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Thread: Custom Dice

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    Default Custom Dice

    I found a tech design that would be incredible for myself. Need a lead on a place where they can be made. I'm looking for high quality detail.
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    Default Re: Custom Dice

    How custom are we talking, and in what materials? With a custom shape and an order smaller then a few thousand pieces this is not going to be a job for the usual methods involving a mold. But any material (plastic, metal, wood, stone, marble, bone, ivory, rhino horn, protester bait) can be worked by hand just by removing material from a larger block. And some can be printed these days of course.

    I know of companies likeSandboxr and Hero Forge that print semi-custom plastic figures. They have all the equipment to do a completely custom design, but they'd probably end up being more expensive than finding a company with a 3D printer near you. They are bound to exist, making prototypes for other small businesses and such. For the other materials my advice would be the same, don't look for anyone making custom dice specifically, look for someone producing small runs of objects in the material you want, preferably near you. And yes, it might take some searching, but any company wants to be found, so they can be found.

    It's going to be pricey, but you know, then you do have custom dice.

    If you're just looking for like basically a paint job I'm sure you can find something by just googling custom dice for a while. There are lots of businesses making playing cards and poker chips etc with company logo's printed on them, someone is bound to do dice.

    EDIT: You're probably looking for something like this.
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