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    Default BtW: The Band of the Phoenix OOC

    Welcome to the OOC thread for our Beyond the Wall campaign "The Band of the Phoenix"!

    The game can be found here; the company's website is here.

    The player's guide to David Bezio's sandbox can be found here.

    The collected playbooks for Beyond the Wall can be found here. Please note, the 11 playbooks after "The Retired Veteran" in this PDF are player-created and will be allowed only with GM approval.

    A single page character sheet can be found here. The two-page character sheet is here.

    Currently, we have three slots filled. Recruiting will remain open until the remaining 3-4 are filled by regular players.

    Since there are only three of us right now, I recommend we each create two characters in the following order for the lifepath:

    • Griffith! PC #1
    • lilcookie PC #1
    • Sylvre Phire PC #1 - Tuck the Fae Foundling
    • lilcookie PC #2
    • Griffith PC #2
    • Sylvre Phire PC #2 - Galen the Young Woodsman
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    Default Tuck, the Fae Foundling

    Here's how things came out for my first character:

    You were found in swaddling clothes beneath an ancient standing stone near the village, a fae token on your breast. Some of the villagers were kind and took you in to raise you as their own. You have a natural gift with magic and, while some are still distrustful of your strange appearance, you have made fast friends with some of the other village children.

    You are quick and inquisitive. Your Dexterity and Intelligence begin at 10, and all of your other ability scores begin at 8.

    What did your adopted parents do in the village? What did you learn from them?
    A strange hermit raised you just outside of the village. +2 Wis, +2 Con, +1 Int

    How did you distinguish yourself as a child?
    You solved everyone elseís problems, and never mentioned your own. +1 Str, +1 Con, +1 Cha

    The other player characters were your best friends. Who else in the village befriended you while you were growing up?
    You are about to marry into the Millerís family. +2 Wis, +1 Str

    What marks you as a child of the fae?
    Large, pointed ears. +3 Wis, Skill: Alertness

    As you grew up you learned more of your faerie heritage. You become a level 1 Warrior-Mage. You gain the class abilities Knacks, Sense Magic, and Spellcasting, and the skill Faerie Lore.
    The unseen is clear before your eyes. +2 Wis, Spell: Sense Nature

    As you came of age, your faerie heritage created an unexpected problem for you. What was it? The player to your right was there when it happened.
    The Erl King himself held court in a hidden grove and sent an emissary to invite you. The friend to your right (lilcookie PC #2) came to learn of the fae, and gains +1 Int. Tuck gains +2 Int, Spell: Commanding Word

    When your foster parents found you, what token was left in your swaddling clothes?
    A finely engraved silver leaf. +2 Wis, a symbol of the wilds

    Tuck, Fae Foundling
    Class: Warrior-Mage
    Level: 1
    Alignment: Chaotic (non-evil)

    DEX 10 (+0)
    INT 13 (+1) +1 language
    STR 10 (+0)
    CON 11 (+0)
    WIS 19 (+3) +3 to save vs. mind control
    CHA 9 (+0)

    Armor Class: 12 (10 +2 for leathers, +1 when defending)

    Hit Points: 8

    Initiative: 1
    Base Attack Bonus: +1

    GM's Note: Do you want to use the old school saving throws or the simplified saving throws? I'm comfortable with either version.
    Spoiler: Old School
    Old School Saving Throws
    Poison 14
    Breath Weapon 17
    Polymorph 15
    Spell 17
    Magic Item 16

    Spoiler: Simplified
    Simplified Saving Throws
    Fortitude 16
    Will 12 (15-3)
    Reflex 16

    Skills: Alertness +2, Faerie Lore +2
    Languages: Common, Sylvan

    Traits: Furry arms and back and large, pointed ears

    Class Abilities
    • 1st Level: Defensive Fighter (+1 AC)
    • 3rd Level: (open)
    • 6th Level: (open)
    • 9th Level: (open)

    Sense Magic: Being naturally sensitive to the world of magic, Mages may determine if a person, place, or thing is magical. Doing so requires concentration and a few minutes, so mages cannot tell if something is magical simply by being in its presence, and people tend to notice if a mage is staring at them intently and ignoring his food during a meal. The GM may rule that, when in the presence of particularly intense sorcery, the mage notices such immediately.

    Spellcasting: The Fae Foundling may only cast spells.

    Spells: Commanding Word, Sense Nature

    XP: 0
    XP needed for next level: 2,500
    Fortune Points: 3

    Equipment: Dagger (d4 damage), peasantís clothing, longsword (d8 damage), leathers, a loving foster family, belt and 2 pouches, 3 torches, 1 week's iron rations, an engraved silver leaf (a symbol of the wilds) and 10 SP.
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