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    Default Smaller Airships

    Quick Question:

    I was wondering if there are any smaller (say, crew of 6) Ebberon style airships in any books.

    If so, what books? How much are they?

    If they DONT exist, does anyone want to help me homebrew one?

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    Default Re: Smaller Airships

    Sort of. A launch carries 8, with four of those being passengers. Give it a cloud keel and it can fly.

    Arms and Equipment guide is the book. It's 3.0, but for vehicles that shouldn't matter. It's really expensive to buy a cloud keel though.
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    Default Re: Smaller Airships

    I've designed a smaller variant airship for my RL game, but nothing that small. The Hammadeen was designed for a 60 person crew or so, as opposed to the 150 person crew of a normal airship.
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    Default Re: Smaller Airships

    Yeah... Arms and Equipment guide has Gliders and Ornithopters that fly already, or you could slap a big bucks cloud keel on a boat. Gliders/Ornithopters are 1 or 2 men crews, I think. Not really what you're after...
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