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    Default [D&D 5e] My list of Homebrew & Houserules [WIP]

    Below will be a list of all the houserules and DMG variations I use in my games. I make this for ease of use more than anything else; if someone wants to use them, they are more than able to.

    Spoiler: General Houserules

    The Rule of Awesome
    Rather than a true houserule, this is more of a philosophy. Generally, if you want to do something that is awesome, and the other players agree that it is awesome, you are able to do it.

    Plot Point
    At the beginning of the campaign, the group gets a plot point to use with Option 1. They gain another when they reach certain goals in the campaign.

    Short rests and long rests function as printed; however, there is a third rest option, called a Breather. A breather is a five minute rest that grants the benefits of a short rest, but imposes a level of exhaustion upon each character that takes a rest.

    Hit points don't regenerate automatically after a long rest. Instead, you spend hit dice normally when you take a long or short rest to regenerate HP, and after each long rest, you get back half your max hit dice to spend later.

    Initiative rolls are susceptible to both critical scores and fumbles. To model this, whenever a person scores a natural 20 on an initiative roll, they add 5 to their normal initiative modifier, and when a person or creature rolls a natural 1, regardless of their initiative modifier, always goes last in the initiative order.

    You may train a new skill proficiency, tool proficiency, or language during downtime. This requires the expenditure of 250gp, and requires a number of 8 hour days training equal to 250 divided by the relevant modifier, or Intelligence in the case of languages. You cannot learn saving throw proficiency in this fashion.

    Spoiler: DMG Variant Rules

    The following DMG variant options are in play:
    • Potion miscibility (DMG, pg. 140).
    • Scroll mishaps: Scroll mishaps function as printed; however, you can attempt to cast a spell from a spell scroll, even if you donít have the spell on your list, and even if you donít have the spellcasting trait at all. However, you must make an Arcana check at DC 10 + spellís level, or it fails. Thieves with the Use Magic Device trait have advantage on their check to use a scroll. A creature who tries and fails to cast a spell from a spell scroll must make a DC8 + spell's level Intelligence saving throw. If the saving throw fails, roll on the Scroll Mishap table (DMG, pg. 140).
    • Firearms: Bombs, Gunpowder, and Renaissance era items only. Take special note of Firearm's weapon properties.
    • Only Players Grants Inspiration
    • Poisons
    • Buying & Selling Magic Items: Selling uses the rules on pg. 130. Buying magic items are purchased as if they were crafted (see Houserule: Magic Item Crafting), assuming you are able to locate an individual selling the item you wish to purchase.
    • Villainous class options are available to player characters.
    • Carousing: this uses a slightly modified table, presented below.

      d100 + Level Result
      01-10 You are jailed for 1d4 days at the end of the downtime period on charges of disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace. You can pay a fine of 10gp to avoid jail time, or you can try to resist arrest.
      11-20 You offend a traveling witch, which transforms you into a pig. You must make a Constitution saving throw at disadvantage, at 8 + your level DC as a Polymorph effect. While a pig-monster, you cannot wield weapons nor wear armor--your gear falls to the floor--you automatically fail any ability or skill check requiring manual dexterity of hands or arms, and you only speak one language--oink--although you may understand the languages you normally know. You must find a person capable of curing a polymorph effect, or you must suffer this affliction for a time, making a Constitution saving throw at the end of each long rest, at DC 8 + your level. If you fail, you remain a pig-monster until you make a successful saving throw
      21-30 You regain consciousness in a strange place with no memory of how you got there,and you have been robbed of 3d6 x 5gp.
      31-40 You make an enemy. This person, business, or organization is now hostile to you . The DM determines the offended party. You decide how you offended them.
      41-50 You are caught up in a whirlwind romance. Roll a d20. On a 1-5, the romance ends badly. On a 6-10, the romance ends amicably. On an 11-20, the romance is ongoing. You determine the identity of the love interest, subject to your DMís approval. If the romance ends badly, you might gain a new flaw. If it ends well or is ongoing, your new love interest might represent a new bond.
      51-80 You earn modest winnings from gambling and recuperate your lifestyle expenses for the time you spent carousing.
      91-90 You earn modest winning from gambling. You recuperate your lifestyle expenses for the time spent carousing and gain 1d20 x 4gp.
      91 or higher You make a small fortune gambling. You recuperate your lifestyle expenses for the time spent carousing and gain 4d6 x 10gp. Your carousing becomes the stuff of local legend.

    Magic Item Crafting
    • Potions: Potions are half the cost that is presented in the Crafting Magic Item table. You must still meet all prerequisites to create the item.
    • Scrolls & Ammunition: These items have their price is reduced by one-fourth, as presented in the Crafting Magic Item table. This does not include the arrow of slaying; only generic ammunition. You must still meet all prerequisites to create the item.
    • Magic Items: Prices and prerequisites as presented. Sentient items will be mostly off-limits, save for plot-driven items at later levels. The exception is potion of healing, which remain 50gp each.

    Spoiler: Ability Houserules

    You all begin play with your normal languages based on your Race. In addition, you get additional languages equal to your Intelligence modifier; this does not reduce the number of languages known if that modifier is negative, however.

    In addition, if your Intelligence is 8 or lower, you are not able to read your racial languages, but you may speak them. If your Intelligence is 6 or lower, you can only speak a single language--badly. Depending on the complexity of the idea, others may be required to make Intelligence checks to understand your words.

    Spoiler: Classes

    Circle of the Moon Druid:
    • Combat Wild Shape: The healing ability of this archetype feature requires a full action, instead of a bonus action.
    • Circle Forms: At 2nd level the Druid may Wild Shape into CR 1/2, at 3rd Level they may Wild Shape into CR 1.

    • -The Champion is removed as an Archetype. Its features are now base Fighter features, given to both the Battle Master and the Eldritch Knight at the level they would be granted normally.

    Battle Master:
    • Menacing Attack: Rather than the actual Frightened condition, the target has Disadvantage on all attacks and ability checks against the Battle Master, and may not move closer to them.
    • Pushing Attack: Applicable target size increase by one step when the Superiority Die increases (Huge at d10, Gargantuan at d12).
    • Trip Attack: Applicable target size increase by one step when the Superiority Die increases (Huge at d10, Gargantuan at d12).

    • If Feats are in play, the proficiencies gained from Feats (Tavern Brawler, Weapon Master) are considered Monk Weapons so long as they don't have the Heavy or Two-Handed properties.

    • Beast Master: You can command your animal to attack on your initiative using a bonus action.
    • Exceptional Training: It is a Free Action to command your Beast instead of a Bonus Action.

    • Wild Magic Surge: Replace entry 07-08 with a Stinking Cloud, centered on self, cast as a 3rd Level Spell that lasts for 1 minute.

    • Warlocks begins with the Eldritch Blast cantrip for free, and can choose two others, as per the PHB.
    • Warlocks can use mystic arcanum slots to cast enhanced warlock spells known via the pact magic class feature.
    • Pact of the Chain: All warlocks gain this feature, in addition to either Pact of the Blade or Pact of the Tome, at 3rd level. Note that the previous houserule has been removed, and you may not command your familiar as a bonus action (you may still do so by sacrificing your action as detailed in the PHB, however). The Pact of the Chain may also take a Flumph or a Homonculus as an option for the find familiar spell.
    • Pact of the Blade: You also receive Medium Armor proficiency. You automatically gain the Thirsting Blade invocation at 6th level, which does not count towards your total number of known invocations.
    • Pact of the Tome: Your tome may serve as an Arcane Focus if both your hands are free to hold the Book of Shadows.

    • Repelling Blast: This Invocation only affects targets sized Large or Smaller, and allows for a Strength Saving Throw to resist.
    • Mask of Myriad Forms: This invocation now has a prerequisite of 7th level, instead of 15th.

    New Invocation: Blade-lore
    Prerequisite: Level 3, Pact of the Blade
    You learn the Dueling or Great Weapon fighting style (PHB, pg 72).

    Spoiler: Feats

    New Feats
    Master Artisan
    Through training and dedication, you have mastered the use of a type of artisan's tools. You pick one set of artisan's tools that you are proficient with. When using those tools to craft an item, you double the amount of progress you make each day, after all other modifiers. If you wish, you may purchase this feat multiple times, each purchase applying to a different artisan tool.

    Cooperative Crafting
    You are adept at communicating and detailing your instructions to your assistants. When using artisan tools to craft an item, any creatures assisting you double the amount of progress that is made on the item being created by the group.

    You gain proficiency in the poisoner's kit, if you did not already possess it. In addition, when you create or harvest poisons, you gain two doses when you would normally gain one, and you add your proficiency bonus to the DCs of any poison you create yourself.

    Feat Houserules
    Bonus Feats
    A character gets bonus feats as they level; one feat at 1st level, and an additional feat at 5th, 11th, and 17th levels. This does not include any feats you purchase in place of taking Ability Score Increases; they are in addition to that option.

    This feat does not prevent you from being surprised. Use the revised feat below.

    Always on the lookout for danger, you gain the following benefits:
    • You enjoy a +5 bonus to your Initiative modifier.
    • You have advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks, including your passive Perception.
    • No creature gains advantage on you from being hidden from you.

    Dual Wielder
    This feat adds the following benefit. This fixes the math, a bit, between Great Weapon Master and Sharpshooter.

    • When you hit with one of your main hand attacks and your off hand attack on the same target, you deal an additional amount of damage equal to your proficiency bonus.

    Spoiler: Spells

    • Color Spray: Color Spray's blindness effect lasts until the end of your next turn, rather than until the spell ends; as written, it only lasts a single round, meaning the start of your next turn, which severely limits its utility in combat. In addition, this changes the spell's Duration to "Instantaneous".
    • Blade Ward: The Blade Ward cantrip may be cast on another individual, and has a range of 30ft.

    Spoiler: Equipment

    Starting Gold
    You may take the maximum amount of money available to your class to purchase items with during character creation, instead of taking the example equipment presented in your class, if you wish (Basic Guide, pg 42, or Playerís Handbook, pg 143; it is recreated here for your convenience ). As an aside, this gold is in addition to any items and gold you gain via your Background; it does not replace it.

    Potions of Healing
    Potions of Healing are considered magic items. They are still purchasable normally, however

    New Weapons
    Garrote. This martial weapon has no damage die. It is used to make a grapple attack (rolling to hit as normal), and its wielder may use either Dexterity (Acrobatics) or Strength (Athletics) in their contest with the target. If the grapple attack made with the garrote is successful, the creature begins suffocating, as if they had been previously holding their breath, on the target's next turn (see PHB, pg 183). Rogues of the Assassin archetype are able to use their sneak attack ability with a garrote--other characters do not deal damage with this weapon.

    Garrote; Cost: 5gp; Damage:--; 1/2lb.; Properties: Finesse, Special, Two-handed
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    Default Re: [D&D 5e] My list of Homebrew & Houserules [WIP]

    Great list!

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    Default Re: [D&D 5e] My list of Homebrew & Houserules [WIP]

    Fantastic list!

    I may pinch one or two of your ideas :)

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    Default Re: [D&D 5e] My list of Homebrew & Houserules [WIP]

    Quote Originally Posted by AmbientRaven View Post
    Fantastic list!

    I may pinch one or two of your ideas :)
    By all means, go ahead! I didn't actually expect anyone to comment!
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    Default Re: [D&D 5e] My list of Homebrew & Houserules [WIP]

    Added a houserule for Dual Wielder.

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