This is mostly the Pokethulhu rules, I'm just trying to figure out an easy way to make person/person combat easy to place in there, and see how fun a game would be to run with it. Any genre type of thing.

Grade Level - Smarts
Phys Ed - Your physical capability. Used for physical conflicts.
Sanity - How well you keep your cool in tricky situations
Lore - What your occult or mystical knowledge has given you. Not often used in some games.
Shoplifting - Stealthiness, deftness with hands
Trash Talking - Persuasiveness, social interaction power. Can be used for social conflicts.

All these things are your character- Each arbitrarily set at least 1, no higher than 12, the higher of your grade level or lore added to sanity cannot exceed 13. All scores totalled can't be over 30. Circle your 'lucky' ability - you can roll 3 dice regardless of the difficulty of a task.

Phys Ed is used to injure people, as well as keep yourself from being injured. Shoplifting can also be used to avoid 'hits'

Everybody has a pool of 7 'fate tokens' that can be used to make things 'grazes' if they fail their prevention roll (dealing only 1 'damage' to phys ed), or to place a particularily useful prop in arms reach (like a torch next to a dark cave or a crowbar near something you need to pry open). The thing is, this pool is for everybody for the whole 'episode'. Anybody can draw from it at any time.

When you want to accomplish a task that's not stupidly easy (like tying your shoes or eating) the 'runner' will tell you how hard it is to do. You roll X number of d12s and see if you get any successes. A success is any number below the ability score associated with the task. You only need one success to succeed.

Tricky -3
Challenging - 2
Really Hard - 1

In opposed tasks (like a staring contest or arm wrestling), the runner can set a static number of successes needed to win.
If it's something more scinematic like a fight, it could be much more complicated.
Injuring people lowers their Phys Ed score temporarily (akin to HP sorta). This makes it harder to injure other people, and prevent yourself from being injured.

Combat usually proves Challenging, although fighting Mooks is only Tricky.
How much should it be lowered though? By what the attacker rolls?
You can try a 'dodge' (opposed phys ed, or maybe shoplifting) against it, and if successful, lower your damage by your success's number.