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    Default d20 Jedi Build help

    so here's the task:

    8th level jedi investigator, all-jedi party, clone wars era. base class is from an erratta source (basically guardian with 6+int skill points, rather than four); it'll be more movie-standard than divided in two. (background: spent years as a spy for the Jedi, a pet for a Hutt gangster named Lorba. His task was to infiltrate, download info and rescue jedi or others in Lorba's hands; revealing himself to save her life, she's his contact in undercover work elsewhere).

    I don't want yet another human jedi, so this time I've whipped up a Kushiban. I'm more experienced playing 3.5 dnd than d20 SW, so any tips from experience would be fun.

    feats: weapon finesse (lightsabre), two-weapon fighting, ambidexterity, lightsabre defence. (Trustworthy as a bonus feat)
    skills: unsure. I think affect mind, empathy, telepathy, sense force; battlemind and force defense; and maybe illusion.
    mundane: hide, move silently, tumbling, computer use, bluff.

    does this turn me into a cuddly spy with the potential to be a whirling dervish?
    Grrr. Arrrgh.
    Spoiler: DON'T LOOK! IT'S A TRAP!
    Spoiler: DON'T DO IT!

    Awwwwww, that's just... Well, I did warn you.

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    Default Re: d20 Jedi Build help

    I would ask your GM if you could use the 3.5 change on any rule from the RCR. Case in point a feat like Ambidexterity. See if you can't drop that as a feat and roll it into TWF like they did in 3.5. Also weapon finesse.

    In a group full of jedi I'm not sure how useful force defense really is, especially if someone doesn't take it.

    As an investigator don't you need ranks in search, sense motive, see force, gather information and enhance senses? Or were you not referring to the PrC?

    The great thing about the jedi class is you can do just about anything with it (except be stealthy) so just gear your skills towards spy type skills and you'll always be able to kick a little behind.

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    Default Re: d20 Jedi Build help

    Have good int so you can put at least a couple points into many different force abilities. Abilities such as Heal Another can be good even if you only have a few ranks of them.

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