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    Default Demonic Encounters for a pair of warblades

    I’m playing a campaign with my two brothers. The basic premise is that a strong demon offered a power hungry lord an army. The man accepted and as such enabled this demon to start funneling a massive amount of lesser demons into the material plane. This happened about a month ago and after the PCs proved themselves strong enough, it was decided that they would try to sneak into the lord's keep and try off the guy in charge.

    One of the PCs is a Warblade 5 / Bloodstorm Blade 6 with a wounding scythe, while the other is a Warblade 4 / Kensai Varient Fighter 2 / Kensai 4 / Exotic Weapon Master 1 with an enfeebling double kopesh (from Sandstorm, think double scimitar). They both focus on Iron Heart and Diamond Mind and really depend on Iron Heart Surge to keep them going through Paralysis, Poison and Negative Levels.

    So far I’ve thrown them against a Hezrou (SRD) in a city as a sort of mock battle; a group of Manes, Rutterskins and a Zovvut (BoVD and MMII) as a small patrol between them and the keep; three Zovvuts; and finally a Bebilith in a cave which is supposed to be connected to the castles dungeons.

    They were both level ten, having leveled after the Bebilith. This last encounter was probably the deadliest, since the spider knocked the Kenai to below half health in one full attack thanks to the con poison. They scrapped through it, although the BB’s Breastplate almost got destroyed.

    I know what the final encounter is going to be (a certain CR 13 demon that can grant a wish once a month), but I would like some suggestions as to what to put in between. I've looked at the Arrow Demon from MMIII and decided to place 1 or 2 if they make it into the courtyard. Could anyone give me some suggestions?
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    Default Re: Demonic Encounters for a pair of warblades

    It sounds like you'vee been throwing lots of demons at them (fitting for the story, but it gets old quickly). Perhaps a change of pace:

    ~Having proved troublesome, the demons contact a wizard they've worked with in the past and sic him on the warblades. Give the wizard Improved familiar for a quasit/imp and he fits into the story.

    ~Maybe a succubi has seduced someone good (Crusader or a good cleric) and convinced him/her that the warblades must be slain.

    ~Go with a completly unrelated concept to tie the characters into the next adventure. Maybe a Swordsage, in order to advance to the next rank of his secret society, is stalking your warblades.

    ~Perhaps a bard, in cohoots with the demons, has turned the populace of a small town against the warblades, and they must face an angry mob, many of whom are only guilty of being gullible.

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