Hello everyone. I'm going to post a short story called Pokemon Let's Go Story: Kenny's Lenormand Reading.

Pokemon Let's Go Story: Kenny's Lenormand Reading

In the world of Pokemon in the Kanto region at Saffron City. There's a place called Sam's Psychic Reading which is runs by a psychic named Sam Kental. Sam Kental described himself as a handsome tall, thin tanned-skin young man who's 30 years old with short black hair. He wore a white T-Shirt with blue jeans and black sneakers. He also wore glasses as well. He specialized in all types of divination decks such as Tarot, Lenormand, Kipper, and Cartomancy. He helps and guides his clients with his reading whatever if it is a good or bad outcome. Suddenly a young boy enters Sam Psychic Reading who described as a handsome young boy who's is short, thin, light-skinned with short black hair. He was wearing a green T-Shirt with brown shorts with green sneakers. He was also reading a black cap on his head.

"Hello. I want to get a psychic reading please?" said the young boy as Ken approaches the young boy.

"Hello, young man. My name is Sam Kental. I'm the owner of Sam Psychic Reading. How can I help you today?" asked Sam smiling?

"Hello, Sam, nice to meet you. My name is Kenny Daargen. I'm a Pokemon trainer who comes from Pallet Town. The reason why I came here is to get a psychic reading. I want to know how I'm doing with my Pokemon journey so far?" said

"Kenny. How old are you anyway?" asked Sam as he was curious.

"I'm 10 years old. Why did you ask?" asked Kenny?

"I was just being curious because I rarely have young children in my shop," said Sam.

"Am I the first kid to ever come in your shop," asked Kenny.

"Yes you are the first kid to ever come to my shop and I'll be very happy to do your reading with a cost of your Pokedollars of course," said Sam.

"How much does it cost to get my reading?" asked Kenny.

"It cost 20 Pokedollars," said Sam.

"Good I got 20 Pokedollars," said Kenny.

"Great. You can pay me right after I finish your reading. I'll show you to your table." said Sam as he and Kenny walk to the table. Both of them were seated at the table.

"I'm going to use my Lenormand Deck for your reading," said Sam as he shuffles his Lenormand Deck ten times. He draws five cards face-up on the table. It's the Child, Bouquet, Letter, Ship, Tree.

"Ok, the subject of the card is the center which happens to be the Letter. The Letter means information. The extra information is the five cards the Child means a new beginning, the Bouquet means happiness, the Letter as you know means information, the Ship means traveling, and the Tree means growth. When the five cards are combined it means that you're going to have a new beginning with happiness and information that leads to traveling with growth. Finally, the answer happens to be the first and last card, The Child you already know means a new beginning and the Tree you know means growth. When the Child and Tree are combined it means a new beginning with growth. So Kenny, what do you think of your reading?" asked Sam.

"Wow, Sam! Where can I begin? I start my Pokemon journey with my Sandshrew who I enjoy having as my partner. I was happy catching so many Pokemon along the way. I received good news from my family that my little sister Sarah started her Pokemon journey with her Pokemon partner Cubone. I travel in so many cities battling other trainers and Gym Leaders. As time goes by I started to learn and grow just to improve myself to be a better Pokemon trainer. This reading is very accurate and resonates everything from what I just said. Thank you." said Kenny as he was happy with his Lenormand reading.

"Well I'm so glad that your reading resonates, Kenny," said Sam.

"It did resonate. The cards were very positive. Oh yes. Here are your 20 Pokedollars." said Kenny as he gave 20 Pokedollars to Sam.

"Thank you," said Sam.

"You're welcome and thanks for the reading Sam I enjoy it so much. Goodbye," said Kenny as he get up and left the shop.

"You're welcome Kenny and good luck with your Pokemon journey," said Sam.

The End

So what do you think of my story? Tell me your thoughts and opinions.