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    Default Questions about Psionic Focus and AoO

    I've got a psychic warrior with Psionic Meditation and Psionic Weapon. I have found the need to use Concentration to gain psionic focus as a move action then attack with a standard action (all within reach of a foe).

    -I know most skill that require the use of a Concentration check provoke an attack of opportunity but does using a Concentration check to gain psionic focus provoke an attack of opportunity?

    --If so, can I gain psionic focus defensively, or use and feat, ability, item etc. to prevent provoking an attack of opportunity?

    --If so, what happens when I am hit? Does it inhibit my concentration (Concentration DC 20 + damage dealt for example), force me to concentrate on my concentration (For example, having to pass both Concentration DC 10 + damage dealt and Concentration DC 20 (would that be one roll or two?)), or something else

    I can't find this anywhere in the DM Guide, Player's Guide, or Psionic Handbook - Can anyone help me?

    Thanks :)

    (PS: They may need to update the smilies to include one with X in each eye!)
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    Default Re: Questions about Psionic Focus and AoO

    Psionic Focus in the SRD
    If you have 1 or more power points available, you can meditate to attempt to become psionically focused. The DC to become psionically focused is 20. Meditating is a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity.
    There is nothing else listed regarding AoOs, so its safe to say that you can't prevent the AoO, and getting hit doesn't disrupt the attempt.
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