So I favour casters, always have.

Now i had this idea for a character, smart guy, scholarly type, has a particular interest in history. Seeks knowledge just to learn, and pass it on and perhaps make a name for himself in the process.

Now that's easy enough to do, it's a wizard or archivist or even bard to a degree as far as base classes are concerned, loremaster fits well for PrC and there are others aswell, but the problem is i wanted him to be a skillful character, and the standard wizard line doesn't fit that well enough as far as i'm concerned. Sure he can be highly skilled in his field, but he should have other skills aswell, and it just so happens the group is likely to be lacking the skillmonkey role, so I decided to bring this idea out and give it a go.

Bard can fit, but i really didn't want him overly charismatic (was planning about a 14 or so, perhaps a little less) and just no not a bard.

So I turned to the Beguiler, Intelligence: good, good skill points, good skill list but it lacks that loremaster flavour. So what could i do with it? well i could give up that aspect of it and just go with a skillmonkey, perhaps dip into rogue and go through arcane trickster, which i thought about doing, and just show his preference through a few knowledge skills, also the sneak attack was kinda not right for him either. Then i thought i could just go into loremaster but it lacked the skillmonkey aspect.

So i was flicking through some books and i came across the Loredelver (RoD pg117) It fights the flavour, lets me stay nice and skillful, and as it turns out i don't even need to dip out of beguiler to meet the requirements. And Illumians having the human subtype makes the few crossclass skills for loredelver i need to continue progressing is no trouble either.

But now i'm kinda not sure what to do with it. So i was wondering if anyone had done something similiar or suggesstions to improve the character, I'm kinda at a loss as to what feats benefit it while sticking to the concept, how to optimise it a little more, i'm not even sure what sigils to take

At the moment i have something like

Beguiler 10\Loredelver 10

or perhaps

Beguiler 6(8)\Loredelver 10\Arch Mage 4(2)

at least this way i can get back the caster level lost from the first level of loredelver if not the lost slots.

So can anyone offer some help\ suggesstions?