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Thread: Mechonomicon

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    Default Mechonomicon

    as originally posted on the WOTC boards by snizor on Jan 13, 2008


    The purpose of this thread is similar to that of my previous thread, Collection of Necromatic Oddities http://brilliantgameologists.com/boa...hp?topic=181.0. However, this one is dedicated to the various mechanical monstrosities and quirky gizmos that can be created with the Craft Construct feat (MM 303).

    •Required level _ Name (book page)
    •Skill Checks: Unless stated otherwise, you must make either of these (crafting) checks, not both Any other requirements, like a big gem
    •Spells needed in the creation process
    •Cost in gp, cost in xp (these are creation costs, not buying cost)

    Note that the 3.5 Update Document significantly altered the price of FF and MM2 constructs.

    Spoiler: Low Level Constructs (1-7)

    01 Arbalester (MoE 152)
    DC14 Sculpting/Carpentry
    arcane eye, mending
    1250gp 93xp
    Comments: Basically a self-firing light crossbow (can be enhanced as such). Won't be that good at mid/high levels due to: lack of Attack bonus, HPs, and the damage they deal their creator when destroyed.

    01 Dedicated Wright (ECS 285)
    DC14 Pottery
    arcane Eye, fabricate
    2100gp 160xp
    Comments: Crafts magic items for you while you go dungeon-delving. Useful for when your DM doesn't give unlimited downtime for item crafting.

    01 Expiditious Messenger (ECS 285)
    DC16 Sculpting
    arcane eye, sending
    1650gp 126xp
    Comments: See Homunculus, but with better mobility

    01 Furtive Filcher (ECS 286)
    DC12 Sculpting/Pottery
    arcane eye, shadow conjuration
    1550gp 118xp

    01 Necrophidius (FF 126)
    DC13 Sculpting
    Sor/wiz: geas/quest, hold person, hypnotism, Mordenkainen's faithful hound
    Cle: animate objects, command, geas/quest, hold person
    2000gp 100XP
    Comments: These have rules for creating advanced versions of them; however, the Advancement Entry in the stat block caps out at 6 HD (making there usefulness peter out). Until then though, it's a decent combatant with Sneak Attack and a Paralyzing bite.

    01 Packmate (MoE 152)
    DC14 Sculpting
    arcane lock, arcane eye, mending
    1260gp 93xp
    Comments: Cute, but is too easily destroyed for something that's basically a walking backpack.

    01 Persistent Harrier (MoE 153)
    DC14 Sculpting
    arcane eye, mending
    1250gp 93xp
    Comments: I'm not a fan of Homunculii being in the middle of combat. It's +3 Melee att. bonus won't get you very far.

    04 Clockroach (MM4 28)
    DC14 Metalworking
    Arcane eye, Melf’s acid arrow, message
    1075gp 80xp
    Comments: Too weak to be used in combat. The 1/5 round acid breath weapon is its only notable feature (can be useful for Out-of-combat purposes). Artificers can treat it as a Homunculus

    04 Clockwork Steed (MM4 32)
    DC18 Blacksmithing
    animate objects, mount
    1150gp 80xp
    Comments: Interesting mount choice. Can be upgraded with bonus feats (limited choices) for a relatively low price after its created. Can't be advanced by HD though.

    04 Homunculus (MM1 154)
    DC12 Sculpting/Pottery
    arcane eye, mirror image, mending
    1050gp 78xp

    I like homunculi. Advance them to max HD and hand-pick their skills&feats to make UMD-using turrets.
    (9 ranks, skill focus and that +2/+2 skill, -1 Cha for 13 ranks. Add a masterwork tool(~300gp) and a +5 magic skill booster and you're there. Total cost under 13 K or so, for an autonomous magic-using flying mind-linked bot. )

    04 Iron Defender (ECS 287)
    DC14 Metalworking
    arcane eye, keen edge, mirror image, mending
    1250gp 93xp

    05 Alchemy Beetle (SoX 74)
    DC15 Blacksmithing and Glassblowing
    4000gp 240xp
    Comments: Not that good. The creation guidelines fail to mention the cost of advancing this construct (despite the advancement entry for this monster), so you're stuck with the weakling version.

    05 Clockwork Mender (MM4 30)
    DC15 Blacksmithing
    mending, repair light damage
    1250gp 68xp
    Comments: Too bad you can't craft the swarm version of this creature, which could serve as an out-of-combat repair unit for your other constructs. This version only gives 1d8 points of healing per day.

    07 Crawling Claws (LEoF 163)
    animate dead, cat’s grace, lesser geas
    9250gp 710xp
    Comments: Well, it's a swarm, but it's a size category too large to be immune to slashing/piercing weapons. Has Blindsight (which can be useful) but will probably die fast.

    07 Fang Golem (MM4 72)
    DC15 Sculpting or Weaving
    greater magic fang, reincarnate, spike stones
    8000gp 580xp
    Comments: Decent stats, Att. bonus, etc. Pretty usable when you can make them.

    07 Umbral Spy (The Forge of War 155)
    DC15 Alchemy and Spellcraft
    shadow conjuration, speak with dead
    11000gp 840xp
    Comments: An intelligent incorporeal construct with telepathy (yay Mindsight feat), hide in plain sight, and whose attack deals wisdom damage. Very good choice, made better by the fact that it does list a cost to advance.

    Spoiler: Mid-Level Constructs (8-15)

    08 Brass Steed (HoB 153)
    DC12 Armorsmithing/weaponsmithing
    animate objects, bull’s strength, flame arrow, geas/quest, haste
    10000gp 720xp
    Comments: A decent mount at the level you get it. However, it doesn't list the cost to advance (despite having an advancement entry in its stat block) so it is less useful after a few levels.

    08 Flesh Golem (MM1 135)
    DC13 Leatherworking/Heal
    Creator must supply 6 different bodies
    animate dead, bull’s strength, geas/quest, limited wish
    10500go 780xp
    Comments: Stats aren't horrible, but it will occasionally try to kill you, which is not cool at all.

    08 Serpentflesh Golem (SK 82)
    DC13 Leatherworking/Heal
    animate dead, bull's strengh, geas/quest, limited wish
    10,500gp 780XP
    Comments: Nice, you can pay to attach more arms to it and it doesn't try to kill you.

    09 Magmacore Golem (MM5 70)
    DC10 Sculpting
    animate objects, commune, lesser planar binding
    19650gp 1400xp
    Comments: It just doesn't have the combat stats to really do what it was designed to do(worse overall than the Flesh Golem though with Fire/Electicity immunity).

    09 Shardsoul Slayer (MM5 149)
    DC15 Armorsmithing
    animate objects, lesser planar binding, shatter
    41000gp 2800xp (creates 3)
    Comments: Seeing as Wizards forgot to include the costs for creating higher HD versions of this, it really isn't that good. The cost per construct is actually pretty reasonable, but the lack of scaling means that they will be outmatched in combat.

    10 Caryatid Column (FF 30)
    DC15 Sculpting/Stonemasonry
    Creator must be able to cast arcane or divine spells
    Requires a magic weapon, usually a +2 bastard sword (8335gp)
    lesser geas, meld into stone, statue, stone shape
    19535gp 419xp
    Comments: Lack of HD advancement=bad. Destroying treasure=bad. This creature=bad.

    10 Ice Golem (Frostburn 137)
    DC15 Sculpting
    Ice shape, wall of ice, and animate snow and ice or cone of cold
    32000gp 2320xp
    Comments: Has Improved Grab, but is rather costly compared to other options. Probably not the best use of your money.

    11 Clay Golem (MM1 134)
    DC15 Sculpting/Heal
    animate objects, commune, resurrection
    21500gp 1540xp
    Comments: Magic items that eventually turn renegade and try to kill you tend not to be very good.

    11 Gloom Golem (MM3 68)
    DC21 Sculpting AND DC21 Knowledge (the planes)
    Creator must be evil
    crushing despair, limited wish, planar binding, polymorph any object
    25000gp 1200xp
    Comments: Stats aren't anything special and the Crushing Despair ability will affect you and your allies as well. Not very good.

    11 Grave Dirt Golem (LM 105)
    DC15 Sculpting
    animate objects, commune, resurrection
    18250gp 1400xp
    Comments: Once again, stuff that eventually betrays you is a waste of money.

    11 Incarnum Golem (MoI 179)
    DC15 Sculpting
    Ability to shape a soulmeld, animate object, limited wish, planar binding
    27500go 1600xp

    12 Adamantine Spider (DotU 106)
    DC18 Metalworking
    animate objects, descern location
    5450gp 436xp
    Comments: Cheap, but wont do much good at lvl 12.

    12 Arcane Ballista (The Forge of War 149)
    DC18 Waponsmithing
    Craft Magic Arms and Armors
    flame blade, flame strike or fireball
    37000gp 2960xp

    12 Cadaver Golem (HoH 149)
    DC16 Leatherworking/heal
    bull’s strength, create undead, geas/quest, limited wish
    15750gp 1170xp

    12 Force Golem (MM5 68)
    DC20 Armorsmithing
    animate objects, contact other plane, lesser planar binding
    29,250gp 2000xp
    Comments: It terms of stats, this is inferior to the Flesh Golem. The pulse ability is interesting and it is immune to a larger set of spells but I wouldn't spend my money on this.

    12 Iron Cobra (FF 103)
    DC20 Armorsmithing/Weaponsmithing
    Creator must be able to cast both arcane and divine spells
    animate object, freemdom of movement, geas/quest, locate creature
    2500gp 80xp
    Comments: Similar to the Adamantine Spider; cheap, but utterly ineffective in combat at the level you can make them. The Locate Creature effect might be useful though

    13 Dragonbone Golem (Draco 164)
    DC20 Heal
    animate dead, cause fear, geas/quest
    60000gp 4400xp
    Comments: .

    13 Shredstorm (MM3 153)
    DC25 Weaponsmithing
    fly, geas/quest, greater magic weapon, lightning bolt, limited wish
    50000gp 2800xp
    Comments: A construct swarm with immunity ti weapon damage due to its size. Can be very useful, though lack of HD advancement and swarm vulnerabilities means that certain enemies will absolutely demolish this useful creature

    14 Alchemical Golem (MM3 66)
    DC20 Alchemy
    geas/quest, limited wish, poison, polymorph any object
    36000gp 2720xp
    Comments: Dear Wizards of the Coast, Please stop printing constructs that try to kill their owners.

    14 Blood Golem of Hextor (FF 85)
    DC15 Heal
    able to cast divine spells, Sacrificial victims
    animate objects, bull's strength, gentle repose, heal
    17,280gp 809XP
    Comments: To-hit bonus is low, but the other aspects of this golem are pretty good for the cost.

    14 Greater Stone Golem (MM1 137)
    DC17 Sculpting/Stonemasonry
    antimagic field, geas/quest, symbol of stunning
    105000gp 7640xp
    Comments: An advanced version of the Stone Golem, nothing more.

    14 Mud Golem (MM3 70)
    DC15 Pottery/Sculpting
    geas/quest, limited wish, polymorph any object, transmute rock to mud
    33000gp 2560xp
    Comments: Interesting breath weapon, but otherwise doesn't really stand out.

    14 Stone Golem (MM1 137)
    DC17 Sculpting/Stonemasonry
    antimagic field, geas/quest, slow, symbol of stunning
    50000gp 3400xp

    14 Tombstone Golem (LM 105)
    Same as Stone Golem
    same as Stone Golem (but replace Slow with Slay Living)
    70000gp 5200XP
    Comments: Same as the Stone Golem except it replaces the Slow effect with a Slay Living effect. If the save DC weren't so low, I'd really like this option.

    14 Web Golem (MM3 74)
    DC20 Weaving/Profession (silkmaker)
    geas/quest, limited wish, poison, polymorph any object, spider climb, web
    33000gp 2560xp
    Comments: The Adhesive ability is interesting; however, the base version only has 11HD, making it rather fragile to be put on the front lines.

    15 Dread Guard (MM2 87)
    DC25 Armorsmithing
    Creator must be able to cast arcane spells and supply a martial weapon
    fabricate, geas/quest, polymorph any object
    40000gp 800xp
    Comments: Worthless in 15th lvl combat and way too expensive

    15 Helmed Horror (LEoF 175)
    air walk or fly, limited wish, spell turning
    39150gp xp cost not listed
    Comments: A very good choice. Air Walks, is intelligent (and get skills/feats as appropriate), can see invisible, and has a few, creator-selected, spell immunities. Also wears +3 Full-Plate.

    15 Silvereye Marauder (FN 156)
    DC20 Armorsmithing/Blacksmithing
    Creator must be a Silver Pyromancer lvl 2 (FN 150)
    limited wish, major creation, permanency
    65000gp 4600xp
    Comments: Is intelligent and has pounce and improved grab. Customize its feats and this could be a decent charger. The to-hit mod is a bit low though.

    15 Shield Guardian (MM1 223)
    DC16 Blacksmithing/Carpentry
    limited wish, discern location, shield, shield other
    65000gp 4600xp
    Comments: Fills the role of bodyguard adequately with Shield Other + Fast Healing.

    Spoiler: High-Level Constructs (16-20)

    16 Brass Golem (MM2 117)
    DC25 Armorsmithing AND DC25 Weaponsmithing
    Creator must be able to cast arcane spells
    geas/quest, limited wish, maze, Mordenkainen’s sword, polymorph any object
    33820gp 2247xp
    Comments: The 3.5 Update document makes the price very low, considering that the +3 wounding weapon it comes makes up about 25,000gp of the creation cost. The body is pretty good for the price tag, being superior to the higher costed Flesh Golem.

    16 Bronze Serpent (MM2 40)
    DC25 Armorsmithing/Weaponsmithing
    Creator must be able to cast arcane spells
    geas/quest, limited wish, polymorph any object, shocking grasp
    46500gp 3540xp

    16 Diamond Golem (MC 53)
    DC16 Gemworking/Heal
    Creator must be able to cast arcane spells
    Requires a 10000gp ruby
    limited wish, sunbeam, polymorph any object, stone shape, dispel magic
    67000gp 1500xp

    16 Dragonflesh Golem (MM2 117)
    DC25 Knowledge (nature) AND DC25 Heal
    Creator must be able to cast arcane spells
    geas/quest, limited wish, polymorph any object
    92500gp 6800xp

    16 Drakestone Golem (Draco 164)
    DC25 Sculpting/masonry
    animate objects, antimagic field, flesh to stone, geas/quest
    95000gp 6400xp

    16 Hangman Golem (MM3 69)
    DC20 Weaving (5 or more ranks in Use Rope gives a +2 bonus)
    animate rope, geas/quest, limited wish, polymorph any object
    72625gp 5710xp
    Comments: Meant to be a grapple-bot (Constrict, Improved Grab, Strangle), but has a rather low grapple mod (+25). Having Immunity to Magic (immunity to most buff spells) means that this problem is harder to fix.

    16 Iron Golem (MM1 136)
    DC20 Armorsmithing/Weaponsmithing
    cloudkill, geas/quest, limited wish, polymorph any object
    80000gp 5600xp

    16 Jade Spider (CotSQ 121)
    DC 17 Sculpting/Masonry
    able to cast arcane spells, geas/quest, limited wish, polymorph any object, flesh to stone, bestow curse, forcecage
    80,000gp 1,600XP

    16 Ruby Golem (MC 53)
    DC15 Gemworking/Heal
    Creator must be able to cast arcane spells
    Requires a 10000gp ruby
    limited wish, move earth, polymorph any object, stone shape
    57000gp 1500xp

    16 Runic Guardian (MM2 182)
    DC20 Profession(engineer)/Sculpting AND DC15 Metalworking
    “limited wish, discern location, shield, shield other” + Spells that construct is imbued with
    97500gp 6600xp
    The lab where the Runic Guardian is awakened, costs 2000gp to establish, instead of the normal 500gp
    Note: The description lists neither spells nor xp cost, so I’ve taken the spells from Shield Guardian (MM1 223) as it says the processes are nearly identical.
    Comments: A Suped-up Shield Guardian with a better version of Shield other (soaks up 75% of the damage) and has a few, creator-chosen, SLAs. Stunning Strike isn't bad, thought the Guardians to-hit (+18) is a bit low.

    16 Slaughterstone Eviscerator (MM3 160)
    DC20 Sculpting/Stonemasonry
    Creator must supply 4 large +2 adamantine greatswords
    keen edge, geas/quest, haste, stoneskin
    67500gp 4800xp
    Comments: Notable for being able to move 15ft and still make a full-attack.

    16 Spiderstone Golem (CotSQ 120)
    DC 17 Sculpting/Masonry
    able to cast divine spells and have access to the Drow domain, geas/quest, limited wish, polymorph any object, spider climb, freedom of movement
    80,000gp 1,600XP
    Comments: Things that eventually turn on their creators (Berserk quality) tend to be poor purchases.

    16 Stained Glass Golem (MM2 116)
    DC25 Glassmaking
    Creator must be able to cast arcane spells
    geas/quest, limited wish, polymorph any object
    15000gp 1080xp

    16 Wicker Man (FF 188)
    DC15 Alchemy AND DC17 Woodworking
    Creator must be able to cast divine spells
    entangle, liveoak, protection from energy
    48000gp 1080xp
    Comments: For a creature intended to function as a big stupid fighter, this creature has pretty aweful stats.

    17 Emerald Golem (MC 53)
    DC15 Gemworking/Heal
    Creator must be able to cast arcane spells
    Requires a 10000gp ruby
    dimensional anchor, polymorph any object, stone shape, teleportation circle
    62000gp 1500xp

    17 Prismatic Golem (MM3 71)
    DC22 Sculpting AND DC22 Knowledge (the planes)
    Creator must be good
    greater planar binding, polymorph any object, prismatic sphere, wish
    150000gp 8000xp
    Comments: An Incorporeal construct. Has some formidable defenses, but has a rather weak offense. Being incorporeal can auto-win some fights, but I'm not sure that it is worth the hefty price-tag.

    17 Shadesteel Golem (MM3 72)
    DC30 Armorsmithing
    energy drain, geas/quest, limited wish, polymorph any object, shades
    70000gp 4800xp
    Comments: This is for any necromancers who don't rely on rebuking to control their undead.

    18 Battle Horror (LEoF 176)
    air walk or fly, blink, dimension door, limited wish, magic missile, spell turning
    76650gp xp cost not listed
    Comments: As Helmed Horror, except with 20hd, +5 Full-Plate, and a few SLAs (Magic Missle, Blink, and Dimension Door)

    18 Demonflesh Golem (FF 88)
    DC 15 Heal and DC 20 Know: the planes
    access to demon bodies/fiendish grafts. Graft Flesh feat, able to cast both arcane and divine spells
    darkness, destruction, geas/quest, horrid wilting, planar binding, poison, unholy aura, unholy blight
    101,000gp 7,96XP
    Comments: Good DR, energy resistances, and natural armor. Is intelligent (and has feats), has a few decent SLAs. It's Claw graft would go well with a charger build.

    18 Hellfire Golem (FF 88)
    DC 20 Sculpting
    Able to cast both arcane and divine spells
    burning, hands, fireball, flamestrike, flare, geas/quest, planar ally, produce flame
    101,000gp 7840XP
    Comments: Intelligent, but is outdone by the Demonflesh Golem. The SLAs this has are pretty bad due to the low save DCs.

    18 Ironwyrm Golem (Draco 165)
    DC30 Armorsmithing/weaponsmithing
    animate objects, antimagic field, geas/quest, incendiary cloud, limited wish
    125000gp 8000xp

    18 Juggernaut (MM2 132)
    DC18 Sculpting/Profession (mason)
    Creator must be able to cast arcane spells
    bull’s strength, geas/quest, limited wish, polymorph any object, forcecage, grease, hold monster, magic missile, slow, wall of force, web
    75000gp 5400xp
    Comments: Wall of Force and Forcecage at will. Need I say more?

    18 Nimblewright (MM2 162)
    DC16 Sculpting/Profession (mason)
    Creator must be able to cast arcane spells
    geas/quest, haste, limited wish, polymorph any object
    18500gp 580xp

    18 Scouring Slinger (MM5 144)
    creeping doom, shambler
    58500gp 3000xp

    18 Scouring Stanchion (MM5 145)
    DC25 Woodworking
    creeping doom, animate plants
    52,200gp 3000xp
    Comments: Wow... just wow. AC 38, 325 HP (30 HD), +32 to-hit, uses Cha for bonus HP/HD, SR 27 (not too shabby against NPCs). This creature also can be advanced for only 500gp/HD. Very impressive as a high-level combat machine.

    18 Slaughterstone Behemoth (MM3 159)
    DC25 Sculpting/Stonemasonry
    geas/quest, sound burst, stoneskin
    90000gp 6400xp

    19 Grisgol (MM3 76)
    DC25 Bookbinding
    Creator must capture and supply a lich’s phylactery. He must destroy the lich, and finalize the Grisgol before the lich returns.
    See description for extra costs.
    control undead, geas/quest, illusory script, insanity, limited wish, mending, polymorph any object, plus all spells to be included in the Grisgol, see desc.
    110000gp 8000xp
    Comments: NOT for melee combat, despite some of the lich-esque touch abilities. The selectable SLAs (one per spell level. Each usable 1/day) are really the only reason to make this, and the added cost to create for giving it spells with expensive material components/XP makes even that hard to really abuse.

    20 Blackstone Gigant (FF 21)
    DC25 Sculpting/Stonemasonry
    Creator must be able to cast divine spells
    animate objects, flesh to stone, geas/quest, miracle
    105,000gp, 7800xp
    Comments: Nice attack routine (4 Slams with +38 to-hit, each with a flesh to stone effect), is intelligent, good movement modes (fly, climb, and land), and has a decent AC (+27 Natural Armor). A bit late in the game, but decent in its own right.
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    Spoiler: Templated Constructs (Various Levels)

    Effigy Creature (CA 151)
    DC15 Woodworking/Leatherworking/Metalworking/Know: Architecture and Engineering.
    CL must be greater than or equal to HD of Effigy.
    No specified spells
    Cost of body (varies)+1,000gp per HD, 80XP per HD.
    Comments: The fact that this is a template gives you a large amount of versatility when it comes to making them. Even ignoring the template-stacking shenanigans of Mr. Roboto, this template is a very solid way to craft constructs.

    Elder Eidolon (LoM 146)
    Dc25 Sculpting/Sonemasonry
    minimum CL equal to HD
    no specified spells
    Cost of Body (Varioes)+3,000gp per HD, 240XP per HD
    Comments: Similar to the Effigy template. Is a stronger template, but costs 3 times as much (not counting the body cost, which is identical) as the Effigy. Extra benefits include: Immunity to Magic, Fast Repair (healing), and a Deflection bonus to AC.

    Topiary Guardian (MM3 175)
    DC 25 Gardening/Sculpting/Profession: gardener
    Creater must be at least 13 lvl.
    awaken, geas/quest, limited wish
    Cost by size:
    Medium-10,800gp 800XP
    Large-32,400gp 2,400XP
    Huge-62,100gp 4,600XP
    Comments: SHRUBBERIES!

    11 Sacred Guardian (Bestiary of Krynn 91)
    DC15 Sculpting and DC 20 Knowledge (Religion).
    Creator must be a cleric with access to tha domain the sacred guardian will be dedicated to.
    animate objects, commune
    +500gp per size category, +80xp per size category.
    Comments: This makes your construct intelligent (which is a VERY good thing) and some other nice benefits (Fast Healing) on the side. Many DMs probably won't allow it due to where it's from; however, if your DM does allow this template, then by all means USE it

    Spoiler: Epic-Level Constructs (21+)

    25 Hellfire Engine (FC2 119)
    DC20 Amorsmithing/weaponsmithing
    hellfire storm, geas/quest, limited wish, polymorph any object, Lawful Evil alignment
    200000gp 9600xp

    25 Mithril Golem (Epic SRD)
    DC30 Armorsmithing/weaponsmithing
    Craft Epic Magic Arms and Armor, ability to cast arcane spells, geas/quest, haste, wish
    250000gp 5000xp

    25 Stone Collosus (Epic SRD)
    DC37 Sculpting/masonry
    Ability to cast epic spells, geas/quest, limited wish, polymorph any object, shatter
    760000gp 30600xp

    29 Flesh Collosus (Epic SRD)
    Ability to cast epic spells, magic jar, limited wish, polymorph any object, finger of death
    760000gp 30600xp

    30 Adamantine Golem (Epic SRD)
    DC40 Armorsmithing/weaponsmithing
    Craft Epic Magic Arms and Armor, able to cast arcane spells, crushing hand, geas/quest, wish
    500000gp 10000xp

    35 Iron Collosus (Epic SRD)
    DC42 Armorsmithing/weaponsmithing
    Ability to cast epic spells, cloudkill, geas/quest, limited wish, polymorph any object
    1000000gp 50000xp

    Spoiler: Other Gizmos

    All of these come from the Clockwork Wonders series of web-articles.

    Spider Thief
    CL 3; Craft Construct, mage hand, spider climb; Price 750 gp; Cost 375 gp + 30 XP.

    Crawling Shield:
    CL 9th; Craft Construct; Price 9,000 gp; Cost 4,500 gp + 360 XP.

    Universal Key:
    CL: 5th; Craft Construct, knock, heat metal; Price 2,400 gp; Cost 1,200 gp + 96 XP.
    Comments: Very nice. Not only does it do the job that you would expect it to do (removes the hinges/latches/etc. off a door), but also has plenty of other innovative uses.

    Cyran Gliding Boots:
    CL 2nd; Craft Construct, Craft (leatherworking or shoemaking), longstrider; Price 14,000 gp; Cost 7,000 gp + 560 XP.

    Razordisc Nightmare:
    CL 3rd; Craft Construct, darkvision, see invisibility; Price gp base device + 12,000 per spell; Cost 1/2 base device + 6,000 gp per spell + 480 XP per spell.

    Brass Book:
    CL 13th; Craft Construct, comprehend languages, legend lore; Price 43,500 gp; Cost 21,750 gp + 1,740 XP.

    Spellsong Nightingale:
    CL 12th; Craft Construct, Scribe Scroll, Craft (metalworking), fly, imbue with spell ability; Price 26,250 gp; Cost 13,125 gp + 1,050 XP.

    Xen’drik Flying Boat:
    CL 15th; Craft Construct, Craft Magical Arms and Armor, fly, permanency; Price 80,000 gp; Cost 40,000 gp + 3,200 XP

    Clockwork Armor:
    CL 11th; Craft Construct, Craft Magical Arms and Armor; Price 27,250 gp; Cost 18,625 gp + 690 XP.

    Sorting Beast:
    Faint divination; CL 10th; Craft Construct, Craft Wondrous Item, detect magic, identify; Price 20,000; Cost 10,000 gp + 800 XP.

    Moving Tower:
    Faint transmutation; CL 10th; Craft Construct, Craft (blacksmithing) DC 20, stoneskin, feather fall, gust of wind; Price 100,000 gp; Cost 50,000 gp + 4,000 XP.

    Spell Clock:
    Moderate evocation; CL 14th; Craft Construct, Craft Wondrous Item, contingency, imbue with spell ability, permanency; Price 130,000; Cost 65,000 gp + 5,200 XP.

    Faint transmutation; CL 9th; Craft Construct, Scribe Scroll, read magic, secret page, arcane mark, amanuensis; Price 55,000; Cost 27,500 gp + 2,200 XP.

    Spoiler: Other Useful Info and Advice

    Artificer Infusions: Here’s a list of infusions that are are useful for non-warforged constructs. Unless otherwise noted, these infusions come from the Eberron Campaign Setting. Level is in ()
    (An * means that it doesn’t bypass a Golems Immunity to Magic)

    Concurrent Infusions (MoE, 4)
    Construct Energy Ward, all versions* (3/4)
    Disable Construct* (6)
    Hardening* (6)
    Inflict X Damage* (1/2/3/4)
    Iron Construct* (4)
    Reinforce Construct (MoE, 2)
    Repair X Damage (1/2/3/4)
    Spell Storing Item (1)
    Stone Construct* (3)
    Total Repair* (6)
    Toughen Construct* (2)

    Spoiler: Feats for Intelligent Constructs

    Melee (Charger): Pretty Self-Explanatory. Recklessly charge at your opponent using Shocktrooper and Leap Attack for major bonus damage. A THW would be best for this combat style (which THW will probably depend on which construct you use because constructs are only proficient in the weapon(s) mentioned in their entry).

    Power Attack
    Improved Bull Rush
    Leap Attack (CAdv) Might be hard to qualify for due to skill requisites
    Shocktrooper (CW)

    Melee (Lockdown AoO): Uses Stand Still, Combat Reflexes, and Thicket of Blades to keep enemy from reaching the party. A Skillful (CA, provides proficiency in the weapon) Spiked Chain would be a useful weapon for this type of combat.

    Combat Reflexes
    Stand Still (ExPsiH and SRD)
    Power Attack
    Martial Study: (Devoted Spirit Maneuver) (ToB)
    Martial Stance: Thicket of Blades (ToB)
    Mageslayer (CA)

    Scouting/Spying: The best intelligent construct for this purpose is the Umbral Spy (the Forge of War) due to it having Hide in Plain Sight, being Incorporeal, have Telepathy, and the Thought Link ability. The Furtive Filcher (Eberron Campaign Setting) is probably runner up due to the high hide mod for it's price.

    Darkstalker (LoM)- Hide from stuff with Blindsight/Tremorsense/etc.
    Mindsight (LoM, Tsochar section- requires Telepathy)- Blindsight on steroids

    Other Feats:
    Martial Study/Stance (ToB)- The Shadow Jaunt/Stride line provides a teleportation effect useful for almost any construct. If your construct ever gets to 36 HD (technically 34, but it doesn't get a feat till 36), it would meet the initiator level requirement for a ninth level maneuver.

    Skill Focus: Use Magic Device- Use Magic Device and a wand (or 3 with a Rod of Many Rods from CM) can turn your construct into a turret. Since UMD is almost always a cross-class skill for constructs and their Cha scores tend to be low, Skill Focus can actually prove useful.

    Spoiler: Making Your Constructs Better

    Making your constructs better (much of it applies to undead, elemental companions and such as well)

    The penalty for not having the correct armor proficiency is a penalty = armor check penalty to hit and movement skills. The skills penalty is trivial but having a massive to hit penalty would suck, so make sure you have a ~0 armor check penalty.

    At the cheapest level, this is using masterwork studded armor (175gp) for +3 armor bonus. Scale it up to huge and its a x4 cost for humanoid. At the worst case, if your DM calculates masterwork as 175 x 4, it still a very cheap 700gp

    Add armor enhancements next. Armor is relatively cheap to enhance at the lower tiers and all armor enhancements that do not require activation are open to you. If you have magic vestment, you don't need a big +x to armor. That additional cost for those pluses can be better spent

    When you come into money, you don't have to stay with masterwork studded leather because, really, it sucks. So what armor is better? There's the various scenerios depending on what books you can use and what you can afford

    i) Mithral (Lowers armor check by 3)
    +5 AC, 0 armor check
    Mithral Serpentscale from Serpent Kingdoms (Faerun)
    Mithral Sectioned (part) from Planar Handbook (your DM may force you to make it whole, see the item description for explainations)

    +4 AC, 0 armor check
    Mithral Chain shirt (Core)

    +5 AC, -1 armor check
    Mithral Breastplate (Core)

    ii) Nimble armor enhancement (+1) in the Magic Item Compendium (Lowers armor check by 2)
    +5 AC, 0 armor check
    Darkleaf breastplate +1 Nimble from Ebberron Campaign Setting

    +4 AC, 0 armor check
    Chain shirt +1 Nimble (Core)

    +5 AC, -1 armor check
    Serpentscale +1 Nimble from Serpent Kingdoms
    Sectioned (part) +1 Nimble from Planar Handbook

    iii) Both Mithral and Nimble
    +8 AC, 0 armor check
    Mithral Sectioned (full) +1 Nimble from Planar Handbook

    +8 AC, -1 armor check
    Mithral full plate +1 Nimble (Core)

    +9 AC, -2 armor check
    Mithral battle plate +1 Nimble (Races of stone)

    If your DM wants to block this by using the armor check penalty before any enhancements (masterwork, mithral, etc), all is not lost

    +2 AC, 0 armor check
    Chamelon Armor (Serpent kingdoms)
    Leather (Core)
    Leafweave (Ebberron Campaign Setting)
    Feather cloak (Sandstorm)
    Nightscale (Underdark)

    If you're into shields, you can use the same principle as the penalty for non-proficiency is the same. However most shields are very costly when used with mithril, so it is better to use darkwood and apply it to a wooden shield instead.

    This gives you a simple huge sized darkwood shield for a shield bonus of +2 for 670. You can then thrown on magical shield abilities and magic vestment it.

    Golems almost universally do not have proficiency in weapons. However that does not mean you cannot enhance him.

    When you're poor, use a masterwork gauntlet (not the spiked one). That gives a +1 to hit for 302 gp, x4 for huge ~1208 gp or 308gp depending on how your DM calculates it. The gauntlet is the opening you need to start applying magical enhancements (greater magic weapon as well).

    When you have more money, use the Skillful enhancement from Complete Arcane. At +2 it looks pretty expensive. However apply it to the following weapons and you have a golem that just doubled it reach without affecting its ability to attack adjacent targets
    •Spinning Sword (Secrets of Sarlona) (Better crit range than kusari-gama, Can use shields)

    •Kusari-gama (DMG)(Can use shields)

    •Spiked chain (PHB)(Higher damage, no shields)

    For pure damage, you can use the Warmace (PHB upsized to Huge) and you can still use a shield.

    If you're not into shields or want the 1.5 x strength damage bonus, the following are 2 handed d12 (base) weapons
    •Great falchion (Sandstorm, good crit range)

    •Greataxe (PHB)

    •Greathammer, goliath (Races of stone, Bludgeoning weapon damage, big crits)

    •Longaxe (Complete Adventurer, not useful without power attack)

    Spoiler: Spells

    Make your golem wear a skull on its head. Then cast Skull Watch. Make sure he walks in front as he's not affected by the deafening

    If your construct is magic immune (ie, infinite SR), put Explosive runes (as many as possible) everywhere on your construct. Get someone to read it as needed or simply let the enemy read it.

    If your construct is healed by fire or if you simply want fire damage in a 5' radius, put a fire trap on its mouth. Ask it to open its mouth when needed

    Greater and normal Glyphs of warding work as well. Just glue a lot of boxes to your construct, glyph all of them and get your construct to open them. Use blast glyphs for healing and spell glyphs for area effects like clouds or mists. This can get expensive due to the material component though

    Symbols work great, especially permanent symbols as the construct is immune to it. Put one on him or on his armor or such and get him to walk in front (especially if you already have skull watch on). Sit back and enjoy the show

    Permanency can also be used with shrink item but is subject to whether you DM allows it. Prior to animation, you can place "Shrink item" on the golem. If he still has it on when he's animated, you can shrink and carry your golem very easily if you're using the cloth form.

    Spoiler: Miscellaneous

    The following may or may not work, depending on your DM and even if it works, for some of these, don't take your construct to town

    •Stuff his armor with smokesticks. Wait for him to light up

    •Give your golem a duplicate of your own head, especially for flesh golems.

    •Wrap it up in bandages so it looks like a mummy. Wait for him to be turned then laugh

    •Make people think its not the correct golem type (eg. paint a iron golem with rock colors)

    •Hollow out your construct's head and stick your familiar in it if it can speak. Tell your construct to obey the familiar and you've got a semi intelligent construct

    •Cover the whole thing in contact poison

    •Grow yellow mold or green slime on it

    •For added kick, tie a thunderstone to each of the gauntlets.
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