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    Default [LS] The Daughter of Evenings, The Daughter of Nights OOC


    Dual-Soul SL: 13
    Kestal: 13
    Eris: 12

    Desolation Magic SL +7
    Character Level(s) 4 - SL +4
    Return to Night: SL +1
    (Kestal) Investituture SL+1

    Spoiler: SL List

    Kestal'Fel Soul Level
    Level 4 +4
    Bleakness +1
    Annihilation +1
    Anni. Gale +1
    Anni. Channel +1
    Deso. Charge +1
    Chaos Pulse +1
    WorldFire Spi. +1
    ReturntoNight +1
    Investituture +1

    [ Shared ] -----------
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    Default Re: [LS] The Daughter of Evenings, The Daughter of Nights OOC

    Book mark ------------- EVENTS--------

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    Default Re: [LS] The Daughter of Evenings, The Daughter of Nights OOC

    Names of the World

    World: (Golarion) - ?????? ????????
    ~Venture Captain Sheila Heidmarch: Captain of the Varisia Pathfinder's Lodge, located in Magnimar.
    ~Luka Heidmarch ' The Emerald Gale': Half-elf daughter of the Venture Captain, who is also Emerald Gale. A Legendary archer said to be 'uncatchable' by any, with deadly aim and guile. Her legend is famous throughout the city, though she's not been seen for some time
    ~Andel Gesseran: A chronicler for the Pathfinder Society, who works for the Venture-Captain.
    ~Venture-Captain; Lady Noir Rose Haldan: Captain of the Caliphas lodge in Ustalav, known as the The Compassionate Tyrant. The fearsome women is rumored to have killed the former venture captain for consorting for strange cultists and dark work. The lodge is said to be under the influence of this strange group still. Haldan has not been seen within Ustalav for some time often wandering elsewhere. It was later revealed she knew Luka was The Gale, and played some part in supporting her entry into The Steel Summit.
    ~The Lords of Commons, The Alabaster Ward; Sir Roland Morre Kaddren: The proud and noble lord-enforcer of The Alabaster District. He is a proud man serving the law and represents the district within The House of Lords. Lieutenant Nadia Vorns, The Ward Captain, of The House Wards falls under his command when not in service to the Lady D'Aritel. The noble paladin is, honest and righteous to a fault, putting his duty and the welfare of others above himself at all times.
    ~High Arch-Magister Bel'nacht: A mysterious wizarding man, who brought forth order, and law to the magical world. Spreading arcane education, and services to the peoples of The Inner Sea. His contributions has spanned bridges between many former enemy states by founding The Court of High Lords and Magisters, to rule on standards and laws of the land, with the officials of his arcane university, Segenhall, playing the linchpin between them. He is the only known 'Master of Steel'. The only man to completely clear The Steel Summit alive, using only his martial prowess with his staff.
    ~Koriah Azmeren: A famous Pathfinder, and the most senior of the members of the Heidmarch Lodge. She has many connections within Magnimar's UnderCity, and some of the less reputible folks of Dockway and UnderBridge. She is dedicated to the 'greater good' and the missions she is assigned. As made evident, she is willing to sacrifice others if the gains out-weight the cost to their goals and shared objectives. Koriah is resourceful, cunning, and known to be an excellent writer, lore-keeper, thief, and mechanic. She is trained in many schools of practice and crafting, and possesses some minor arcane abilities. She values friends, family, and contacts, but is loyal to her duty above all else.
    World: Quortek V'dre - The Soul Haven
    ~Astrok'Ru (Siviri) - The Devil: Once a man, so she had heard. The Demon Spirit had lost all his power, and bound to tell only the truth, unable to lie or cheat. He thus turned to cunning games of chance and riddles. He guided the party and aided them, allowing them to escape their world, and grant them passage to the next. He is often refered to as 'Siviri' by some of the ancient entities they have encountered, leading to the possibility of The Devil being older then he is believed to be. He is known by Kestal as The Guardian of The First upon The Path of Desolation.
    ~The Lady of Morning: A prophetic singer often found before The Triodea playing strange songs many have come to believe without reasonable doubt. Within the city of Magnimar, a following of worshipers grow as her fame increases. She appeared as a strange guardian of light during Magister Kestal'rah's battle with the strange knight-creature on the Burning Fields of Heidmarch Manor during the siege, shielding her from attacks.
    Kestal later learned from Valpurga that she possesses another name, 'Rhis'. The importance of this has yet been clarified by Valpurga or any other. To The Children, she is The Speaker of The Blessed House.
    ~Valpurga: Little is known about this man. A name sometimes spoken by those they meet, as if some spirit haunts them. To Kestal, she knows him as The Child who fled from their home and universe, who one day returned as Valpurga and Sin. Formerly Valga'Fel. The introduction of Bleakness into their universe changed the order of The Balance within their universe forever. His past self was imprisoned by The House of Black and Halaja'Fel (Halja'Fel) within a pocket universe. To prevent his return, Valpurga was recreated by The Blessed Mother, Tansel'ri. He lived an aged within a separate life, aging until eventually possessed by Sino'Fel who had placed his seal upon The Calamity Edge. He possesses a number of memories of his previous life up until his eventual corruption into Sin, and his imprisonment. He does not talk about his past often or willingly. In an unexpected turn of event's Sino'Fel was able to find and detect the Vessel of his former brother he hunted, Nelrin as Astrok'Ru reintroduced Bleakness into the world, which lay untainted by the hands of men, leading to the activation of Sino'Fel's Calamity in an attempt to finish off his own brother, and bring him to justice. In the process he destroyed Heidmarch Manor, and removed the body of the alternate Valpurga from the world, producing the possibility of the Dual-Soul of Valpurga & Sin, returning to the world to ensure his eventual victory. A gambit that paid off.
    ~Arch-Magister Black (Lady Black) The second most influential figure within the arcane school of Segenhall. She is second only to Arch-Magister Bel'nacht. She is revealed to be a member of The Children. Lady Black is The Speaker of House Black.
    World: The Wake - Elevation
    ~Light, Lights - Lord Sol Vaelos, The Lord of Passages: - Some godlike entity, that even The Devil kneels to in respect. He is fair, and seemingly all-knowning. He is said to oversee The Watchers. He revealed that he is the creator of the School; Xuz Xan'ss - The Words of Ending. 'Desolation Magic'
    ~Our Blessed Lady, The Mistress of Gates - D'Valsharess - A temperamental 'goddess', who is charged with securing the Gates between worlds. She was revealed to be The Watcher of The West, Marnes. She is the daughter of Lights, their relationship not entirely clear. To The Children, she is The Speaker of The Great House.
    ~Marren- ??? A name Lights refereed to D'Valsharess by once during their encounter. No other information is known.
    World: The Wake - The Soul Warren
    ~The Stranger: Dark: A strange old man, whose state of existence is questionable. He enjoys games, and trades with the forces of Life and Death. He enjoys wagers and mysterious games. Lights hinted at him being one of the few who can control the force known as 'Desolation'.
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    Default Re: [LS] The Daughter of Evenings, The Daughter of Nights OOC

    Book Mark ----------- Lore

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    Default Re: [LS] The Daughter of Evenings, The Daughter of Nights OOC

    Blessing of Black - ???

    Barionheim - Magister Order

    Magister Major E'noir. Olri Montè E'noir - Clever loli witch. Helpful, but not ally. Disapproves of the dual-soul. New to the Slayers 301st Reserves. Owns and operates the Black Dove: Rymont Bolt-Smiths. Daughter of Arch-Bolt Magister Rymont.

    Arch-Bolt Magister Alissa Fe'yne Rymont - 2'ed Greysword, Founder of Barionheim "I've served as Magister, Weaver, and The Watcher of The South, during my time over the last ten Generations. Believe me, when I say, I know who you are. I know where you've come from. I've protected sorry-kids like you before anything you know even existed." Helpful, but claims to not be fond of rookies like us. Only person who creates bolt-guns. Retired, more or less. We might have her benevolent interest?

    Mistress Tath, Mid-Priestess of The Black - Helpful priestess under Lady Grey, saved Nadia and Luna when entering the Interstice. Seems to like Luna. Enjoyed a foursome with the two nameless priestesses.

    'Lady Grey' - 3'ed Greysword of The Oculus, High-Librarian Clapel B'Ashau Bernaught - Cold, bitchy, stickler for the rules. Not fond of Luna's antics. Very Law abiding. Has two nameless priestess, one of whom Luna might have broken with all the talk of Legacy things.

    Rinnith Melborne Mellow - 'Mel' - Stupid rich merchant in White. Appears to be kind, caring, and compassionate. Well-loved by the citizens. Deals fairly. Not a stickler for rules apparently.

    Theresia - Daughter of 'May' (claims Arias is May's oldest friend). Friendly, may legitimately be as mentally young as she appears physically. Knows about Anima and knows Godspeak. Possible ally in the future. Rescued her from slavery in the wager of the party for the battle of Nadia vs 'Black Star'

    The White Rabbit - Z'Ress; Puuli Yila (warrior name) of L'Athiyk Yila (...rabbit people warrior clan?) - Looking for what translates to 'love' that being someone strong enough to beat her. Thinks Nadia is honorable, but cheated to win because her Master didn't understand the rules of the game. Rescued along with Theresia.

    Mathew Robinson - Claims to be a wizard from Earth (1992 AD). Knows passable Godspeak but has terrible pronunciation. Has been traveling Worlds for some time. Knows a lot more than we currently do at least. Knows things the Librarians want to keep secret, and is hunted by the Librarians. Has been tortured by them, and they likely know everything that he knows. He had a friend who was traveling with him, one not from Earth (probably, or else how would he know how to leave it?). They were separated at the Black Gates, where Mathew was captured. Rescued along with Theresia.
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    Default Re: [LS] The Daughter of Evenings, The Daughter of Nights OOC


    ~Nightglass Token: A token of clear glass. Possesses 7 Seals forged by The 7th Goddess of Night, Arias. The Seals must be broken before the item's effects are negated. (Cannot be Seen/Stolen/Touched by those without approval by the owner. May be summoned at will by owner. Functions as a Perin-Token.

    ~Naus-Stone (Mark): Mark personal property (inanimate). Objects marked may be stored within the stone (Move Action) regardless of size. Objects Marked may be brought outside of Worlds. [Stone may store 5 Objects]

    X CALIBER (Prototype-Kali): Rymont's X-Series Prototype Caliber


    Offensive (Melee)
    x5 303 SABRE: Azure Blade (C) - 5,000p
    Common SABRE Round - Recoil: None - Range: Normal - Uses: 1
    x4 606 SABRE: Leveler (U) - 20,000p
    Uncommon SABRE; Crushing Power - Recoil: High - Range: Normal - Uses: 1
    x1 707 SABRE: Divine Divide (R-3) - 15,000p
    Rare SABRE; Unleash Divine Blade to enemies at range - Recoil: Medium - Range: 30 ft - Uses: 3

    Offensive (Ranged)
    x5 303 BRAND: Stormbolt (C) - 15,000p
    Common BRAND Round - Recoil: None - Range: 5,000 ft/Blast 30 ft - Uses: 1
    x4 606 BELL: Summer Reign(U-3) - 70,000p
    Uncommon BELL; Blinding Energy Scatter - Recoil: High - Range: 30 ft Cone - Uses: 3
    x1 707 RAIN; Umbral Ruin(R-5) - 25,000p
    Rare RAIN; Fire black bullet, Explosive force - Caution - Recoil: High++ - Range: 5,000 ft - Uses: 5

    x5 404 WARD: Safeguard(C) - 15,000p
    Common WARD; Defend from common threat - Recoil: Medium- Range: 20ft - Uses: 1
    x5 606 SHIELD: Parry v6.1(U-3) - 75,000p
    Uncommon SHIELD; Controlled energy burst, negate threat - Recoil: High+ - Range: None - Uses: 3

    x10 303 FATE: Gamechanger (R) - 110,000p
    Rare FATE; Create Positive/Negative Result - Use/Fire - Recoil: Medium - Range: 100 ft - Uses: 1

    x2 606 GRID: Counter-Sword(R-5) - 11,000p
    Rare GRID; Attempt to disrupt threat, with threat - Recoil: Medium - Range: 100 ft - Uses: 5
    x8 606 GRID: Tempest Dance(R-L) - 64,000p
    Rare GRID; SRS Assist Limiter Removal - Caution - Recoil: High+++ - Range: None - Uses: 1 (Limiter Off)
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    Default Re: [LS] The Daughter of Evenings, The Daughter of Nights OOC

    X CALIBER Settings

    1.) Defend
    2.) Assist
    3.) Detect
    4.) Attack
    5.) Mobility

    <<SLS>> ((Soul-Lync System))
    Condition: Green

    <<SRS>> ((Safety Restraint System))
    Condition: Green
    Limiter: On

    <<EAS>> ((Envision Action System))
    - Priority: Defend/Assist
    - EAS Enhance Range: ((1-20))
    - Force Assist: On
    - Over Assist: On
    - Envision Sys Condition: Green
    - Envision Sys Sync: 99%
    [[External Program]] - Dynamic Defense: 99% - ((Threat Detection: On))

    <<Bolt Selection>> ((Grade Range; 101-808))
    - Chamber I: 606 GRID: Counter-Sword(R-5)
    - Chamber II: 606 SHIELD: Parry v6.1(U-3)
    - Chamber III: 404 WARD: Safeguard(C)
    - Chamber IV: 303 SABRE: Azure Blade (C)
    - Chamber V: 303 FATE: Gamechanger(R)

    <<D-BA>> ((Dynamic Bolt Array))
    - Offence (SABRE)
    - Offence (BRAND)
    - Defense
    - Support
    - Grid-Conditional

    <<X-FPA>> - ((X-Firing Pin Array))
    - FPA (I) - ((Heat Lv: 0%)) - ((Array: SABRE))
    - FPA (II) - ((Heat Lv: 0%)) - ((Array: L. Sword))
    - FPA (III) - ((Heat Lv: 0%)) - ((Array: BRAND-FROST II))
    - FPA (IV) - ((Heat Lv: 0%)) - ((Array: BRAND-FLAME I))

    ----[[Available FPAs]]
    * SABRE ((Melee)) - ((Loaded: Yes)) - ((Available: No))
    * L. Sword ((Melee)) - ((Loaded: Yes)) - ((Available: No))
    * BRAND ((Ranged)) - ((Loaded: No)) - ((Available: Yes))
    * BRAND-FROST I ((Ranged)) - ((Loaded: No)) - ((Available: Yes))
    * BRAND-FROST II ((Ranged)) - ((Loaded: Yes)) - ((Available: No))
    * BRAND-FLAME I ((Ranged)) - ((Loaded: Yes)) - ((Available: No))

    *[[Blink-Step - DEFEND]] - ((DEGRADATION: -10))
    *[[Retaliate - ASISST]] - ((DEGREDATION: -2))
    *[[X-Revolver - ASISST]] - ((DEGRADATION: -2))
    *[[SRS Limiter-Down]] - ((DEGRADATION: -30))
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