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    Default Help me design a maneuver please.

    Hey guys, I've never really tried "homebrewing" anything and most of yall seem to rock at it. So, could you guys kinda help me make a maneuver for one of my players, he's playing a Warblade.

    What it needs to do:
    -some sort of charge attack (so must move at least 10ft), doesn't provoke AoO, still gets the +2 to attack and -2 AC next round.
    -at the end of the charge he'll make an upward slash with his SLASHING weapon for increased damage that hurls him in the air.
    -he can choose to fly up in increments of x feet.
    -for every increment of x feet he travels, he'll do an additional 1dy damage on the way down in a downward slash at the start of his next turn.
    -he'll suffer some kind of falling damage on the way down.

    -needs to be a full round. Should the downward slash be part of this round executed, or the following round? If you think the following round, could I make the downward slash take the place of his move/standard action for the following round or would that be pointless since he could just as easily do another maneuver for his standard action?
    -damage needs to be worth it. Remember, he's gonna get increased damage on the initial charge, then on the way down.
    -should the falling damage be pending a reflex save.

    Keep in mind this is my first time EVER creating anything gentle!!

    Thanks to DarkCorax for the "Gnome Wizard", which holds a special place in my heart as it's the first DnD character I'd ever made.

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    Default Re: Help me design a maneuver please.

    I already made two things a bit like this here

    Run on the wind

    Gentle Breeze (Boost)
    Level: Swordsage 5, Warblade 5
    Prerequisite: Any 2 Gentle Breeze Manoeuvres
    Initiation Action: Swift Action
    Range: Personal
    Target: Self
    Duration: Instantaneous
    You may use this boost whenever you move at least 40 ft. in a round. Make a DC 20 listen check; if you succeed then you may make the remainder of your move in any direction. If you choose to move upwards you fall to the ground at the end of the next round, although you may ready actions to attack after the fall.
    This manoeuvre is a supernatural ability.
    You can in theory use this with an Over Run attempt.

    Plummeting Acorn Strike

    Gentle Breeze (Strike)
    Level: Swordsage 5, Warblade 5
    Prerequisite: Any 4 Gentle Breeze Manoeuvres
    Initiation Action: Readied Standard action
    Range: Personal
    Target: 1 opponent
    You may ready a standard action to use this manoeuvre on any turn that you are currently in the air. If you land after falling with an opponent within reach, you make a melee attack and deal 1d6 bonus damage for every additional 5 ft. you fell this round after the first 30 ft. up to 16d6 points of damage. If you successfully hit your opponent you may ignore up to 60 ft. of fall distance or you may choose to reduce the effective fall distance as normal with a tumble check.
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