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    Default Shadow of the Occult (Shadowcasters and Occult Adventures)

    I'll provide a more elaborate preface here later, but for now, simply this. Content below relates largely to Peacenlove's Complete Shadow and integrating psychic magic as described in Occult Adventures.

    Witnesses of beings forever one with shadow, traumatized by the experience, there are those that have come to be able to manipulate the darkness itself. Not by any unique training but instead by pure psychic will. Known as shadow witnesses, this breed of shadowcasters are capable of echoing their will and emotions through the surrounding shadows, invoking effects both desired and otherwise.

    -Psychic Shadowcasting: A shadow witness's mysteries and fundamentals are derived from psychic power rather than being pure shadow. As a sort of psychic shadowcaster, a shadow witness's mysteries use emotional components instead of somatic. When a shadow witness would cast a mystery, regardless of what form it takes, it is treated as being psychic in nature and continues to possess emotion components. Additionally, a witness uses Charisma in place of Intelligence for the purpose of determining the highest level mystery they can cast. In addition, regardless of the form the shadow witness's mysteries take, their shadow fluctuates with their emotional aura whenever you cast a mystery. This can be noticed with a DC 15 Perception check. Creatures capable of using the read aura skill unlock gain a +5 bonus to this Perception check. This ability alters fundamentals, as well as mysteries and paths. A shadow witness does not gain Discreet Casting.

    -Panicked Mysteries (Su): When a shadow witness would come under the effect of a non-harmless effect with the fear descriptor, something that would normally block them from casting spells and mysteries with the emotion component, roll a d%. On a result greater than 50, they reflexively cast a single mystery. This mystery is a random non-harmless mystery that the shadow witness knows and has remaining uses of, is cast as a swift action, and has a chance of hitting a target other than their intended target. This percent chance is equal to 50, minus 5 for every odd numbered level after first. This does not mean they may otherwise cast mysteries when they would be inhibited from casting spells of the emotion descriptor.

    -Psychic Feats: Along with the list of feats a shadowcaster can normally select when they acquire a bonus feat, a shadow witness may select any feat that has the ability to select psychic spells. A shadow witness must still otherwise meet the prerequisites for the feat. This alters the Bonus Feats.

    -Shadow Over The Occult: Starting at 4th level, you gain a +2 bonus to all skill checks when utilizing an occult skill unlock for every metashadow feat you have selected or will select in the future. These bonuses stack. This ability replaces shadow over body.


    Logical Mystery (Metashadow)
    You can eschew emotional components by exercising logic when casting your mysteries.
    -Benefit: A logical mystery can be cast with no emotion components. In order to cast logical mysteries, you must possess an Intelligence score equal to 10 + the level of the mystery. Because mysteries typically do not possess emotion components, this feat is useful only with mysteries cast by shadow witnesses.
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