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    Default OOTS #G006 - The Discussion Thread

    Issue #6 of Gygax magazine is out. (As it was with issues #1, #2, and #4, I received my PDF copy before my print copy.)

    Issue #6 includes OOTS #G006, "Dinner and a Showdown". The Order of the Stick searches for an adventure hook.

    Here's a link to the thread for OOTS #G005, "Classified Mission". Here's a link to the thread for OOTS #G004, "Economy Size".

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    Default Re: OOTS #G006 - The Discussion Thread

    Nice little shoutout to Origins in the first panel.


    *gets to end*


    Not gonna spoil it, but.....
    Concluded: The Stick Awards II: Second Edition
    Ongoing: OOTS by Page Count
    Coming Soon: OOTS by Final Post Count II: The Post Counts Always Chart Twice
    Coming Later: The Stick Awards III: The Search for More Votes


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    Default Re: OOTS #G006 - The Discussion Thread

    ::tears:: just like Knights of the Dinner Table Gygax OOTS brings back so many gaming table memories. ::blowsnose::

    EDIT: that's funny, that's the first time I realized I don't have a nose.
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