If you frequent spacebattles, you may know of the recent project to create a GM's handbook for the Harry Potter fandom. The basis of this project is to basically create an original gaming system based around Harry Potter's life turning into a meta-verse game.

The eventual final goal would be that there would be many different authors creating their own campaigns or fanfiction using this system, and then independently adding skills and perks (read: feats) that they need, or using some that other people have already created to make one, big, compliant universe for a Harry Potter game system.

The only problem is that, while fanfiction writers may be good at writing fanfiction, many of them are not as talented at RPG system creation. I took it upon myself to spread the word to a few other forums I know, this being the first.

The GM's handbook/guidebook is here. Yes, I know it's a google spreadsheet, but I try really hard with the formatting. I think it works.

Anyone can comment or reply to this thread with ideas. If you want specific editing privileges, feel free to PM my account.