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    Default Sprite rip tileset and resources for my campaign

    Off and on over the pandemic (mostly off) I've been working on a campaign. These are some of the resources I want to use for making battlemaps and such. I have should this before somewhere else on the boards but it might be gone.

    This is the master file I've been working on.

    Most of it is ripped tilesets from Chrono Trigger that I'm rearranging and in some cases redrawing to make 32x32 tiles that I'll use to build battlemaps.

    My goal is to then print out those maps and with copious use of scotch and masking tape papercraft them into dungeons in whatever configuration I want. Hopefully it'll end up being fairly easy to store. Being able to reuse it would be nice

    This is a section that I finished working on tonight. Some of the gold icons have a slightly redish black outline and shadow. I've already fixed that on the master file

    These are sprite rips from Ogrebattle March of the black queen from the SNES. Many of the icons only came in either gold or silver depending on the faction they appeared in. And aside from the crystal used to represent petrified units all of the bronze palette swaps were redrawn by me as well.

    I might use these for statuette drop terrain but they could also make cute tokens.

    This section is sort of procrastination. It's definitely not the most important thing I need to finish but it was easy work I could use to get myself familiarized with GIMP which I've recently started working on.

    Some other mostly complete sections of the master file are rips of Ogrebattle tarot cards and character portraits.
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