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    confused Strange Rules Question. Please help?

    Okay. Strange situation. Literally, it stopped our game cold, and until the question is answered, both me and my opponent refuse to agree.

    I am Belkar. Haley is three rooms away, as such:

    [B][ ][ ][H]

    I declare that I am leaping attacking Haley with my Twin Daggers of Doom. (I have three leap attacks, so she's just in range.) As we're discussing combat bonuses, Roy party leader Vetos one of my leaping attacks. My shtick no longer has enough range to reach the target. Argument ensues. I pointed out that in the FAQ that he can't use his party leader veto, so Elan DUN DUN DUNs me instead. End result is the same, and Argument Resumes.

    So, what happens?

    Roy, of course, is arguing for heavy punition. He says that because I no longer have the range, I can't use that shtick in combat. However, I had already selected it, so I can't go back and select my, say, verbal abuse shtick instead, because Elan waited until after phase one, (select your shtick) shtick, to do so. Thus, I must fight without a shtick, attacking for zero against Haley's longbow, likely getting hit, and staying in my room.

    I think that if my leaping attack shtick is flipped, it's too late to cancel the attack. I attack Haley (Because the attack has already been declared) but only get a +2 bonus to my attack (because I only had two unflipped copies of leaping attack by the time I got there.) I attack for one less than I meant to, but I still attack, and move into the room when I'm done.

    Other possibilities for the outcome of the battle could include:

    - Too little too late. No change in combat.
    - Now that I lack range to attack, I can't use that shtick. I switch to verbal abuse instead.
    - Now that I don't have range, my attack is illegal, and therefore canceled. My turn ends as I sit in a Belkar sulk.
    - Now that I don't have range, my attack is illegal, and therefore canceled. Instead, I use my turn to use my range 2 leaping attack to hit Elan, instead. The little weasel.

    Of course, if the ruling is in my favor, Elan will then simply say "Never mind. I'll flip your twin daggers of doom instead." If he does, I'm faced with the same situation. I can't attack like I intended to.

    Of course, we being highly argumentative people, I'd like to hear what the Ape or Giant Says about our situation, but I'm not sure how active they are on these forums.

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    Default Re: Strange Rules Question. Please help?

    Ah, my mistake. I didn't see the "Rules Questions" thread. I've re-posted my question there.

    Mods? If you see this thread, I wouldn't mind it being deleted.

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    Default Re: Strange Rules Question. Please help?

    I don't think we are allowed to post answers in the thread up there, so here is an unofficial answer:

    Dun Dun Dun - can only be used when a player is battling. This means your already attacking, it just denies you some bonus. Because of this, your attack goes through, just without the boost.

    Since he has already played it. He cannot change targets.

    Hope this helps.

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