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    Default [Rail] Academy City Character Registry

    Form and all is shamelessly stolen from BleachITP's registry.

    This is the character registry for Railgun in the Playground (3rd Edition).

    DO NOT POST CHARACTER DISCUSSION IN THIS THREAD! If you want help, criticism, etc. concerning your future (or current) character, post it in this thread. All other discussion pertaining to the upcoming RP is also to be held in that thread.

    You CAN post work-in-progress character sheets here and edit them as necessary. Just be sure to inform other players of chances you make and don't jump into the game until others have had time to look over your character.

    If you see a power or what-have-you that you want is taken, don't despair! Many things are possible within the game! Just come and talk with us.

    Please don't delete posts! It messes up hyperlinks in this post. If you feel like not playing a character anymore, inform me and I'll edit this master list.

    About notations of the registry:

    [KIA] : Killed-in-action. This character has bit the dust, kicked the bucket, thrown in the towel, went to a better place, rests in pieces, yadda yadda. Their place is now in our fond memories and flashbacks.
    [MIA] : Missing-in-action. A player vanished and left their character off-screen, but the character was too important to be retconned out. Referring to these characters (and wondering where they are) is allowed, but their fate is left undisclosed unless their player returns.
    [NPC] : Non-player character. A character who can be controlled by anyone in need.
    [WIP] : Work-in-progress. A character is incomplete and not ready to be played yet.
    (Currently played by X) : informs if a character is being played by someone else than who made their registry post.
    Crossed-over: This character has been retconned out. They are considered never to have existed in the story. Don't refer to them. Unlikely, but possible if the player wishes or something drastic enough takes place.

    Characters will be organized by affiliation.
    Organization of names is left up to the players, but in general, foreign characters have their surname second, while Japanese characters have their surname first.

    Example Sheet:

    Age: Fairly obvious; remember that the cut-off for attending Azabu/Onizuka/Tokiwadai is 15.
    Gender: Self-explanatory.
    Type: Esper/Normal/SCIENCE!
    Level: Level of their Esper abilities, if any. If SCIENCE! powers mimic an Esper ability, the rating goes here.
    Affiliation: Whatever organizations/gangs/schools the character is part of.

    Description: What they look like, including their 'standard outfit' if they have a set of clothes they're almost always wearing.

    Personality: A general outline of what the character is like as a person.


    Esper or SCIENCE! abilities; telepathy or some sort of technological superpower, for example.

    Physical Traits

    Notable physical traits; being confined to a wheelchair or exceedingly strong.

    Mental Traits

    Notable mental traits go here; exceptionally good memory, an inability to recognize reflections, what have you.

    Notable Equipment

    Gear that is either especially important or, most importantly, always on them. If they constantly have it or it's going to be exceedingly relevant if it ever does come up, though, it goes here.
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    Default Re: [Rail] Academy City Character Registry

    Spoiler: Ishimaru Moroe
    Name: Ishimaru Moroe
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Type: Esper
    Level: 1
    Affiliation: GATE, Onizuka Middle School

    Description: Ishimaru Moroe is one of the many young killers created and nurtured by Academy City's darker side. A Child Error and failed Esper, she serves as both weapons expert and mechanic for the organisation known as GATE; One of five groups retained to handle matters which would tarnish the city's good name if they ever saw the light of day.

    In most respects Moroe's appearance is that of a typical teenage girl. She's of average height, has short black hair and green eyes. Her casual clothes consist of a black t-shirt and jeans covered by a long leather coat; And the only unusual thing about her school uniform is that it has trousers instead of a skirt (an alteration for which she somehow gained official permission).

    Her only real distinguishing feature is that she always looks a little unwell. Her face is somewhat pale, and she's thinner than is strictly healthy for a girl her age. But aside from that, Ishimaru Moroe blends in with her everyday surroundings just fine.

    Personality: To strangers Moroe at first appears to be a curt and antisocial loner. She usually speaks in a disinterested monotone and acts as if human contact is just an unfortunate necessity. But the truth is that when she's actually left alone, she more often than not goes out in search of more people to ignore. Ishimaru Moroe may be antisocial, but she needs people around to be antisocial at.

    Of course, all this is only what the casual observer will see. Those who manage to go further and break through Moroe's protective barrier of hostility may find two deeper selves: A surprisingly meek and insecure teenager with a deep seated fear of vulnerability; And a trained killer who tries to see the whole world as nothing more than a game. The knowledge that these two aspects can coexist is all too frequently the last thing that these seekers will ever learn before the bullet pierces their brain…


    Matter of Taste {Esper ability}: This power can alter a person's perception of how good or bad specific foods taste…And that's it.

    Physical Traits

    Gun Fu: Moroe is highly skilled in the use of one handed and two handed firearms. Her speciality is the sniper rifle.
    Tinkerer: Moroe can maintain and repair (but not build) a variety of tactical devices used by GATE, including remote controlled drones.

    Mental Traits

    Dual Focus: The ability to devote significant attention to two tasks at once. This useful trick allows Moroe to (for example) control a pair of remote drones which function as a team; Or simply to keep up a conversation with some random bystander while fighting a distant battle.
    Soldier without an army: Moroe has received general training equivalent to that of a professional soldier, courtesy of Academy City's dark side.

    Notable Equipment

    Handheld game console: This item functions as both a gaming platform and a remote control system. With it Moroe can see through the eyes of GATE's various mechanical drones and direct their movements.
    Packet of cigarettes: Moroe has recently taken to smoking, and is rarely without a pack.

    Spoiler: Miura Kin

    Name: Miura Kin
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Type: Esper
    Level: 2
    Affiliation: Tokiwadai Middle School

    Description: Kin is a bird in a gilded cage; Or at least, that's how she sees it. Others would say that she's a rich, psychic heiress in a prestigious school. To each their own. Like many others, Kin was sent to Tokiwadai as part of her parent's precisely plotted life plan for her. She tries her best to uphold the school's good name; Even though she can barely breathe in its stuffy atmosphere. She'd much rather be exploring the wondrous city around it, in the company of good friends.

    Physically, she's of average height, with short brown hair and blue eyes. Like all Tokiwadai students, she's rarely seen out of uniform.

    Personality: Kin is a free spirit at heart. When at her best, she practically glows. She dances with every step, bombards people with conversation on all topics, and climbs buildings just to see what's on top. She has no time for societal taboos like 'etiquette' or 'personal space'. In her opinion, individuals can decide for themselves what behaviour makes them comfortable. If she wants to snuggle up next to a good friend while wolfing down ten croissants, then why should society care?

    Of course, all too often society does care. Playing the part of a model citizen is taxing for someone like Kin. When shackled like that, her good cheer has a tendency to plummet. Kin's personality is one of high highs and low lows. Should a person manage to handle both sides of her, they'll gain a steadfast and loyal companion.


    Strange Attractor {Esper Ability}: This power lets Kin stick anything with a physical form to her body. It only works on things that are in direct contact with her skin; Even light clothing blocks the effect. Once attached, the targets become almost impossible to remove through physical force. Despite this unusual strength, Strange Attractor remains classed as a Level 2 ability, owing to its limited scope and lack of practical applications. Kin has some difficulty controlling her ability. While it will never deactivate without her command, it has a propensity to remain active despite her commands. It also occasionally activates on its own, when something comes into contact with her skin. Strange Attractor remains in effect even while Kin is unconscious. It can also be used in ways which would usually stress the affected areas of her body beyond their limits, such as hanging from the underside of a street light by one palm. The fact that the skin of her hand doesn't simply tear away when doing this suggests that Strange Attractor is more complex than it first appears.

    Physical Traits

    Nimble: Kin is very dexterous.
    Arts & Crafts: Between her family background and further education at Tokiwadai, Kin has become skilled in a wide variety of artistic skills, ranging from drawing, to sewing, to interior design.

    Mental Traits

    Nonconformist: Kin has trouble working in regulated surroundings, such as a strict school or workplace. When forced to do such things, she quickly becomes bored and distracted.
    Facial beauty blindness: Kin has an unusual brain defect which prevents her from recognising beauty (or lack thereof) in human faces.
    Arcade gamer: Owing to an unhealthy amount of practice, Kin has become very skilled in playing arcade games of almost all varieties. Her speciality is DDR.

    Notable Equipment

    Money: Whatever resentment Kin may bear towards her family, there's no denying their generosity in financial matters. Kin's vast allowance lets her live in the lap of luxury, along with being able to spend wildly without considering the price. As a consequence, she has no skill in budgeting, or any sense of the true value of money.
    Tablet: Kin always carries a top of the line, collapsible tablet computer, which she mostly uses to sketch things.

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    Default Re: [Rail] Academy City Character Registry

    Spoiler: Ishida Tobio

    Name: Ishida Tobio
    Aliases :Sheer Cold
    Level:3 (Actually a level 4. Not official till next System Scan)
    Affiliation:Judgemet, Onizuka Middle School


    Tobio is a fairly good looking boy. He is no bishonen but he has good looks. Tobio is about 5'9 with a wiry figure. He has a habit of slouching a little bit with his head down so that his light blue hair covers his eyes. He is usually seen fiddling with it when he is nervous, which is nigh constantly. His light blue hair comes down to his eyes shielding thier shining silver color from the world. His skin color is a light tan showing that he does get quite a bit of sun.

    His school uniform is not altered in anyway and he doesn't try to change it. When School ends he changes out of his uniform. His casual clothes consist of a black shirt with an orange vest over it. He wears black cargo pants and black sneakers with red stripes. He will then skate home on his orange skates with black stripes.


    Tobio is very shy and speaks in a soft voice. He is not very good with his words except when he is speaking of something he has a great amount of conviction about. When around girls, especially beautiful ones, Tobio becomes a stammering mess and will blush almost uncontrollably. He will sputter out compliments and incomplete sentences until he decides to clam up. He is a very sweet boy and will help anyone who he sees that he thinks may need it. This is the reason he just joined Judgement. He wanted to help people in anyway that he could.

    His personality has caused many people to call him soft and he is an easy bully victim because of his reluctance to hurt people to protect himself unless he could get seriously hurt. It is because of this that not many people take him seriously.


    ++ Esper Ability: Cryokinesis
    +++ Basic Function
    An offshoot of the ability Thermokinesis Tobio can use his power to subtract heat from any substance. He could cause objects to freeze over (Severely chilling object and the hydrogen and oxygen molecues around it) or create a freezing wind to debilitate his opponents. It also allows him to the make an excellent iced coffee. Also as a necessay secondary power he has the ability to take the heat energy that he takes from the environment and channel it into his body. Thus he has a resistance to heat as well as cold and he can hold mass amounts of heat. Enough to where he can melt things by touching them. (Conservation of energy). However when not in battle he will divert this heat into the ground to that he will not hurt other people. Also thanks to training his power he is able to sense temperatures of objects basically giving him a heat radar. His powers take about 3 seconds to start up due to him needing a great amount of concentration to not freeze something he shouldn't. He is reluctant to use his powers lethally. When he has to however he is capable of targeting the insides of his target.
    +++ Additional Uses
    Level 0: Tobio is capable of emitting a small aura of cold with a radius of 1 foot that will cause most people to shiver and hardier people to feel a slight chill. He always has minty fresh breath.

    Level 1: Tobio aura of cold extends to a 5 foot radius and can get to a temperature of 20 degrees Celcius. He can conciously chill targets to 4 degrees Celcuis at a range of 10 feet.

    Level 2: Tobio's Aura of cold now has a 10 foot radius and can get to a temperature of 10 degrees Celcius. He can conciously chill and targets to -10 degrees Celcius at a range of 40 feet. He body can rise to a tempurature of 90 degrees Celcuis

    Level 3: At this Level Tobio's Aura of Cold is now 0 degrees Celcius and has a 20 foot radius that can be conciously reduced. He can now conciously freeze targets to -35 degrees Celcius at a range of 60 feet. His body temperature can get of to 110 degrees Celcuis causing burns and melting when he touches certain objects. At this level he is capable of targeting the inside of objects. With humans he can target the torso area

    Level 4: This is when Tobio's abilities take a surprising turn: He Aura of Cold cand gets a real boost as he goes to -30 degrees Celcuis and has a 50 foot radius. He can conciusly freeze targets up to -100 degrees Celcius and with a range of 120 feet. His body can store temperatures up to 140 degrees Celcius. It is at this point that he can melt and freeze objects at a much higher rate. At this level he control is fine enough that he can target a certain organ in the torso area

    Level 5: Tobio's aura of cold upgrades to -60 degrees Celcius and stays at the same radius however. However his Freezing abilities reach thier peak. His range increases dramitically to a range of 500 feet. However the truly impressive thing is the intensity of the cold that he can cause. He can freeze things up to -217.15 degrees Celcius. He can cause temperatures of Abolute Zero. His body temperature can only reach up to 180 degrees Celcius, and even that is pushing his limits. He can target any organ in the human body.

    Physical Traits

    Athletic: Tobio skates almost everywhere and ice skates in his free time. He is very quick on his feet as well. He may not be the strongest individual but he is quick and athletic.
    Skating: Tobio is a very skilled roller and ice skater. He is very good at these and uses them for transportation and recreation.
    Extreme Dexterity: Tobio is capable of performing tricks in skating that only celebrities are usually seen pulling due to how hard he worked on them and how long he worked on them. As a result of this he became extremly dexterous on top of already being naturally dexterous. Even on foot and with his hands his dexterity shows through.

    Mental Traits

    Incredible shyness:
    Tobio is a very shy individual and in front of pretty girls he becomes a stammering blushing mess. It gets him more than his fair share of teasing.
    Strong sense of justice: Tobio believes in helping others and stopping criminals from hurting the innocent. It is why he joined Judgement albiet as a new member. He tries his best to not be a burden to others
    Intense concentration: this is a necessity for his powers as a slip in concentration can be catastrophic.

    Notable Equipment:

    Judgement Kit: Tobio's Judgement Kit has all of his needed items for patrol, such as handcuffs, pepper spray, and tasers. As well as his Judgement band.
    Roller and Ice Skates: He uses his skates for transportation and recreation ability.
    Backpack: Used to carry his school supplies
    Headset: His Judgement headset which allows him communication with other officers and with head quarters.
    IPhone: An advanced phone that Tobio got from his parents for Christmas. It his parents words it was a present for two Christmas's so he wouldn't be getting anything next year.

    Spoiler: Shiota Tsubasa 'Crocell'

    Name: Shiota Tsubasa
    Aliases :Crocell, Sparky, Fire Lance
    Affiliation:Judgement, Azabu Academy


    Crocell is a little on the short side at about 5'4 at the age of sixteen. However size is no measure of spunk or power. Many people know not to mess with Crocell because of how he is not afraid to speak is mind, and he is not above resorting to fighting back if he has to. No one typically calls him a bishi or shorty to his face. (also his hair is a light pink)


    Crocell may look like a cute little boy, but he has a rude way of speaking, and he's not afraid to speak out about anything he doesn't like. He has a hard time getting close to people or being honest with himself, but he's very good at pushing other people's buttons—a trait that often leads him into conflict with other. Sarcastic and brash Crocell has the subtlety of a elephant so be prepared for him to not sugar coat anything even for adults. Although he is compassionate and protective to those that he considers friends. His fiery personality is a pain for his superiors though. However this is all how Crocell naturally is. He is not spoiled by his parents great amount of wealth though other people might not see it that way.


    ++Esper Ability
    +++Basic Function

    Crocell's power allows him to produce and control flames. Crocell since the discovery of his powers has constantly practiced with them, having found something else to take up his time besides his schoolwork. He was a natural with his flames, though that could probably be attributed to his slight pyromaniac nature. His flames increase in intensity as his level increases and his control over them increases too.

    Level 1: Crocell produces minor flames from his finger tips, much like a cigarette lighter. He can control flames up to 5 feet from his body, he can only move them vertically, horizontally, and outwards. The flames are only just visible, about 525 degrees Celsius

    Level 2: Crocell can produce baseball sized balls of flame. He can move the flames in more complex paths such as curves, circles, and figure eights. He can control flames up to 25 feet from his body. The flames are considerably hot now at a temperature of 900 degrees Celsius.

    Level 3: Crocell's fireballs can be twice as large as basket balls now. He has enough control to where he can turn a large fireball into a scatter shot blast and control flames up to 50 feet from his body. The flames are now about 1300 degrees celsius. The flames are now orange with tinges of blue around them. Crocell gains some immunity to flames at this level as he can stand in flames for about 10 seconds. He can also control the heat emitted by his flames, keeping them contained to the fireballs.

    Level 4: Crocell's powers increase in by a great amount at this stage. Crocell can summon walls of fire at this point and can make complex patterns with them. He can control flames up to 130 feet from his body. The flames can now get up to temperatures of 1700 degrees Celsius. The flames are now a deep blue. Crocell's immunity to fire is now much more proficient. He can coat himself in his own flames for degrees up to 900 degrees Celsius for up to 2 minutes.

    Level 5: Crocell's flames don't increase in power at this point but he range of control does increase to about 600 feet from his body. He could now be his own fireworks show now. He can now stand in flames up to 1200 degrees Celsius.
    Additional Uses

    He can shoot flames from his hands and feet to act as a propulsion system for flight

    Physical Traits

    Good Physical Strength: Despite his short stature, Crocell has a good amount of physical strength. His father hired a private tutor for boxing to help Crocell defend himself when he got picked on for being shorter than other boys. Luckily he was a quick study. After he finished under the tutor he got into the habit of regularly working out.

    Bishounen Looks: Crocell is a fairly good looking young man. He could be one of the most desirable boys a Azabu… if it wasn't for that gosh darn attitude of his.

    Mental Traits

    High Intellegence: Crocell is a pretty good student. Despite attending Azabu, he has never had a mental break down and manages to complete his assignments. Though he does tend to blow a few off every now and then. Otherwise with an application of 3 hours of study every few days he is able to keep up.

    Calm Demeanor: Crocell can usually be found calm as a cucumber, even in a crisis. After all, there is no point in panicking about something that only makes it worse. Not what you would usually expect from a pyrokinetic.

    Notable Equipment:

    Judgement Kit: Crocell's Judgement Kit has all of his needed items for patrol, such as handcuffs, pepper spray, and tasers. As well as his Judgement band.

    Flame Retardant Cloths: Crocell's cloths are specially made to be flame retardant. This way they won't catch fire whenever he uses his powers. His parents did this for all of his cloths after the third time they caught on fire.

    Cellphone: Crocell has a cell phone that he uses for calling the few friends that he has and to call his parents.

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    Default Re: [Rail] Academy City Character Registry

    Spoiler: Sadik "Apt" Aptal

    Age: 13.
    Gender: Female.
    Type: Esper
    Level: 1.
    Affiliation: GATE, Onizuka Middle School

    Description: Apt would quite easily be mistaken for a bear. Her massive build is that of a strength athlete, augmented by years of pushing limit after limit. Her flesh, almost night-black, blends into her dark blue combat uniform, which she insists on wearing all the time. Her muscles are clearly her most valuable asset and her bulk would prepare her to win a boxing match against a polar bear.

    Apt is dumb muscle. That is the summation of her personality. She is gullible, gruff, easily manipulated, and will break anyone's back. Apt is devoid of reason, sympathy, or malice. Apt is an empty shell of muscle willing to perform any task, no matter how cruel and unjust.


    None besides her strength. The one time she attempted to use her abilities, it made her a bodybuilding-addicted sociopath.

    Physical Traits

    Exceedingly strong.

    Mental Traits

    Inability to recognize reflections and pictures as fake. Very stupid.

    Notable Equipment

    She is constantly trying and failing to smuggle a mace.
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    Default Re: [Rail] Academy City Character Registry

    Spoiler: Otosaki Shizuka
    Still using old sheet format. Will be converted soon.

    Name: Otosaki Shizuka
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Type: Esper
    Level: 3
    Affiliation Tokiwadai Middle School
    Power Ranking: C+

    Long black hair tied up in a ponytail, dull hazel eyes, Shizuka looks to all the world like a typical middle schooler. She has a light grey shoulder bag which she uses for her books.

    Shizuka is quiet around strangers, tending to be very calm and polite. She loosens up a bit around her close friends though, and has quite a wit.

    Shizuka can manipulate sound vibrations. This ability can only affect sounds above a certain amplitude threshold, and can be weaponized to create disorienting vibrations or even concentrated waves that can shatter objects.

    Synesthesia (sound to color): Each sound has a color in Shizuka's eye.
    Vocalist: Shizuka is an amazing singer, having practiced since she was young.

    • Tokiwadai Uniform
    • Tuner

    Notes: (to be determined)
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    Default Re: [Rail] Academy City Character Registry

    Spoiler: Eli Matthews
    Name: Elijah "Eli" Matthews
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Race: Caucasian
    Nationality: American

    Type: ESPer, currently Level 2
    Power rank: E+/D-
    Affiliation: Onizuka

    Background: Eli had a relatively normal upbringing, although he was held back in grade school due to poor performance; his failures were attributed to his disinterest and refusal to complete assignments or participate in class, despite satisfactory knowledge of subject matter. His father was recently assigned to a job in Academy City from overseas and was offered considerable accomodations to bring his family along. Eli himself doesn't know much Japanese, so the transition will be difficult, but as long as he has no choice in the matter, he'll have to adapt and learn to speak the language on the fly. After learning about the special schools for psychics, though, Eli decided to visit one day and was captivated by the idea of becoming capable of ESP. He was henceforth determined to be accepted into one of the academies, and his wish was granted through Onizuka.

    At first, Eli had difficulty adjusting to school life in Academy City, mostly because of the language barrier. Prior to the discovery of his PSI-related ability, he was forced to rely on a translation device, built into a ridiculous-looking collar, to communicate with his peers. Only after a certain event involving some ethically-questionable processes did he begin to tap into his ESPer potential. The ability to communicate and comprehend speech regardless of language allowed him to instantly tear down the barriers that had largely prevented him from associating with his classmates and, honestly, anyone at all in his new home. At the time of his initial evaluation, his PSI was ranked as a Level 2 ability, but the possibility for exploring the boundaries of said ability renders this evaluation a largely-preliminary judgment.

    Personality: Eli isn't the most social kid in Academy City, but he's not crippled by shyness, either. He's somewhat distant from his parents, though, so he's pretty quick to open up to the first person that shows him any decent measure of respect or compassion. On the flip-side, he doesn't take insults lightly and may lash out at anyone who continuously prods him. He has an extreme dislike for schoolwork, convinced that it's one big ploy to keep him busy and prevent him from doing what he wants. Considering that he's at a school for learning how to use psychic powers, however, his attitude may soon change for the better in that regard.

    Likes: Adventures, blueberries, his dog Macho
    Dislikes: Cramped spaces, spicy foods
    Ambitions: To hunt for and find hidden treasure

    People of Interest
    • Adam Matthews: Eli's father, a desk jockey at a certain American company. He was offered substantial accomodation to take up a job in Japan, moving to Academy City with his wife and son. ((For the purpose of convenience, I don't plan for him to make any appearances in the RP.))
    • Paula Matthews: Eli's mother, a textbook housewife/loving mother. Moved to Academy City with Adam and Eli. Constantly on her son's case for neglecting his homework.
    • Macho: Eli's faithful dog, a large-breed golden retriever. Goes for a walk with Eli every weekend.

    • Physical: Thin build
    • Height: 5' 6"
    • Weight class: Average
    • Eyes: Dark blue
    • Hair: Light-brown, short

    -Common attire:
    • Legs: Regular-fit blue jeans, brown belt
    • Torso: Long-sleeved button-down shirt (usually white, light-blue, or light-gray)
    • Feet: Brown slip-on shoes

    • Strength: Average
    • Constitution: Above average
    • Stamina: Average
    • Agility: Average

    • Intelligence: Average
    • Tactics: Average
    • Sanity: Slightly unstable
    • Courage: Adventurous

    -Combat: Brawler
    • Capable of self-disciplined fist-fighting; average strength for a human his age, but little experience and no form or polish
    • Can wield and use improvised weaponry (baseball bat, tree branch, etc.) in a basic capacity (swing, thrust, etc.)

    -ESPer: Telepathy
    Spoiler: Details
    General description: Parapsychology (PSI) skills involving reception and transmission of thoughts on psychic channels

    Spoiler: Level 1 (realized)
    Comprehension (base ability) learned
    --Basic-level PSI, automatic translation of foreign languages; when others speak to Eli in another language, he hears it as though they're speaking perfect English

    Spoiler: Level 2 (realized)
    Comprehension improved to Linguistics
    --Automatic translation expanded to include writings in foreign languages

    Speech Projection learned
    --Basic-level PSI, sending verbal messages to others via mental/PSI channels

    Projection limits established
    --Maximum range: 50 ft.
    --Maximum effect: four people at once

    Spoiler: Level 3 (undiscovered)
    Concept Projection learned
    --Intermediate PSI, transmitting non-verbal ideas (images, sounds, etc.) via mental/PSI channels

    Projection limits extended
    --Maximum range: 300 ft. (single familiar target) or 100 ft. (wide broadcast)
    --Maximum effect: eight people at once

    Spoiler: Level 4 (pending)
    Delusion learned
    --Advanced PSI, alters one of a target's senses (maximum range 10 ft., maximum duration 15 sec.)

    Speech Projection improved to Message Projection
    --Outbound messages can be received and understood regardless of language

    Projection limits extended
    --Maximum range: 1 mi. (single familiar target) or 250 ft. (wide broadcast)
    --Maximum effect: twenty people at once

    -Other proficiencies:
    • Navigator: Being fond of exploration, Eli is capable of following directions and learning relative locations easily, either with a map or with verbal instructions.
    • More to be added later

    • Weapon of choice: Blunt and Force (metal knuckles)
    • Access.: None

    Notes: To be added later

    Social links: To be added later

    Theme Music: Kasier Chiefs - "Never Miss A Beat" (Youtube link coming soon)
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    cool Re: [Rail] Academy City Character Registry

    Ryuko Sādonikkusu
    竜虎 サードニックス

    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Type: Esper
    Level: 3
    Affiliation: Judgement, Onizuka Middle School

    Description: With a fair complexion, lissome, somewhat athletic body and black locks, Ryuko is one of the oddly large variety of attractive girls within the city. She bears an average bust and stands at 5'1", with vivid green irises upon her eyes.

    Ryuko's usual attire is of a white collared shirt, a scarlet, sleeveless undershirt worn below. Around her waist a short black schoolgirl skirt hangs, a scarlet belt encircling it while ebon stockings adorn her waist and red-laced obsidian combat boots shield her feet. When out of school, Ryuko sheds the standard white shirt in favor of the scarlet shirt worn below, donning elbow-high black gloves woven out of silk.

    During the winter, Ryuko dons a longer skirt and thicker stockings, wearing a violet scarf about her neck and a warm black jacket upon her usual attire.

    Despite what her appearance may suggest, Ryuko isn't a delinquent of any sort. Instead, she is an extremely smart student and socializer. She is somewhat introverted, enjoying a little alone time and the company of small groups, and has a tendency to go by her gut and judge by emotions and morals. Ryuko fears killing and dislikes the fact that her work in Judgment leads to having to harm people, often preferring to intimidate into submission or engage in diplomacy instead of combat.
    Ryuko also bears a fear of loneliness and slight claustrophobia, the latter of which can impair her ability in missions.


    Ryuko is a Geokinetic, and can exert control over earth.
    All levels currently achieved are green, those not are red.

    Level 1: Concrete Fistful
    Ryuko gains basic mastery over stone about her, able to shape small amounts to her will and manipulate sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous earth.

    Level 2: Opalescent Forge
    Upon achieving level 2, Ryuko's geologic manipulation extends to metals, gems and minerals. She also increases in the amount of substance she can exert her power upon, able to move boulders and bend girders.

    Level 3: Eruption Exertion
    At this point, Ryuko can manipulate molten rock and liquid metal, as well as being able to pressure geologic formations into their molten states.

    Level 4: Mineral Metamorphosis
    Ryuko gains the ability to alter the chemical structure of metals, minerals and stone, being able to shift properties with ease.

    Level 5: Globe Breaker
    At this final stage, Ryuko is able to exert her power to a massive scale, able to affect continental plates (with great focus and effort, of course) She also can manipulate seismic waves, both via amplification and reduction.

    Physical Traits
    Ryuko has the athletic ability of a track and field athlete, and has a lot of stamina as well. Where Ryuko really shines, however, is her acrobatic prowess, due in part to her flexibility.
    The weakness Ryuko possesses here is her inability in physical combat due to lack of skill and knowledge.

    Mental Traits
    As a stellar student, Ryuko is extremely smart. She also is quite clever and cunning, a quick thinker in combat. However, her mild claustrophobia can impair her ability to act.

    Notable Equipment

    None yet
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    Default Re: [Rail] Academy City Character Registry

    Spoiler: WIP
    File: AUTUMN ROSE - Subject 237

    Name: Shimizu Akane
    Age: 13
    Sex: Female
    [Attached is a headshot of a young girl with long black hair and dark eyes.]
    Notes: Subject 237 is technically a success, as Esper abilities have manifested and she appears stable. However, she is also a failure in a more important sense, as the primary purpose of this project is to enhance the power of generated Espers, and her powers are simply not above a Level 1 at this time.

    It is suggested, however, that she be retained as an asset; her powers, while currently weak, have the potential to make her extremely useful as an agent. Placement with Judgement should make for an effective cover, as that will explain away most absences and injuries, as well as giving her some degree of authority which she can utilize openly. However, care should be taken to ensure that she does not become too attached to her job, as it is likely that her actual function will conflict with it at times.

    Abilities: Subject 237's abilities - designated 'Ghostly Path' appear to alter memory. However, more extensive testing will be necessary to determine its exact nature.
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    Default Re: [Rail] Academy City Character Registry

    Spoiler: James Grey
    Age 15
    Gender Male
    Type Esper
    Level 4
    Affiliation None in particular - is new in Academy City.

    Description & Physical Traits Appears much like a younger version of this guy. Stands at around 5'10", and is built with surprising solidity. Despite the fact he doesn't participate in sports beyond the mandatory, he's unexpectedly athletic. He doesn't look quite as good as in the picture, of course, but he's got the sort of face that hints he will when he gets older.

    Personality & Mental Traits Usually quite quiet and calm. Doesn't speak all that much, only piping up when he feels he actually has something to add rather than just talking for the sake of talking. Although he seems like a decent guy at first, those who get to know him better might find that he seems a little... off. Almost empty, somehow.

    Despite his reservedness, he's a reasonably good student, in the upper third for most things but very, very good at physics.

    Esper Power: Void Soul

    Rank 1: Blank Presence

    James does not register to natural senses save sight or touch, and is impossible to record by conventional measures. He, and anything held or worn by him, make no noise in motion unless it is deliberate, and have no scent or taste. Particulates of skin or blood or hair simply dissolve as soon as they leave his system (though large blood spills will linger for a longer period) and his AIM field is curiously 'empty', so much so that he appears to be two ranks weaker than he actually is - that is, if he is using his power at Rank 1 or 2, he does not seem to be an esper at all, while at Rank 3, he appears to have the strength of a Rank 1 esper, and at Rank 4 he appears a Rank 2. He is also extremely difficult to identify by his AIM field signature, though not impossible.

    Rank 2: Empty Existence

    James is no longer completely part of the world. He can bend how the laws of physics affect him in certain minor ways, slightly altering gravity's strength or direction on his person, increasing or decreasing the transfer of thermal or kinetic energy, and so on. It's not very strong, however - while he could walk on walls or over hot coals with little trouble, gravi-, pyro-, or cryo-kinetic esper powers would still be very dangerous for him.

    At this level, his Blank Presence strengthens enough to render his body heat perfectly matched to his surroundings without ill effect, and insulates him from the harmful effects of short-wavelength radiations by reducing his interaction with them.

    Rank 3: Shadow on the Face of Reality

    James' ability to manipulate his interactions with the laws of physics has become stronger. He can reduce his personal gravity to make great leaps, withstand all but the very hottest of natural flames and the very coldest of natural environments, and manipulate his inertia and momentum to allow feats of incredible agility. When altering the transfer of energy between him and his surroundings, he can mitigate enough force to, for example, become effectively immune to physical assault from blunt weaponry such as batons, significantly reduce the depths of injuries from knives or similar, or insulate himself to make a taser shot merely a (highly painful) jolt rather than it causing him to completely lock up. Guns or esper powers remain legitimate threats, though he can mitigate their effects somewhat.

    His Blank Presence now erases his image from photos and videos.

    Rank 4: The Laws are Void

    James' ability to manipulate how the laws of physics apply to him has significantly increased. His jumps are now closer to extended gliding, and he can render himself effectively immune to melee damage and strongly reduce gunshots, to the level of perhaps strong punches, though in particularly powerful cases such as a sniper rifle they may be more akin to a strike with a baton. Only esper-generated temperature extremes are able to cause him trouble, as he can easily withstand great fluctuations in heat, and his manipulation of his momentum now allows him to reach high speeds.

    Blank Presence at Rank 4 protects him from all forms of mundane location except sight, including esoteric methods like ultrasound pings or motion detectors.

    Rank 5: Empty One

    Although James has not yet achieved Rank 5, he has been having... dreams. Dreams of darkness, of an emptiness that swallows the stars and then descends on the planet to swallow humanity too. Dreams of an infinite nothing, perfect blackness forever and for eternity. The unsettling nature of these nightly visions have led him to believe that the transition from Rank 4 to 5 is not going to be smooth, and that it's going to be happening some time soon. This is also the reason he moved to Academy City - it's the foremost esper-research location in the world.
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    Default Re: [Rail] Academy City Character Registry

    Tracy Thalis

    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Type: Esper
    Level: 3
    Affiliations: Organized Crime; Onizuka

    ((Shall be provided at a later date.))

    -Reverse Batman Syndrome(Criminal Mastermind): With the death of her parents, Tracy's mental health took a turn for the worse. Given that her parents were killed in a car accident involving a drunken imbecile with a penchant for driving on the wrong side of the road late at night, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the terribly destructive blend of anger and sorrow she feels about the death of her parents isn't directed at criminals but at people in general. Her abandonment by her sister mere months later left her beside herself with grief. The police conducted a less than thorough investigation before arranging for Tracy's transferal to a local adoption center. Alone, afraid, and living in an absolutely dreadful neighborhood, it was only a matter of time before Tracy fell in with a gang, albeit a gang of fairly young ruffians and ne'er-do-wells. She learned the ropes quickly; it wasn't long before Tracy had progressed from petty theft to kidnapping and blackmail. It wasn't as if Tracy had much of a choice in the matter. Tracy didn't want to just barely survive; she wanted to live in the manner she was accustomed to. Tracy has no qualms about lying, cheating, stealing, and hurting other people to get what she wants. She's a cruel, clever girl with a twisted worldview. In her eyes, pretty much anyone is little more than a mark (those who aren't being the people paying her or assisting her in her work).


    Time Manipulation:
    Are your items old and rusty? Fret not, good sir, because Tracy can make your items brand new with just a touch*! Tinkering with the age of inorganic items is Tracy's specialty! While Tracy often restores old items for her personal use because she's quite poor, she can also age items to the point where they turn to dust before your very eyes*! Tired of that brick wall between you and the glorious outdoors? No worries! Tracy and her marvelous power (Temporal Decay/Regeneration) has you covered!

    Well, what are you waiting for? Hire Tracy to restore your old items or demolish your new ones today!

    *The time that Tracy must remain in contact with your items may vary. The final condition of your items may depend on environmental factors affecting your items when Tracy's touch is applied.

    Physical Traits:
    -Average: I can only think of one word to describe Tracy's physical traits, and that word is average (aside from Tracy's charisma stat, that is).

    -Brawler: Tracy is not a bad fighter. She's not too shabby with her fists and small, easily concealed blades, but she hasn't practiced shooting guns much.

    Mental Traits:
    -Charismatic Character: When Tracy talks, people tend to listen. She's a figure people could easily rally behind in lightest day or darkest night, y'know, if she didn't have villainous tendencies.

    Notable Equipment:
    -Taser: Who needs the (unlimited) power to project arcs of lightning from the tips of one's fingers when you're in possession of a taser?

    -Handbag of Infinite Utility: If it's small enough to fit in a purse (and something that a sane person might carry in a purse), you can probably find it in Tracy's handbag. Items of note include: a first aid kit, a cheap camera, neatly organized packs of batteries, a backup calculator, treasured copies of photos of Tracy's dead parents, miscellaneous office supplies, and a small teddy bear buried beneath an obsolete and cumbersome handheld gaming console (which just so happens to be in mint condition, surprisingly).

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