I always end up playing with a team who make unoriginal bland characters, while i make a character full of personality and background (sorry to toot my own horn on this one). I made this so the forums can post some of their favorite most original characters. Here are some of mine.
Wellby Leagalow: (I made this guy back when rouges were thieves) The smart edged party loving, voice of reason in the party. He is a halfling rouge who is half jerran but takes no pride in his heritage. He wears a fadora that carrys his mothers soul and has a ferrit named oldirimmaru in his backpack.( Despite his cunning is actaully the god of rouges himself put into a small animal). He gets himself into trouble but always has enough luck to pull himself out of it. His brother is his polar opposite. When the twins were born, the Jerran doing a vile ritual didn't count on twins, so only Wellby's brother Lazurus got the gift. Lazurus is a tall, dark haired, handsome, calculating, lawful evil, caster bent on domination. As you can imagine Wellby has a rough life.
-Dern the Daring: Dern the daring is one of my personal favorites. He's an Azmere paladin who is such a cliche' he's aorignal. He's a perfect human being. But when evil arises he puts it down with his GENORMOUS +3 celestial sword. His worst fear is being stuck between a little girl who just dropped her ice cream, and an old lady who needs help crossing the street. His merry disposition only breaks when he meets-
-Lord Malrog: Lord Malrog grew up in the small town of Pallielawgood. a town full of Dern the darings. He was the only non-lawful good child in the entire town. One day Several Disciples of Bane came by town, and he liked the idea of world domination and divine ascention, so he did what any rational being would do. Slaughtered his friends and family and forged armor from their bones that work as voodoo. When a bone in the armor is broken, a baby in the immediate area suffers that same damage. (evil yes?) He always speaks about himself in the third person and trys to work his name into every sentance. Using the help of Bane's disciples he created a club using his childhood. He seeks to become a god at all costs.
-Oranus: The brilliant idiot. He is one of the most brilliant elven wizards of his time. But he is by all ways, and means socially inept. He is absolutely socially blind. He never thinks before he says something. For example.
"... Those are some ugly babies..."
"Why are you wearing those ugly things?"
You approach an old man, "You are very old..."
"You humans are slow..."
"This tastes terrable..."
It's not because he's rude, it's because he literally doesn't know better. His older brother is always bailing him out of trouble he finds himself in.