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    Default Warrior of Darkness (BoVD Update to 5e)

    I've always liked the concept of a warrior that uses alchemical preparations to increase their combat prowess. Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde, Yama from Lord of Light, that sort of thing. The closest thing I've seen to that in D&D was the Warrior of Darkness from the 3.5 Book of Vile Darkness. So, I decided to do an update of it for 5e. Below is my attempt.

    I'm very interested in getting the "feel" right while also staying within the design constraints laid out by WoTC. Any feedback is appreciated!

    Warrior of Darkness
    Barbarian Primal Path

    Level 3
    Gain Proficiency in Alchemy Tools
    Black Magic Infusion - Choose one of the following:
    * Iron Skin Infusion - Grants +1 AC
    * Celerity Infusion - Grants +5' Move and enemies you attack cannot take reaction attacks when you move out of their threatened area.
    * Infusion of Resistance - Gain Advantage on Saves vs. all targeted Magical Effects (i.e. Hold Person, but not Fireball) while Raging.

    Level 6
    Violent Knowledge - Gain Expertise in Animal Handling, Intimidation, Nature or Survival

    Level 10
    Darkling Weapon - You Infuse a weapon with dark alchemical processes. This infusion lasts for one day. A Darkling Weapon counts as Magical for purposes of overcoming damage resistance or immunity. Additionally, each successful attack made deals an extra 2 points of Necrotic damage. (Note: I'm avoiding added Dice because of 'Brutal Critical' effects)

    Level 14
    Scarred Flesh - Using Alchemical formulas and ritual scarification, you gain one of the following effects.
    * While Raging, gain Immunity non-magical Piercing, Bludgeoning or Slashing damage from weapon attacks. This choice is made when selecting the power and is not variable.
    * While Raging, you may use your Reaction to reduce damage from a single effect by Level + Constitution Modifier
    * While Raging, you may Dash as a bonus Action. If you attack following the Dash, the first attack you make gains an additional +5 damage.
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    Pixie in the Playground

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    Default Re: Warrior of Darkness (BoVD Update to 5e)


    Clarified "Scarred Flesh" Immunity choice.

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