Hello everyone!

First things first, if you play Shadows of the Past, please don't keep reading from here on out. Really, you'll only spoil things for yourself.

Ok, that's out of the way. To make it brief: I'm a sorcerer with the Craft Wonderous item feat (level 13), and I'm trying to make custom items for allies that is tailored to their builds. I figured out half of them, but need some creative help with the other half. Don't worry too much about balance or cost (within reason). Just getting ideas for now, and I can handle the balance.

The characters are:
A flashy, slightly Arabian themed swashbuckler/fighter/dervish

A dwarven cleric/storm lord of Phaulkon

A monk/rogue/duskblade/chameleon versatile fighter that typically augments melee with spells or burns them to Arcane strike.

No idea is to silly to be considered, but I'm looking for something more or less on the order of 10000 gp market value, and want to make something you can't just find in the MiC.

Thanks ahead of time!