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    Default [Empyreal Lord] The Smiling Flagellant

    The Smiling Flagellant
    Alignment Lawful Good
    Areas of Concern Pain, Repentance, Self-Transformation
    Domains Darkness, Destruction, Good, Law
    Subdomains Archon, Redemption, Torture
    Favored Weapon Whip
    Symbol A wing sprouting from the side of a whip
    Over the course of an hour, you must whip or beat yourself while in reflection. If this is done in punishment, you must reflection upon the evils you have witnessed and committed, if any. If this is done in reward, you must reflect instead upon the good deeds you have committed and those you intend to commit in the future. Gain a +2 sacred bonus on saving throws against spells that deal hit point damage.

    Boons- Celestial Obedience
    1: Secrets of the Flesh (Sp) Deathwatch 3/day, Skinsend 2/day, or Monstrous Extremities 1/day.
    2: Closing Wounds (Su) With each wound you've inflicted upon yourself, you have grown closer to Liv-Or in both what he was and what he has become. You gain regeneration 2. You can choose to inhibit and reactivate you're regeneration as a free action. If you are ever rendered unconscious, your regeneration will start to function again if you choose to inhibit it. This regeneration is overcome by silver, evil weapons, and evil spells.
    3: Aspect of the Smiling Flagellant (Sp) For your devotion you have been rewarded. Once per day, a pair of feathered wings can sprout from the marks left upon your back from practicing your obedience with which to fly. Your form takes on an angelic, if strange, appearance. This functions as Greater Angelic Aspect except the DR gained is DR 10/evil and silver.

    Liv-Or (Pronounced LIVE-ore), is an empyreal lord known as the Smiling Flagellant. His portfolio includes repentance, pain, and self transformation. While this typically manifests as his followers inflicting pain upon themselves in repentance and seeking to better themselves, he has more than a few followers that delight in pain, and he gladly sponsors those of malevolence who wish to change their ways. His symbol is a feathered wing extending from the side of a whip. Holy symbols to the smiling flagellant typically are a wing hanging from a length of cord worn around one's neck.

    Liv-Or appears as a tall figure adorned in concealing robes, the back of which is largely missing, destroyed through countless acts of self-flagellation. What skin is visible, that of his back and the bottom half of his face, is covered entirely in scars, the skin otherwise pale, bruised, and his back is often bloodied. A pair of great feathered wings extend at strange angles from his back. In spite of the scars he bares, one could say there is a beauty in it. True to his title, a serene smile often accompanies him and is reflected in iconography of him.

    Hidden from no one, Liv-Or began not in the higher planes but on the Shadow Plane. A kyton once, like any other, he delighted in inflicting agony upon mortals. There was a beauty in the manipulation of flesh, the crimson hues that came of his work, and the screams that came before and followed. It was this act that defined him, and yet it was this act that started him towards salvation. A single mortal gazed upon him as he tortured them past the point of no return, their parting words not being of terror, of hatred, or even fear, but of gratitude. Through this, he learned that perhaps there was another path to attaining a greater state of existence, of awareness. What was once done to others selfishly to cleave flesh from bone and delight in the agony that came of it eventually turned to rip the sins and the guilt from those that have strayed and to reward those that delighted in pain and he believed deserved their reward.

    Church of Liv-Or
    Devotees of the Smiling Flagellant are taught that all can be redeemed no matter how vile they may be, and that pain is not only a natural part of life but something to be embraced. That through that pain one can purify their soul and journey towards perfection. Because of this belief and the practices that come with it, Liv-Or has drawn more than a few good-aligned masochists into his service. While many of his followers are skilled in inflicting pain, they will often refuse to use this skill to inflict pain upon those who are not willing to receive this gift, something reserved only for those who wish to become something more and are willing to accept the pain it requires.
    Followers Liv-Or are typically humble individuals, bearing their wounds and are thankful for the pain that life brings to them. Where the casual worshipper may simply offer prayers and take the pain that comes naturally in life as penance, more devoted followers tend to inflict upon themselves pain and celebrate this, wishing to transform themselves and cleave away the evils they and others have committed from themselves. As such, whips, cat-o'-nine-tails, and rods are commonly owned and utilized by his followers. Mortification, a practice that may occasionally occur in mystery cults to other empyreal lords, is common among Liv-Or's devoted.

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