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    Default New Feat and new Fighting Style

    So, I've been playing a ton of The Witcher 3 recently, and I noticed that there isn't a lot of support for the kind of fighting he does in 5e: Two handed use of a longsword; quick, nimble strikes; weapon defense only. That being the case, here's this!

    Fighting style
    - When using a versatile Weapon in two hands, you gain a +1 to hit and +1 to damage.

    Right in-between Archery's +2 to hit and Dueling's +2 to damage. Would stack with Great Weapon Fighter.

    - When using a weapon with the versatile trait in two hands, You gain a +1 to your AC.
    - You may wield any weapon with the versatile trait as if also had the finesse trait.
    - You may use the Dodge action as a bonus action on your turn.

    Steals right from Dual Wielder for the +1 to AC, and the Dodge as a bonus action is similar to Mobility's "No AoO on creatures you attacked".

    You COULD potentially mix this with Great weapon master, but only for the "Cleave" aspect of it; the "Power Attack" aspect requires a heavy weapon, and there are not versatile heavy weapons.

    Totally open to a better name for either the fighting style or the feat.

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