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    Default The Oath of Oblivion

    Because I don't have anywhere near enough of these, riiiiiiiiiight? Don't worry, Barbarian and Fighter will be getting some loving too. Eventually.

    The Oath of Oblivion

    All things will eventually end. It is a foregone conclusion, and inevitable event. However, there are some beings who resist this end, and who escape or resist their appointed time. Some paladins have taken it upon themselves to act as shepherds and reapers, bringing death to the undying, and an end to those who have taken more than their allotted time. It is a heartless job which attracts only the most devout... Or the most cruel.

    Tenants Those who take the oath of oblivion treat the world and even the afterlife as a temporary thing. Everything is supposed to end, and the paths taken are to be permanent. Everything that would dare to rebel against that natural order, well, it quite simply has to be put down.
    An End is the End If a creature dies or a thing is cast into complete ruin, I will not attempt to restore it. What is done is done.
    An End to All Things Immortal creatures of all kinds are abominations, whether they became so willingly or unwillingly. Whether it is to bring them peace or swift judgement, all beings who would unnaturally extend their lives must be destroyed.
    Hunt the Returned Those who unnaturally resist their death are often hidden from the sight of others. It is my duty to find them and bring about the end they struggle against.
    Be the Judge My oaths have given me the authority to decide when a creature's time has come. Mine is the will of oblivion, and once I have made a decision it is final.

    Oath spells
    Paladin level Oath spells
    3rd Bane, dissonant whispers
    5th Darkness, silence
    9th Bestow curse, dispell magic
    13th Banishment, blight
    17th Antilife shell, destructive wave

    Channel divinity
    At level 3 you gain the following channel divinity options.
    Empowered blows: As a bonus action you wreath your blade in an aura of black energy. For the next minute when you use damage a creature with this weapon, you increase the damage dealt by your charisma modifier. Additionally, your weapon counts as magical for the same duration if it was not already.
    Oblivion scream: As an action, you unleash a horrifying blast of energy to terrify your foes. Creatures within a 30 foot cone of you must make a Wisdom saving throw against your spell save DC or become frightened of you for one minute. You have advantage on Charisma (intimidation) checks against these creatures while they are frightened.
    At level 17, this channel divinity may frighten creatures normally immune to the frightened condition.

    Destroying smite
    At level 7 your ability to tap into the destructive power of your oath makes your smites more difficult to resist. When you use your divine smite class feature, you may deal either radiant or necrotic damage (your choice).

    Aura of vulnerability
    Starting at level 15 enemies are punished for standing near you. Enemies within 10 feet of you have vulnerability to necrotic and radiant damage. If an enemy is normally resistant to either damage type, they lose that resistance instead. Enemies immune to necrotic or radiant damage keep their immunity.
    At level 18, the range of this aura increases to 30 feet.

    At level 20 you reach the pinnacle of your destructive potential, and you may draw a small storm of Oblivion's power to you. For one minute, a cloud of black energy wreaths around your body and discharges energy at a target of your choice.
    As a bonus action each round you may launch a bolt of black lightning as a melee spell attack against a creature within 60 feet of you. On a hit, the creature is dealt 4d10+your charisma bonus necrotic damage. A creature reduced to 0 hit points by this bolt must make a Constitution saving throw against your spell save DC or be instantly slain. Only the spell Wish or a similar ability may restore life to a creature slain in this way.
    After you use this feature, you must complete a long rest to use it again.
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