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    Default Victorian City Factions and advice pls

    I created a Victorian Gothic city that is also portside. Ran by a Council member from each faction below.

    So far the factions I created for the large city are:

    Noble family of Dhampir that has been in the city for a very longtime. Aside from being collectors of beauty and Magic items I haven't made their place in the scheme of it all.

    Sorcerer group called "The Guardians" They created the lawful Gargoyles that protect the main streets and its marketplace. These living stone creatures are better looking then traditional gargoyles.

    Necrometal workers - basicly a cult of Necromancer blacksmiths that create various skeleton creations with metal parts/plating.

    Corpse Makers - Created the art of fleshgrafting (Stitching living parts to people like twisted frankenstein) They aid other factions that need fresh corpses. No one questions how they get them. Might work with the above Necrometal workers to create hybrid part Zombie looking skeleton creation.

    Master Engineers - The creators of Machine men and other works of mechanical wonder. Keepers of the secret to making ships airborne

    I m working on a Sea base faction that controls the port

    Also your elite thieves guild faction .

    I would like some advice on additions or where they could all fit in . Each one would hold sway to a district of its own and battles behind the curtain for more power .

    The Guardians and Engineers are the only 2 factions from above that could be called "Good".

    When picturing the city think Victorian gothic, Penny Dreadful, and or Van helsing movies with Hugh

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    Default Re: Victorian City Factions and advice pls

    Are you working from a map? Any idea how big this city is?

    Corpse Makers sound like they would be running a funeral parlor, handle funerary arrangements, burial, and then steal the bodies. They would be working with a group of stonemasons for the gravestones as well.

    The stonemasons would probably have ties to artesian metal workers (they'd be making fancy gates, they might also make street lamps, and they'd have connections with both necrometal workers and master engineers). Where is all the metal coming from? Local mines would make sense so you'd have a thriving economy to support all this.

    And you need a thriving agricultural community not too far from the city. YOu need things to be local to keep expenses down and to have a good trade route.

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