In the largely human town of Kronwood, when the Harvest Festival is celebrated, many people wear masked costumes - especially the children.

The Kidslayer Goblins have long been a thorn in the town's side, and have been decimated in open conflicts with the town's powerful militia. As a result they greatly fear and hate the townsfolk.

One year when they learned of the Festival tradition they dressed themselves up in masks of their own, so as to hide among the children of the town, and planned to spread murder and mayhem while remaining undetected. However while in disguise the goblins began slaying each other, either to settle scores or because they were too stupid to tell other disguised goblins apart from the town's children.

The goblins' leader, Wasteskull (sorcerer 4), realizing that something had to be changed in the plan, strictly prohibited his goblins from slaying any child wearing a mask. They are also prohibited from attacking an adult, since the town is home to several powerful warriors. Only unmasked human children are fair game.

The townsfolk have not yet found out about the goblins, but they do know that some unmasked children have been mysteriously killed during harvest Festivals. Now, every year, every child in town wears a mask during the Festival, to avoid this mysterious curse. There are many such masked children seen walking the streets during the Festival; some are actually goblins hoping to find an unmasked child target.