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    Default Master of the Unseen Hand

    What's the best route into this prestige class? I just love the mental image of throwing people around with just the power of your MIND. The prereqs, I believe, are only Concentration(8 ranks) and access to telekinesis as either a spell or a spell-like or supernatural ability.

    Given that telekinesis is a 5th-level spell, meaning it can only be accessed at 9th or 10th level as a wizard or sorcerer, I'm wondering if there's not a faster way to get it. The "spell-like or supernatural" clause particularly catches my eye. Any monster races that can do it?

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    Default Re: Master of the Unseen Hand

    You could be a ghost.

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    Default Re: Master of the Unseen Hand

    I've had vague plans for a Human Ghost Monk 5/MotUH 5/Reaping Mauler 5 for a while. If you can't guess, its a grapplebuild. Pump everything you can into Cha and wrestle stuff with your mind. Good times.

    The Ghost template is the closest to being a viable player option I'm aware of, with only a +5 LA (and being undead and stuff) for telekinesis as a Supernatural ability every 1d4 rounds, plus other benefits.
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