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    Default Challenge: Cursed Items Re-contextualized for Practical Use

    I've always liked/preferred magic with some sense of equivalent exchange. For the sake of story and adventure, I find that drawbacks are typically more interesting and memorable then benefits. So, in that spirit, rather then thinking up and tacking on likely detriments and pitfalls to already helpful items, what sort of benefits could one imagine drawing out of previously useless cursed items?

    Sword of Handicap (formerly [# Cursed Sword])
    It is said that the emperor wept when he realized he had no more lands to conquer. So it is with many of the greatest swordsmen, who find there are few left in the world who can present them a meaningful challenge. So it is that some of the greatest warriors carry with them an extra blade for use against the unworthy.

    In exchange for the Penalty the user of a Sword of Handicap suffers, they receive a greater deal of Exp. then their opponent would otherwise be worth. Each foe the user faces in melee combat counts as at least +1 CR higher for the purposes of Exp reward.

    Captivating Grimoire (formerly [Vacuous grimoire])
    There are many bards of legend who's very words set to paper have a magic of all own. Books penned by these authors often lead the readers to life changing insight, but the journey to that discovery is not without peril.

    Anyone who reads more then a page of a Captivating Grimoire must make a DC 15 Will save or become obsessed with reading the entire text to completion. The reader suffer's a -2 competence penalty to all rolls if they are unable to spend at least 6 hours a day reading the text. The penalty is removed once the reader is allowed 3 uninterrupted hours of reading. If pages are missing, the reader will be afflicted as though under a Geas/Quest spell until the missing pages are recovered and read.

    The reader will finish the Grimoire after accumulating 36 hours of reading, at which time they will be free of the compulsion to continue reading and receive a permanent 1 point of Intelligence and Charisma gain as well as a permanent 2 point Wisdom gain.

    Loadstones are most often used as components in machines as compact counterweights that can be magically "turned off", suddenly alleviating that weight. This leads to many applications (mostly in construction and pulley works), but many adventurers have found their own uses. Besides having a loadstone or two handy for miscellaneous applications (such as making a door you need barricaded become twice as heavy), some warriors keep one in their belt to give themselves a much needed advantage in leverage when grappling.

    A character equipped with an activated loadstone suffers the penalties of Medium Encumbrance, but counts as up to 2 size categories larger for the purpose of all combat maneuvers performed by and against them. They also receive this benefit against many spells that reference size, such as GUST OF WIND.
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    Default Re: Challenge: Cursed Items Re-contextualized for Practical Use

    You should say that it is an inherent bonus to those stats.(else it is grossly overpowered)

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