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    Question Custom Item - 3.5 Game - Confirmation

    I THINK my math is right here?

    Any thoughts? For a phalanx type crusader character.

    Minor House Insignia “Jewel of the North” – 10,000gpv Star Sapphire
    On Use - Protection from Evil - lv1 Wizard [email protected]= 10000gp
    On Use - Markas’s Fallen Healing - lv7 [email protected]=182000gp - This is a home brew spell for healing sims/ice assassins
    Continual - Favor of the Martyr - lv4 Cleric [email protected] = 56000gp - If a paladin can cast it, I say a cleric can and converted this and Lionheart.
    Continual - Lionheart - lv1 Cleric [email protected] = 10000gp
    Contingent Teleport : 1%HP - lv 5 [email protected] = 50000gp

    Must be “House” Member -50% cost
    Cost: 308000gp -50%= 154000gp =
    Time: 154 days
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