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    Default Horror (Film) Vestiges

    So I've been watching too many horror films recently so here are some horror film vestiges. Whether last boy Ashley "Ash" Williams, alien monsters, or Christopher Lee (which was made much earlier and more seriously), they're a little on the silly side but hopefully someone will find 'em fun.

    Ashley “Ash” Williams

    Level: 5th.
    Binding DC: 23.
    Special Requirement: Yes.

    Ash was an employee of S-Mart (Shop smart, shop S-Mart) before a trip to a cabin in the woods took a disastrous turn. Surviving the horror of the Kandarian Demon and Deadites, Ash transformed from a rather scared young man to a champion worthy of being the chosen one.

    Legend Ash was a mortal in a far future when magic has waned to almost nothing. There he and four others released an ancient magical evil. They vanquished it in their time at great cost, but Ash, weary and tortured by the deeds he had to commit to survive the night, was sent into the past. There he fought the evil’s forces, vanquishing it once more, before being entombed to sleep till his time comes once more. Even in his sleeping state, though, his legend lives on and gives life to his slumbering mind, life that binders can find and bind to them. Go watch the Evil Dead trilogy, or just Army of Darkness if you don’t like horror.

    Special Requirements: Ash is a groovy hero whose wit and force of personality is the cornerstone of his strength. To bind Ash you must have yourself have a groovy wit and force of personality, requiring at least 13 Charisma.

    Manifestation: Ash rises out of the circle as a strange faced man, white eyes set deeply sunken in a face which seems stretched taunt across his skull. His nose sticks out like some sort of troll’s, his chin thin and pointed, his hair oily and wiry. He wears a blue shirt, and strange brown trousers of a future age. Upon his right hand is his legendary rotating sword, and in his left he holds his boomstick. Shaking he reverts to a more human appearance, his nose and chin shrinking, his face growing full and fleshy once more. He speaks in non-sequiturs, his catchphrases spilling forth regardless of what is said to him.

    Sign: Your chin grows wide and magnificent.

    Influence: While under Ash’s influence you become world-weary and reluctant to risk yourself for others, seeking a chance to rest from the horrors of the world and indulge yourself.

    Granted powers: Ash grants you the ability to call his rotating sword and his boomstick, the power to spout one liners at climatic moments and grant your weapon greater power, the ability to mental bonds and possession, to make yourself the hero to others by slaying a common foe, and to survive through luck when all else fails.

    One Liner As a standard action you may spout a badass one-liner and make a single attack. This attack deals double damage if your EBL is 10 or less, triple x3 damage if it is 11 to 15), or quadruple damage if your EBL is at least 16. This attack also counts as a critical hit for other abilities, though it may still score a critical as normal (remember multiplier stacking, so if you are using a longsword and crit with it you’d deal x5 damage with EBL 16+ not x8). This attack deals an additional 5 damage (before multipliers) against Outsiders with the Evil subtype and Undead, as Ash is especially proficient in defeating such, and an additional 5 damage (before multipliers) if you have less than ½ the hp you started the fight with as badass one-liners always work best when you’ve taken a beating.

    Rotating Sword: Ash’s signature weapon is an odd saw-edged sword around whose blade the saw teeth spin and rotate as if by some strange sorcery even as the hilt makes an infernal racket. While Ash is bound you may, as a standard action, call this rotating sword to you. It covers your main hand, rendering it impossible for you to wield other weapons within it or hold other items (you cannot use the rotating sword as a two-handed weapon). This sword creates a massive noise while wielded (-15 to Move Silently checks), and can be dismissed as a swift action. It deals 2d6 damage (if medium sized, 1d10 if small, 3d6 if large), and has a 19-20 critical threat range with a x3 critical multiplier; it is weightless in your hands. The weapon is a one-handed weapon, but can be used with Weapon Finesse, and you may substitute your Charisma modifier in place of your Strength for attack and/or damage with this weapon. The rotating sword has an enhancement bonus of +1 per 4 EBL you possess and is considered to have the Sacred enhancement (MiC).

    Boomstick: Ash’s other weapon is the dreaded boomstick, called that for the thunderous boom which the stick releases when it fires death upon its wielder’s enemies. While Ash is bound you may, as a standard action, call this boomstick to you. It is held and fired with one hand, but the second arm must be used to rest its length upon when fired. Firing the boomstick is a standard action and it can be fired either in a 15 ft cone, in which case a Reflex save halves its damage, or as a ranged touch attack with a 250 ft range. In either method of use it deals 1d8 damage per 3 EBL you possess and can be heard with a Listen check (DC -15). If you drop or release the boomstick it vanishes instantly.

    Escape Compulsion: While Ash is bound you gain a measure of his ability to escape the magical possessions and compulsions of the Evil. If you are affected by a mind-affecting effect or possession effect and fails your saving throw, you can attempt it again 1 round later at the same DC. You only this one extra chance to succeed on your saving throw.

    Hail to the King: Ash is a master of spinning a minor victory into a position of trust and you inherit it while the chosen one against the Necronomicon ex Mortis is bound. You gain a +8 competence bonus to Bluff and Diplomacy checks made against any creature which has seen you defeat one of their enemies.

    Lucky Survivor: Ash survived much out of luck, destiny, and sheer awesome. You gain a measure of this survival ability while he is bound. This is reflected in a Luck bonus to AC and saves equal to +1/4 EBL you possess up to +1 plus ½ your Charisma bonus (minimum +1).


    Level: 5th.
    Binding DC: 27.
    Special Requirement: No.

    The xenomorph was a member of a race of creatures, dangerous in the extreme. When bound you gain certain of their physiological traits, and predatory instinct, becoming a living weapon.

    Legend The origin of the monstrous race known as xenomorphs is hazy at best. It is said they were created long ago by a race of progenitors which traveled between worlds seeding them with life. The original xenomorphs were a form of weaponized mutation, a black oil which would infect life forms and create from them a variety of monsters. The xenomorph came about as an evolution of this creation, though the exact means by which they did so is unclear.
    Other stories claim that they were siply the inhabitants of a particularly deadly world, possibly a part of the Far Realm, which became the apex predators on their world. Once this happened they were found by an ancient race of travelers which used them as a weapon spreading them to other worlds as a form of biological warfare.
    Whatever the truth xenomorphs were a parasitoid life form which infected the inhabitants of worlds using them as hosts for their young. The life form from which a xenomorph was born had some influence on what monstrous creature was created, but always they bore a black chitin hard enough to repel many weapons, blood of acid which could corrode metal and slay their assailant, and a secondary set of jaws used as a weapon against foes. The xenomorphs might have been a threat to many worlds when a derelict was found with their eggs somewhere within Known Space. One creature almost escaped on the vessel which found it but a single champion managed to rise from amidst the crew and defeat it. When the world with the derelict was colonized years later it was infested and the champion had to return with the aid of military forces and finish what she had left incomplete. She managed to slay the colony and free Known Space from the threat of xenomorphs for now… even so the spirits of these bio-weapons remains in the void between worlds, ready for any chance to return.

    Manifestation: A body of the binder’s race seems to form before them only to have a small orange creature burst violently from their stomach, exploding out from it. It rises its body slowly darkening as it grows from worm to a man-like form, long tail whipping behind it, head long, lustrous and black. It stares at the binder, its second jaws slowly extending from its mouth to ‘kiss’ its binder if a deal is struck.

    Sign: Your body becomes covered in black chitin and a second mouth grows in your mouth.

    Influence: While under a xenomorph’s influence you may not act in a way that knowingly increases the (long term) danger to your life.

    Granted powers: The xenomorph grants you its great physical prowess in the form of a limited version of its blindsight, its acidic blood, chitinous body, secondary jaw, and ability to scamper along walls.

    Blindsight: You gain blindsight 15 ft.

    Acidic Blood: Your blood becomes acidic. Whenever you receive lethal slashing or piercing damage your blood deals 1 acid damage per 2 EBL you possess.

    Black Chitin: The black chitin covers your body and grants you an enhancement bonus to natural armor equal to +3 or 1/3rd EBL whichever is higher as long as you show the xenomorph’s sign.

    Secondary Jaw: You gain a natural “bite” attack with your secondary jaw as long as you show the xenomorph’s sign. This bite attack deals 1d4 damage but armor bonus from non-magical armor does not apply, and natural armor bonuses are halved against it.

    Wall Skitter: While a xenomorph is bound you gain a climb speed. This is your land speed -5 ft if your land speed is less than 30 ft, -10 ft if it is at least 30 ft but less than 60 ft, -10 additional feet per 30 ft above 30 your land speed is.

    The Thing

    Level: 4th.
    Binding DC: 23.
    Special Requirement: Yes.

    The Thing is an alien force that when bound grants its binder a variety of alien powers.

    Legend The stories of the Thing offer little cohesiveness. While all agree that it was a creature which venturing from another world to our own was frozen until thawed out by overzealous researchers the exact nature of the creature or how it was thawed varies.
    Whatever the creature was once thawed it began to kill. The researchers found themselves hard pressed to stop it. Most stories say it began to assume the forms of the researchers that had released it, possibly even multiplying as it now they killed their way through the researchers. One odd tale says it was simply a blood thirsty plant-man but it was obviously penned by a mad man. Most however say it somehow could assimilate the forms and knowledge of those around it.

    Manifestation: A thickly frozen form appears before you, blue face twisted with anger and omnidirectional rage, red, worm-like cilia dangling from its head. As the ice thaws its body shifts till it looks exactly like its would be binder.

    Special Requirement: The Thing will not answer calls to be bound made in temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Sign: Your hair becomes worm-like cilia.

    Influence: While under the Thing’s influence you become secretive and selfish, finding it hard to cooperate if doing so would put you in a potentially dangerous situation even if odds are it would prevent a more dangerous one later.

    Granted powers: The Thing grants you the powers of its various and varied forms in the wildly different tales presenting it.

    Alter Self: While you have the Thing bound you become a consummate shapeshifter as it often is in legend. As a standard action you may alter your form as if with the Alter Self spell but a duration of indefinite. Once you have used this ability you may not use it again for 5 rounds.

    Telepathy: In some versions of the legend the Thing has the ability to telepathically communicate with its clonal offspring. While it is bound you gain telepathy 30 ft.

    Absorb Memories: In one version the Thing could absorb memories and intelligence through its eyes. While it is bound you can do the same with a touch. As a standard action you may make a melee touch attack which inflicts 1d6 Int damage and you gain target’s knowledge on three questions (answer limited to 2-3 sentences), or the ability to use their ranks in one skill for the next minute. Once you have used this ability you cannot use it again for 5 rounds.

    Blood Healing: In one version of the legend the Thing is a plant creature which feeds upon blood. While the Thing is bound when you deal slashing or piercing damage with a natural weapon you heal 1 hp per 3 points of damage dealt. You may also drain a dead creature of blood (a process taking 5 minutes if tiny or smaller, +5 minutes per additional size category, and requiring a slashing weapon) to heal 1 hp per 5 hp the creature possessed.

    Detachable Scout: In some variations the Thing’s legend it is able to shed a portion of its body to attempt to allow at least some of it to survive. As a standard action you can detach part of your flesh to create a diminutive creature which serves as an extension of yourself in ways. This detached creature uses your ranks in Climb, Hide, Listen, Move Silently, and Spot and may move 20 ft a round with a climb speed of 15 ft. It has 1 Str, 15 Dex, Con 10, uses your base saves, has AC 16 (+2 Dex, +4 size), and hp equal to your character level. The creature can see and hear as if it were you, using your Wisdom modifier, and has Int -. You can command the creature telepathically as long as it remains within 1 mile of you. When you shed the hand you take a -2 Constitution penalty which lasts until it recombines with you (requires a full round action from it while you are both in the same square) or for as long as it is extent and 1 hour thereafter if it is destroyed. Once it has recombined with you or been destroyed you must wait 5 rounds to create another.

    Count Christoph of Baalgrave, the Voice of Dread

    The vampire count gives his summoners the power of his will bending gaze and legendary voice with which to command and even kill lesser creatures. In addition those who bind him gain some of his unearthly vitality.

    Level: 8th

    Binding DC: 34

    Legend: Christoph first appears in stories as a military assassin, but whatever deeds he did in the wars of his age is lost to modern knowledge. When next stories tell of Christoph he had already met the embrace of the night and risen as a vampire, an immortal king of darkness. In this new form, Christoph quickly rose in power over the county of Baalgrav. Stories tell how through sheer force of personality and will, the vampire count rose higher and higher in power. Christoph’s sugared words saw him grow closer and closer to the king of the time, subverting the ruler to his will, even as he turned his eyes to the priesthood. The clerics of the land fell to the vampire’s seductions as readily as their king had, and slowly but certainly Christoph’s powers grew until the gods grew jealous and afraid. It was then that they struck the vampire count down, and fearing what he would become if allowed to go to the Lower Planes they scattered his spirits into the howling void.

    Manifestation: When Christoph manifests he rises up from the seal covered in black robes. His face obscured by his robes, he raises ne aged figure and points at his summoner, bidding them to speak in an imperious voice. He remains almost completely silent throughout the bargaining, only speaking in monosyllables in a voice that surpasses the gods’.

    Sign: Your hair whitens and your voice grows deep and commanding.

    Influence: Christoph’s influence makes you secretive and unwilling to reveal information to others except when it is immediately vitally important to you.

    Granted Abilities: Christoph gives you the power to dominate with a glance, kill with a word, fills your words with power, and grants you a portion of a vampire’s resilience.

    Dominating Gaze: As a standard action you can look into the eyes of a humanoid creature within 30-ft which can see you and exert the persuasive and commanding powers of your personality to bend them to your will. The target must succeed at a Will save or be affected as if by a dominate person spell. If you use this ability again all creatures currently affected by this ability are freed from it. Once you have used this ability you may not use it again for 5 rounds.

    Keep a Secret: You gain a +12 competence bonus to Bluff checks, increasing to +16 on Bluff checks made to keep a secret.

    Vampiric Vigor: You gain Cold and Electricity Resistance 5 and a +4 bonus on all Fortitude saves against effects which do not affect objects and to all saves against Mind-Affecting effects.

    Voice of Power: You gain a +12 competence bonus to Diplomacy, Perform (Oratory), and Perform (Sing) checks. You must show Christoph’s sign to gain this bonus.

    Word of Death: With a single word of power you attempt to snuff out the life of a living creature within 60-ft. Any creature targeted with this ability with less than 5 hit points per level you possess instantly dies; a creature with more hit points is completely unaffected. This is a mind-affecting death effect. Once you have used this ability you cannot use it again for 5 rounds.
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    Default Re: Horror (Film) Vestiges

    Well it's that time of the year again and that means it's time for some more horror movie vestiges. This year I bring you ones more thoroughly actually flavored as vestiges because... eh why not. So I welcome you with the following vestiges: the Devonian, Creature from an Earlier Age; Gojira, Nature Enraged; Krueger, the Murdering Nightmare; and Vorheeth, the Masked Slayer.

    Gojira, Nature Enraged

    Level: 1st.
    Binding DC: 12.
    Special Requirement: No.

    The Devonian was an ancient creature reawakened in the present day and killed by those who would have studied it.

    Legend The Devonian came from a long forgotten era before the defeat of the Ancient Ones and the birth of the current cosmos. It was frozen in time itself, its mate only half frozen so that her body fossilized in the interim. When it awoke it wa filled with sorow and upon seeing humans rob its mate's grave it went berserk killing some of the humans before retreating back into the swamp.

    It was pursued by researchers who wanted to study its pre-reality nature, and it tried to lose them in the swamp, before it turned to try and destroy them to preserve the secret of its existence. In the end beaten and drugged it finally sank into death, but its soul coul not pass to its afterlife, after all it was part of an older cosmos, and it simply lingered on as a vestige unable to pass to a place that no longer existed.

    Manifestation: The Devonian rises up from the seal, its gills opening and closing as it regards its binder. It speaks only in curt sentences, its words guarded, as the pact is made.

    Sign: You grow large gills along the sides of your throat, and your hands become webbed.

    Influence: While under the Devonian's influence you may not disturb graves or tombs, but must pay proper respect to the dead.

    Granted powers: The Devonian grants you a measure of its hardiness, its ability to swim and act in the water, and its ability to hold and crush foes.

    Ancient Hardiness: While the Devonian is bound you gain a +2 bonus to Constitution.

    Aquatic Stealth: While underwater you gain a +4 competence bonus to Hide checks.

    Gills: While the Devonian is bound you gain the ability to breathe water as easily as air (even if you don't show its sign).

    Grasp Foe: As a swift action you may augment your ability to grapple foes. Until the start of your next turn you gain a +4 bonus to grapple checks +1/3 binder levels and you do not provoke attacks of opportunity for attempting to initiate a grapple.

    Prehistoric Swimmer: If you do not have a swim speed you gain a swim speed equal to 1/2 your land speed. If you have a swim speed it increases by 10.

    When bound with Bind Vestige: The Devonian grants its Aquatic Stealth ability. If you also have Practiced Binder it grants Ancient Hardiness as well.

    Gojira, Nature Enraged

    Level: 4th.
    Binding DC: 20.
    Special Requirement: No.

    Gojira is a natural animal mutated by powerful magics, and destroyed by a super weapon.

    Legend Gojira was born when an ancient country began to experiment with powerful destructive magics which could lay waste to entire regions. This magic, however, carried mutagenic side effects, and a previously normal reptile at the edge of its touch was transformed. Absorbing the deadly energies it grew until it towered over the castles of man and began to lay waste with a breath of the same horrible magical energy which created it. One man came up with a plan to defeat it, using an equally, if not more, horrible weapon of his own design. The magic literally ate the life force of the region it was used within, consuming the very essence of life, and leaving the previously invincible beast nothing more than scattered ashes. The creator of this new weapon ended his own life to end his horrible weapon, but Gojira was not wholly gone for its cry could be heard by those that were sensitive and its seal deciphered from these dreams. Gojira had become a vestige.

    Manifestation: Gojira does not manifest before the binder, instead the seal seems to become an opening into an impenetrable void from which Gojira converses with the pact maker through a series of roars, its form hidden behind the void.

    Sign: Thick scales grow across your body, and a row of 'frills' grow down your back, glowing bright when you use Gojira's atomic breath.

    Influence: While under Gojira's influence you become impatient and must take the most direct route to overcoming your obstacles.

    Granted powers: Gojira grants you its thick hide, atomic breath, and massive size.

    Absorb Energy: As a swift action you may prepare your body to absorb energy. Until the start of your next turn you gain acid, cold, electricity, fire, and sonic resistance equal to your binder level. You also gain an equal amount of resistance to untyped damage from spells and spell-like abilities, hellfire, radiation, and positive energy. For every 10 points of damage prevented with this ability you deal +1d6 damage with your atomic breath if you use it before the end of your next turn (max +1d6/2 binder levels). Once you have used this ability you cannot use it again for 5 rounds.

    Atomic Breath: As a standard action you may release a breath weapon in a 10 ft line per binder level which deals 1d6 radiation damage per binder level. A Reflex save is allowed to half this damage. Once you have used this ability you cannot use it again for 5 rounds.

    Spoiler: Radiation Damage
    Radiation damage represents a destructive blast of near pure energy, a mix of heat, kinetic force, and molecular bond breaking destructive energy. It is difficult for living creatures to heal radiation damage (unliving creature heal it normally). It does not heal naturally, including through fast healing, without the assistance of a trained healer (requiring a DC 20 heal check) and even then heals at half the normal rate and each point of radiation damage healed by a magic spell or effect counts as 2 hit points for the amount that the healing spell or effect can heal, and radiation damage is always healed after regular damage. So, for example, if you have 36 radiation damage and 100 normal damage and a 15th level cleric casts Heal on you you'd be healed all your regular damage and 25 points of radiation damage; alternatively if you have 14 radiation damage and no normal damage and a cleric casts Close Wounds on you healing 7 hit points you'd be healed 3 radiation damage and have 11 damage currently.

    Lizard King's Scales: As long as you show Gojira's sign you gain +2 natural armor, this natural armor improves by +1 per 6 binder levels to a maximum of +5 at 18th. This is not an enhancement bonus to natural armor, and if you have natural armor (excluding an enhancement bonus to natural armor) you use only the higher value.

    Tyrant's Size: As a standard action you may increase you size by one size category. This functions like the Enlarge Person spell except that you do not suffer a penalty to Dexterity. If you binder level is 10 or higher you can grow a second size category gaining +4 Str and -2 Dex for it. While grown as a standard action you may return to your normal size.

    Water Breathing: You gain the ability to breath water as easily as air.

    Krueger, the Murdering Nightmare


    Level: 4th.
    Binding DC: 20.
    Special Requirement: Yes.

    Krueger was a serial killer who murdered children lynched by the township he preyed upon. He returned as a dream demon to murder their children in their dreams only to fade into a vestige when the town became abandoned and he was left as nothing more than a children's rhyme.

    Legend Krueger was a child murderer, a sadist who took particular pleasure in the pain of the young and the sorrow of parents. When he was discovered the evidence was not enough to convict him in the king's court but the townsfolk took action anyway burning him alive. This was not the end of Krueger however as he returned as an undead spirit which manifested itself in the nightmares of the children of the town. One by one he killed off the children of the town in their dreams till their were none left, till the town itself withered and died and the fear of Krueger was forgotten. A spirit of fear and nightmares Krueger found the very realm in which he existed extinguished by his own success and found himself dwindling till all he could be was a vestige.

    Special Requirements: To bind Krueger you must be able to dream and must have done so within 1 week.

    Manifestation: A trio of children appear from his seal, one jumping over a pair of ropes spun around them by the other two. They sing a rhyme about how Krueger is coming for you and then he appears, either in a blaze of fire, or bursting from one of the children. He looks like a horribly burned human, metal claws burnt into his flesh. He caresses his would be binder's face with these claws even as he speaks to them, making their pact.

    Sign: Your body becomes covered in horrible burns.

    Influence: While under Krueger's influence you must not offer a painless death or easy release to captured foes instead taking time to relish in their pain and suffering (this does not apply to foes that pose an immediate threat to you).

    Granted powers: Krueger grants you the ability to kill foes with their greatest fear, survive your own death, invoke nightmares, and grow a pair of demonic claws.

    Deliver Nightmare: As a standard action you may cause nightmares to plague a specified creature within 1 mile per binder level. This functions as the Nightmare spell except for its reduced range (and that it's a standard action supernatural ability). You may not enter a trance to wait for the target to go to sleep. You may use this ability 1/3 binder levels per day but never on the same target more than 1/day. If the target is not asleep or not within range it does not expend a use of this ability or count against the number of times per day you may target them.

    Krueger's Claws: As a free action you can cause a metal blades to grow from your fingers in the form of metallic claws. These claws deal 1d4 + damage if you are medium size (they are normally primary natural weapons) and have an 18-20/x2 critical threat range. In addition they overcome DR as if magic, evil, adamantine, cold iron, and silver.

    Nightmare Made Real: As a standard action you may invoke the worst nightmare of a touched creature. The target's worst nightmare seems to come alive within their mind and they must make a Will save to recognize it as nothing but their own imagination. If they fail they must make a Fortitude save or die, if they succeed on this Fortitude save they are shaken for 1 round and suffer 1d4 Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma damage. This is a mind-affecting, fear effect. Once you have used this ability you cannot use it again for 5 rounds.

    Nightmares Never Die: If you die while Krueger is bound you revive as if through the resurrection spell at the location of your body (or a part of it) 5 rounds later. You do not suffer level loss (as you would with resurrection) but you are revived at only 1/2 your maximum hp and while Krueger remains bound you lose all abilities granted by him (including this one) and he cannot be expelled prematurely through Expel Vestige.

    Vorheeth, the Masked Slayer


    Level: 5th.
    Binding DC: 24.
    Special Requirement: Yes.

    Vorheeth was a child whose caretakers neglected in the midst of amorous activities and was stolen and raised by water fae, returning to take vengeance upon the humans that abandoned him.

    Legend Vorheeth was a child left in the care of a training camp, but the instructors who were supposed to be watching the children snuck away one night to spend an amorous evening together. Vorheeth decided to play by the lake. He was taken by water fae who claimed the child and wove his mind in enchantments, taking him as their own 'child', though more plaything and pet.

    Over the years Vorheeth's mother went mad with grief returning to the training camp to kill the new generation of instructors but one of them killed the woman and as his mother's dead body sank into the lake Vorheeth had dwelt in his memories began to stir. He slaughtered his adoptive 'parents' and began to take up his mother's crusade to avenge the one who had died trying to avenge him.

    Eventually just like his mother Vorheeth met an indignant end, but he would not stop, his body rising as a revenant to continue its quest for vengeance. This revenant was vanquished but returned again, and again. Only by luring Vorheeth back into the heart of the lake which he had 'died' in and submerging his still struggling corpse beside his mother, and reading words from a dread grimoire did they manage to quiet his specter by banishing it beyond reality.

    Special Requirements: You must have remained chaste for the last month.

    Manifestation: The surface of the seal ripples like water and the waterlogged corpse of Vorheeth emerges from it. He stands a hulking man, covered in a shirt not quite large enough for him. The edges of scars can be seen around a plain white mask he wears over his face. He does not talk, simply staring at his binder, his heavy blade held. When the pact is made he brings this blade down onto the head of the binder, stopping just shy if the pact is a good one.

    Sign: Vorheeth's white mask forms over your face like a shell.

    Influence: While under Vorheeth's influence you must punish any act of romance or eroticism that you see in some way, such is his irrational hatred of it.

    Granted powers: Vorheeth grants you the ability to continue going on and on long after most would have fallen, as well as an inhuman strength for the purpose of murdering your enemies.

    Mettle You gain the mettle ability.

    Murderous Strength: As part of a melee attack you may invoke the murderous power of Vorheeth, you suffer a -2 penalty to your attack roll but add your binder level to your damage for the attack. Once you have used this ability you cannot do so again for 5 rounds.

    Shrug it Off: As an immediate action in response to taking damage or having to make a Fortitude save (before rolling in the latter case) you can invoke the full unstoppable force of Vorheeth, shrugging off even lethal blows. You take no damage from the triggering effect or gain a +10 bonus on your Fortitude save. Once you have used this ability you may not use it again for 5 rounds.

    Unholy Resilience: As long as you are not submerged in the water you gain DR 1/- + 1 per 5 binder levels. This stacks with any DR granted through the Pact Augmentation ability.

    Unstopping: You gain the benefits of the Endurance and Die Hard feats.
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    Default Re: Horror (Film) Vestiges

    How about Pinhead?
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    Default Re: Horror (Film) Vestiges

    Jigsaw might make a fun one. Chucky as well.

    Spoiler: Current Characters

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    Default Re: Horror (Film) Vestiges

    Very nice. Adding radiation damage really should be similar to poison and Godzilla and other monsters should be immune to it.

    Unfortunately I can't give an in depth review of this but I'll try to look at it later.
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