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    Default New magic system classification

    These replace the standard magic schools for d20:


    Animation: Lets a character animate objects and manipulate them magically.
    Blast: Allows a character to send forth mighty magical attacks.
    Blessing: Allows a character to place charms on an area, weapon, or objects for a variety of effects.
    Chaos: Allows a character to send forth magical attacks that can permanently damage a target.
    Curses: Allows a character to put harmful curses on other targets.
    Dreams: Gives the caster power over the dream world for a variety of effects.
    Entrapment: Allows the character to immobilize people with entangling bonds.
    Forms: Allows the character to become insubstantial to certain realms, such as the physical, magical, or spiritual realm.
    Gateways: Allows the character to transport from one place to another.
    Glyphs: Allows the character to draw glyphs, which are writings designed to activate a spell on a target.
    Healing: Allows the character to heal and resurrect other people.
    Law: Includes spells that counter magic and destroy magic. Also has some spells that are useful against the school of chaos.
    Mind Mastery: Gives the target control over the minds of others.
    Necromancy: Allows the character to animate undead corpses, communicate with the dead, and have power over unlife.
    Scrying: Allows the character to magically spy on other locations.
    Seals: Allows the character to magically lock or unlock doors. It can also bind guardians to an area.
    Shadows: Allows the character to tap into the magical energies of the plane of shadows for stealth based magic.
    Shifting: Allows the character to change their form.
    Siphoning: Allows the character to absorb and drain attributes from other characters.
    Storms: Gives the character power over the weather.
    Summoning: Allows the character to summon creatures to help them.
    the Strong Mind Allows the character to lift and manipulate objects at a range, sort of like telekinesis.
    Time: Gives the character power over time.
    Transmutation: Allows the character to change a target into something else.
    Wards: Allows the character to create barriers from the physical, magical, and spiritual realms.

    I'm going to probably use it with this system:
    My current games:
    Its Over 9000: OOC, IC, Ashe

    Lords of Creation: dueling pantheons
    OOC, IC

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    Default Re: New magic system classification

    So, you gonna assign any spelss to them? Seems kind of over complicated to increase the number of Spell Schools.
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