who have are the Essence Extractors.

    Spellcasting: Must be able to cast both 2nd level divine and 2nd level arcane spells
    Feats: Any 3 item creation feats
    Skills: Craft (any 3) 5 Ranks, Use Magic Device 5 Ranks, Knowledge (Arcana and Religion) 5 Ranks, Spellcraft 5 Ranks
    Special: Must have created magic items using at least 3 magic item creation feats, then spent one week studying 3 different kinds of magic items you have created in a process that destroys the magic items in question

    Skills: All Craft skills and Use Magic Device become class skills for an Essence Extractor, if they weren't already class skills for them.

    Hit Die: d6

    Level BAB Fort Ref Will Special Spellcasting
    1 +0 +0 +0 +2 Extract Essence (Essence Pool) +1 level of existing arcane or divine
    2 +1 +0 +0 +3 Essence Swap +1 level of existing arcane or divine
    3 +1 +1 +1 +3 Extract Essence (Essence Crystals) +1 level of existing arcane or divine
    4 +2 +1 +1 +4 Unleash Essence +1 level of existing arcane or divine
    5 +2 +1 +1 +4 Extract Essence (Essence Potions) +1 level of existing arcane or divine

    Proficiencies: An Essence Extractor is always proficient in any weapon or armor they have created by expending at least 25% of the total cost in essence from their essence pool.

    Spellcasting: At each level, an Essence Extractor gains a level of spellcasting in one spellcasting class they had before becoming an Essence Extractor (including spells known, if applicable). They do not gain any other benefits for that class, however. If an Essence Extractor had levels in more than one spellcasting class before joining this class, they must choose which one to apply the level of spellcasting to at each level up.

    Extract Essence: The primary ability of an Essence Extractor, they gain the ability to draw the raw magic out of any magical item. He must spend one minute of work per caster level of the item to do this.

    At 1st level, he draws the magical essence directly into himself, giving himself a pool of power equal to 25% the GP value of the item he drained, rounded down. He may use this power to craft other magical items, spending each point from his pool as if it were 1GP when making magical items. He may only pay for up to half the cost of any item he creates using this pool, paying for the other half as normal. His maximum pool for this is equal to 1000 * (his highest arcane CL + his highest divine CL). Doing this disenchants the magical item he extracts essence from; if he draws points into himself beyond the maximum he can hold, they are simply wasted. You may never extract essence from any item that has a caster level higher than your highest caster level.

    At 3rd level, he learns how to extract magical essence into a crystalline form. Instead of drawing the power into himself as a pool of points to spend creating items, he creates a magic crystal.

    If he does this with any magical item that doesn't have charges or is single use, this crystal becomes a stone with a number of charges equal to its caster level. The Essence Extractor may make a Use Magic Device check when casting a spell equal to (15 + twice the level of the spell being cast) to use charges from the crystal in place of a spell slot, treating each charge in the crystal as one spell level. If a crystal does not have enough charges to cast the spell in question, the check automatically fails, and all remaining charges are wasted. Used crystals fade into nothingness as the magic they are made of is expended, disappearing when all their charges are spent. Other spellcasters may make a Use Magic Device check to use these crystals in a similar fashion, but the DC to do so is increased by 10 + the Essence Extractor's Wisdom, Charisma or Intelligence modifier, whichever is highest. Non-spellcasters gain no benefits from using an essence crystal.

    If he uses this ability on an item with multiple charges, he creates one crystal per Essence Extractor level, and the item in question loses an equal number of charges; he may not create more crystals than an item has charges in this fashion (so if a 5th level Essence Extractor uses this ability on a Ring of Three Wishes, he still only gets 3 crystals). Each of these crystals has a number of charges equal to the level of the spell he is extracting from the item (so a Wand of Fireball would create crystals with three charges each). These crystals may be used in the same manner as those detailed above.

    Creating essence crystals is taxing. An Essence Extractor may only create a number of essence crystals equal to his class level plus his Wisdom, Charisma or Intelligence modifier (whichever is highest) per day. Any attempt to make them after this still disenchants the item he is extracting from, but the magic drawn out simply fizzles and fades away.

    At 5th level, he has mastered the art of extracting essence. When he draws essence into himself from an item, he draws 50% the value of the item into himself instead of 25%.

    Additionally, he has learned how to create liquid essence. Instead of creating a crystal when he draws out power, he may liquify the power into a form much like a potion. Each potion has a number of charges, exactly as if he had created a crystal of the same power. If this essence potion is drunk by a spellcaster, the spellcaster gains these charges as temporary spell levels for one minute, and may use them in place of spell slots when casting spells. No character may be under the effects of multiple essence potions at any given time; drinking more than one simply resets the time limit and replaces the remaining charges from the old essence potion with the charges from the new potion. In all other ways, this functions exactly as an essence crystal would. Essence potions drunk by non-spellcasters are simply wasted.

    Creating essence potions is very taxing. Creating one costs him three uses of his ability to create essence crystals for the day. Any attempt to make them after this still disenchants the item he is extracting from, but the magic drawn out simply fizzles and fades away; if he still has the ability to create essence crystals once or twice per day, these uses are wasted.

    Essence Swap: At 2nd level, an Essence Extractor can change the weave that makes up a magical item. He may expend an amount of essence from his pool equal to (10 * CL of the item in question * level of the highest level spell used in the item's creation) to swap the essence of the item around, altering it such that any use limitations it may have are altered to new limitations of his choice. If the item has limitations such that he could not normally use the item, he must make a successful Use Magic Device check as if he were going to use the item normally before making this check; failure means that he cannot alter the item, and no points of essence are expended from his pool. This ability takes one minute per CL of the item in question.

    For example, he could expend 90 points from his pool to change a CL9 Wand of Magic Missile such that only an Elf can use it. If the wand was already limited to being used only by Dwarves (and he were not a Dwarf), he would need to make a DC25 Use Magic Device check to emulate being a Dwarf before using this ability.

    He may also alter an item such that it may be activated by a class that would not normally be able to activate it, such as a Scroll of Fireball being activated by a Cleric. This essentially alters the item to limit it to being used by only the new class you are changing the item to. The Use Magic Device check for this is the same as normal for emulating a class feature (in essence, the Essence Extractor is making this check in place of whoever actually uses the item), and the cost to alter the item is the same as listed above. This actually alters the magical source of the item (so the aforementioned Scroll of Fireball would actually change from an arcane magical to a divine magical item). Items so altered in this fashion do not let any class learn spells that would not be on their class list normally. The only aspect changed for an item modified in this fashion is who can use it.

    Unleash Essence: At 4th level, an Essence Extractor may modify the power in an essence crystal in a unique fashion. When he draws an essence crystal from a magical item, he may choose to make the power in it unusable as spell slots, instead making it usable as either a weapon or a source of healing.

    Weapon crystals are called essence bombs. He may throw such a crystal as a splash weapon with a range of 10 feet. The essence bomb deals a number of d6s in force damage to the direct target equal to the number of charges the crystal has, and does splash damage to everything within 5 feet of the main target. Direct targets get a Fortitude save for half damage, and splash targets get a Reflex save for half damage. You may not create an essence bomb that deals more d6s in damage than your highest arcane caster level.

    Healing crystals are called essence blessings. He may touch a willing target to use the essence blessing on them, healing them for a number of d6s equal to the number of charges the crystal has. This effect never damages a target; it may only be used to heal. You may not create an essence blessing that heals more d6s in damage than your highest divine caster level.
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    Default Re: Essence Extractor (PF PrC, PEACH)

    Quote Originally Posted by Demonic Kitten View Post
    Spellcasting: Must have at least 2nd level divine and 2nd level arcane spellcasting
    Is this intentional? Are you intending this to be a theurge type class? I am assuming this is a typo, especially considering that at each level of this PrC you can only level up one class or the other.

    Also, does this mean you must have a caster level of 2? Or be capable of casting level 2 spells?

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    Default Re: Essence Extractor (PF PrC, PEACH)

    It is indeed intended to be theurgey. Prereqs changed to be more clear and clarify that. The abilities of the class are quite potent, and based off both arcane and divine powers, so I made it theurgey to limit maximum power.

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