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    Default Looking for experienced homebrewers to critique content!

    Hiya everyone!

    I made a post about /r/boh5e and /r/voteboh5e a while back, but I'm making a new one to search out for any homebrewers out there who's experienced and skilled in analyzing content and approving it for a community to view. If you don't know what it is, the subreddits is essentially an attempt for me to take as much awesome, balanced, fun content, approved by both the community AND a team of critics, and gather it all in one place. Content creators upload links/text to /r/voteboh5e, and popular content by the community will be moved over to /r/boh5e, where the critics will review them!

    As a critic on /r/boh5e, you'll receive the following:
    - Permission to comment, critique, and score content on the /r/boh5e subreddit (regular users cannot)
    - An additional "upvote" or "downvote". Whenever you comment "+1" on a post in the /r/voteboh5e subreddit, the post will be counted as an additional upvote, essentially increasing your upvote potential to 2 instead of just 1. On the other hand, whenever you comment a "-1" on a post, the post will be counted as an additional downvote as well.
    - A fancy flair and title on the /r/boh5e and /r/voteboh5e, which you can use for bragging rights

    If you're interested, post below with your experience and any homebrews you made (links are awesome!) or shoot me a PM over at /u/Toothless_Night_Fury. Note the change: being a critic DOES NOT mean being a moderator. I will be seeking out mods in the future though.

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