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    Default Comments on the 'Tactical fighter' PrC from the Miniatures Handbook?

    I've been looking at it, and it seems to be almost exactly what I was looking for in a fighter-based prestige class. A bunch of abilities to help with support and tanking, and interesting to boot.

    But I'm noting that I've never heard anyone even mention the class (Or very much out of the Miniature's handbook at all). Is it considered overpowered? Underpowered? Do people just generally dislike the Miniature's handbook overall?

    I'm just kind of curious why I hardly ever see it (Or most other Miniature's Handbook feats/things) mentioned or referenced.
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    Default Re: Comments on the 'Tactical fighter' PrC from the Miniatures Handbook?

    The Miniatures Handbook is disliked some, I think. Mostly, that's because well over half its content applied to the D&D miniatures game. It's divided between two different games, both of which are pricy to play, and I don't think many people bought it because of that. It didn't have a whole lot of content, anyway...

    Classes- The warmage and favored soul were in the Completes. The healer is quite possibly the worst class in the game (yes, including the samurai), and rather boring to play. (Imagine a cleric. Now, imagine a cleric with less armor. Now take away all the spells, except healing spells. Buffs, control, damage—if it doesn't heal damage, raise someone from the dead, or remove fear/paralysis/other conditions, it's gone). The marshal isn't anything special.

    Feats- There's a couple worthwhile ones here, but they've all been reprinted elsewhere, I think. Same for spells. Items are all sort of specialized and not particularly special, except the Belt of Magnificence.

    Prestige Classes- Some of these are lackluster, others seem to have potential (but are rarely used anyway). The havoc mage and the tactical soldier are interesting, but not that great. The warhulk is the only one I've seen talked about.

    As for the tactical soldier, I can't remember a whole lot about it, but I'd prefer either a fighter with a wide selection of bonus feats (PHBII is good) or something out of Tome of Battle.
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    Default Re: Comments on the 'Tactical fighter' PrC from the Miniatures Handbook?

    I think that since favored soul and warmage were reprinted, rather than just being stated as being part of normal D&D, I think that the Miniature's Handbook stuff doesn't count as "official" D&D. You can add it to your campaign as you wish, but there might be some rules later on that go against the ones in the handbook. I'm not exactly sure, however.

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