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    Default Sorcery Guide part2 by Qwertyazerty

    Sorcery Guide part2 by Qwertyazerty
    As originally published by Qwertyazerty on the Wizards of the Coast message boards

    Personal Note: Since the guide was saved as a notepad file, all the color ratings are now lost. I could try to give the features ratings but that would probably alter the original guide so i'll just leave it as it is for now.

    Both sorcerer guide already made are pretty good and i agree with most of what they present. If I was to rewrite it I would probably say the pretty much the same thing that they are saying. Instead I'll talk about the new EE options and magical item build.

    Gold best thing ever you want it, no but about it just take it.
    Skyblue very useful, you definitively want it
    Blue Very good, try your best to get it
    Black neutral, not bad but not good, take it if nothing else
    Purple Bad, if you really want it for your concept your still viable, but be warn this is not a good idea
    Red Worst choice ever, really if you take this your character might not even be viable, you don't want it, you might want to reconsider your concept because this concept might stay in town and never leave the safety of the civilizaton.

    New EE race:
    Aarakocra (black for dragon sorcerer who expect to reach level 14+ and red if you start at level 14+):

    The stat (+2Dex/+1wis) are not that usefull to sorcerer, missing there most important Charisma stat. Dex is interesting for AC, initiative and dex save, but the lack of Charisma will really hurt you.
    The speed of 25ft can make it more difficult to position yourself where you need to be, but this is canceled out with your flying capability in many circumstance.
    Flight: Flying speed of 50 ft, make this an awessome race and this is the main reason why this race is banned from Adventure league. This feture go down to darkblue if you play a dragon sorcerer and expect to reach level 14 since at level 14 you gain dragon wing to fly, and if you start at level 14 then you cannot benefit from this feature. As mention by Mellored and Kalani, be carefull of any effect bringing your flight speed to 0 or prone effect since they can be very dangerous to flying creature.
    Talons: profiency with unarmed strike dealing 1d4+str/dex on a hit. you already have profiency with daggers and you shouldn't be in melee often, especially if you can fly far from melee range and cast spell from the air.

    Deep Gnome:

    The stat (+2int/+1Dex) are not that usefull to sorcerer, missing there most important Charisma stat. Dex is interesting for AC, initiative and dex save, but the lack of Charisma will really hurt you.
    The speed of 25ft can make it more difficult to position yourself where you need to be.
    The superior darkvision is nice but how often do you have a long tunnel longer then 60 ft where you need to fight?
    Gnome cunning this is pure good, one of the best racial in the game, sadly it is not supported by the other racial feature.
    Stone camouflage: advantage on hiding in rocky terrain. Very usefull in situational circumstance.
    Svirfneblin Magic: this take a feat slot, but give you 2 spell level 2 and one spell level 1 so if you like those spell it can be interesting. With your limited known spell, extra spell are usefull, but you can only cast those once per day and cannot improved them, you do NOT learn them, you can just cast them once per day at there lowest level.

    Genasi (rating will be per subrace)

    +2Con very good to increase HP, constitution save and CONCENTRATION check.
    Speed 30ft: like most race pretty good.

    Air Genasi:

    +1 dex: still not Charisma, give you higher initiative, AC and Dex save which is usefull, but still not Charisma.
    Unending Breath. When was the last time you had to hold your breath for more then 1+Constitution modifier MINUTES? specially with a race giving you +2 Constitution, having 14 Constitution, would allow you to hold your breath for 3 minutes. If you need to hold your breath for more then 3 minutes, what does the remaining of your party will do?
    Mingle with the Wind: you can cast levitate once per long rest. Levitate is not the most useful spell you coudl take. yes it will bring you out of reach, but it's also a concentration spell, so you cannot use it at the same time as Haste, greater invisibility, hold monster, Melf Minute Meteor etc... and it only bring you to 20 ft high.

    Earth Genasi:

    +1 strenght your dumb stat, worse then intellect. and still no Charisma
    Earth walk: ignore difficult terrain made of earth or stone. situational useful.
    Merge with Stone: cast pass without trace once per day. An other concentration that will increase the entire team stealth check by 10, This can be useful, since you will most likely cast this out of combat, so it wonT' compete against Haste or Greater invisibility. With the right group this can effectvely make your party undetecteble, or at least give your party a chance to succeed there group stealth check.

    Fire Genasi:

    +1Intellect your other dumb stat, and still not Charisma
    Darkvision this is very good
    FIre resistance (go down to black for fire dragon sorcerer) fire resistance is very usefull especially in a campaign revolving around elementa damage. Even for the fire draogn sorcerer it will save him 1 or 2 SP per day.
    Reach to the Blaze: Produce flame is inferior to firebolt, and gaining Burning hand as a spell level 1 at level 3 doesn't sound very exiting. specially it do not count as one of your spell so you cannot cast it at higher level and you can cast it only once per day so if you like burning hand you still have to learn it with your sorcerer spell known.

    Water Genasi

    +1Wis help with wisdom save and perception, but that is all nothign else and still no Charisma
    Acid Resistance Same as the fire resistance (see fire genasi), usefull even for the acid dragon sorcerer
    Water breathing even less usefull then unending breath. At least undending breath allow you to ignore poison gas and stuff like that by not breathing. Water breathing you still have to breath.
    Swim A swim speed allow you to attack normaly underwater (without a swim speed you get disvantage on melee attack) but you don't use melee attack your a sorcerer. you swim at 30ft instead of 15ft (like most other race) but own often do you need to swim in a campaign and since when are you the scout rushing ahead of the group, your suppose to stay within the safety of the group, so you'll be slow down to the group speed anyway.
    Call to the wave: extra cantrip: Shape water which can be usefull in certain situation, create or destroy water can be very good, especially in survival setting like Dark sun when water is scarce

    The weaker then a Half orc race. The race that do less then a half orc

    +2strenght, +1 Con still no Charisma and +2 strenght, your most dumb stat that you own.
    Speed: 30, like most other race
    Natural Athele: Profiency with a versatile strenght base skill
    Stone's Endurance Probably the reason why you want a Goliath, but you reduce 1 source of damage using your reaction per short rest by 12+Con modifier. Or you can use your reaction to cast Shield increasing your AC by 5 and take no damage from the attack. Yes stone Endurance can protect you from DC base save (like fireballl) once per short rest. can be very usefull since it might give you an extra round to act, but honestly, if this is your reason, just go make a half orc, at least you are sure to survive that first fatal blow with relentless endurance and you'll at least gain darkvision.
    Powerful Build you can carry, push, drag like a large size creature but with a strenght of 8, so still pretty weak.
    Mountain Born: can survive in altitude of 20,000 feet, when was the last time you did an adventure at 20,00ft in altitude, and how does the rest of your party are surviving?
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    Default Re: Sorcery Guide part2 by Qwertyazerty


    Create bonfire (conjuration): concentration to deal little damage in a 5ft square. instead of Melf Minute meteor or instead of Haste or instead of Greater invisibility, instead of hold Monster you will create a small fire? Could become slightly better if you have a grappling group to carry the target over the bonfire, but better spell exist.

    Control flames (transmutation): Prestidigitation/minor illusion with fire

    Frostbite (evocation): 1d6 and disanvantage on target next weapon (natural weapon count as weapon) attack. If you go cold dragon sorcerer this can be interesting, choose this OR Ray of frost,

    Gust (transmutation): a mix between mage hand, prestidigitation. The strenght VS push 5ft can be usefull, but might as well ask the barbarian to grab the target and move it himself.

    Mold earth (transmutation): Prestidigitation/minor illusion with earth

    Shape water (transmutation): Prestidigitation/minor illusion with water

    Thunderclap (evocation): An alarm system warning all the ennemies withing 100 feet of you to deal 1d6 in a 5ft AoE damage in close combat (where you shouldn't be) that is not affected by your dragon origin.

    1st Level
    Catapult (transmutation) Throw a 5 pound object and deal 3d8 bludgeoning damage. can be interesting for concept, but dragon sorcerer do not benefit from this, 5 pound limit a lot of cool thing that can be done (cannot catapult the halfling inside the ennemy castle)

    Ice knife (conjuration): 1d10 (not affected by dragon sorcerer) then dex save for a 5ft 2d6 Aoe. this spell will help the cold dragon to be slightly more viable, but still weaker then a fire dragon sorcerer who possess better spell. You can twin this spell since it only have one target (the target for the 1d10 bludgeoning) so you could technically affect 2 creature with 1d10, then affect them with 4d6 (2 burst of 2d6 each). When you cast it at higher level both 2d6 would increase by 1d6 increasing the damage on the creature in the overlapping section.

    Earth tremor (evocation): 1d6 bludgeoning and knocked target prone? decent, but no interaction with dragon sorcerers.

    2nd Level
    Aganazzarís scorcher (evocation): 30ft line dealing 3d8 fire damage or you can burning hand a 15ft cone for 4d6 or you can scorching ray for 3 ray of 2d6 each. unless you often fight in narrow tunnel and ennemy often line up, you will be better served by scorching ray or even burning hand.

    Dust devil (conjuration): an other concentration spell, preventing you to use hold person, haste, enlarge/reduce etc... deal 1d8 bludgeoning damage (not affecting your dragon sorcerer) in a 5ft square and MIGHT cause heavy obscures for people inside the spell. So your friend can hide and take damage or the ennemy can take damage and be hidden.

    Earthbind (transmutation) strenght check to remove the flying speed of a creature. useless against dragon since they have a strenght save bonus higher then your spell DC, require your concentration so no haste, no greater invisibility etc... If you really need this go get a scroll.

    Maximilianís earthen grasp (transmutation): strenght check to restrain and deal 2d6 bludgeoning damage or Wisdom save to paralyze and cause your ally to automatically crit the target with hold person? yes this spell coul dbe an alternative to hold person if you're fighting many creature with high wisdom or non humanoid creature.

    Pyrotechnics (transmutation): require a flamme to be used, but with firebolt able to ignite it should be fairly easy. Then can blind in a AoE of 10ft for 1 round (compare to blindness/deafness which blind a single target for 1 minutes with a save every round) or mimic fog cloud (spell level 1) AND DO NOT USE CONCENTRATION.

    Snillocís snowball swarm (evocation) deal 3d6 damage in a 5ft radius with a 2nd level spell or cause 1d10 on a single target+2d6 in a 5ft radius (3d6 is upgraded to a spell level 2) with Ice Knife.

    Warding wind (evocation): Concentration: Protection agains vapor/gas, cause disavantage to ranged attack, difficult terrain for everyone except you, and deafen everyone including you withing 10ft radius of you. For for melee sorcerer and/or eldritch knight this could be better. But for a range spellcaster, probably near the other squishy of the group, causing the sorcerer, the cleric and the archer to become deaf is very punitive. Then the archer is force to maneuver around you to shoot his arrow or he gain disavantage (but yes you can protect the weaker party member from arrows and from gas/cloud/vapors etc...) and this is an other concentration spell that will compete against Haste, Greater Invisibility, Hold mosnter etc... could be interesting at low level, but I would definitively talk to my party to make sure they understand the spell and are able to work it it and have a clear plan of battle before the fight since communnication while the spell is up will be tricky (sign language, telepathy etc...)

    3rd Level
    Erupting earth (transmutation): but only for Fire sorcerer 20ft cube dealing 3d12+1d12 (19.5) and make the terrain difficult terrain until cleared. at least it's not a concentration spell I guess? I also assume a typo in the PDF that the spell gain extra damage dice only if you cast it with a spell level 4 or greater (otherwise this spell is the only one worded that way, and the spell would become golden since it's damage will be way too high. Be carefull with the difficult terrain, since it might impair the melee fighter in your team, or your escape route if you are suppose to walk over it to escape the dungeon. At the DM discretion this difficult terrain could be non-magical or can me magical (untill we receive a official ruling), since Erupting Earth is a transmutation spell, so it didn't create new earth, it simply moved the already existing earth. Then you cannot dispell the difficult terrain, the only way to "fix" it is manual labor.

    Flame arrows (transmutation): Concentration spell, and give your archer friend 12 arrow dealing an extra 1d6 (+cha modifier if your a fire dragon). shoudn't it be better to cast Haste on the barbarian and allow him to deal an extra 2d6+barbarian strenght instead? This would be a greate spell for a magical item crafter to craft a quiver transforming 12 arrow per day into flamming arrow? or if your party lack that strong hitter that can benefit fro Haste, then this is a good alternative on the archer... if you have an archer

    Melfís minute meteors (evocation): take your bonus action do deal 2d6+CHa twice for 3 round... or you can Haste your ally or you can greater invisibility, or you can hold person etc... and with a limited amount of spell known you better learn the one you'll use the most often. This is not a bad spell, it's pretty decent, but if you take it usefulness is conditional on if how many combat concentration you want to take.

    Wall of water (evocation): cause disavantage against range attack, halved fire damage if the fire exist before the wall (so a fireball center inside the wall do full damage, but a fireball centered outside the wall deal halve damage inside. and the wall is vulnerable to cold spell and require concentration. Or you can cast fog cloud, cause disavantage against all ennemies attack but you can walk in and out of the fog. yes fog cloud do not protect against fireball, but if the ennemy really want to target you he can center the spell inside teh wall of water anyway. Considering you got very limited amount of spell know, limited to 1 concentration spell at a time, I wish I could go higher, but I can't explain why I would cast this instead of fog cloud or Hold person.

    4th Level
    Storm sphere (evocation): for lightning sorcererConcentration so again competing against Melf minute Meteor, Haste, Hold person etc..., dealing 2d6 bludgeoning damage (not affected by your draogn origin) then require a bonus action to deal an extra 4d6 (+cha if lightning dragon) to one target per round. Should replace melf minute meteor for lightning dragon, but still this spell usefullness is dependant on how many combat concentration spell you know.

    Vitriolic sphere (evocation): Become golden for acid dragon sorcerer since this is there Fireball spell. The damage is distributed on 2 round instead of front loaded, but at least now acid dragon got 3 acid spell???

    Watery sphere (conjuration): an other concentration spell, competing against Storm Sphere, Melf minute Meteor, haste, greater invisibility, hold person etc... This spell restrained target, very similar to the druid spell entangle (spell level 1) Yes this spell allow you to move that creature, so similar to telekenisis (spell elvel 5) except you cannot bring the target 60ft in the air to make them take falling damage and extinguish nomral flamme (like prestidigitation (cantrip) can do. This spell become purple for fire sorcerer since many DM rule that fire spell cannot affect target in water or deal reduce damage)

    5th Level
    Control winds (transmutation): they took. Gust, Gust of wind, jump, feather fall and combine them together and put it as a spell level 5?

    Immolation (evocation): dex save, for 7d6 fire damage, then 3d6 at the end of turn on additional failed save. Technically you might wish for 10d6? maybe 13d6 if your lucky, or you could have cast fireball to deal 10d6 on the first round. Immolation become better then fireball on the 3rd turn, and Immolation do not scale up if you cast it with higher spell slots. If you need to make the body disapear (to avoid raise dead) you can simply chop the vital organ and bury the body or throw the body in the wilderness and the wolf/dire wolf will take care of destroying the remains.

    6th Level
    All investiture require concentration so compete against your other combat concentration spell (greater invisibility, hold person, haste Melf Minute Meteor etc...) Then becasue this is a sorcerer build and you ahve limited spell known, taking a spell that only give you protection to set elements is not very versastile compare to protection versus energy that give you resistance against the needed energy.

    Investiture of flame (transmutation): you become a torch yourself immune to fire and resistane to cold, deal 1d10 damage to creature around you and gain an action do deal 4d8 damage in a 30ft line. or you could cast a cantrip light on your shirt to illuminate, cast firebolt to deal 3d10 damage (or aganazzar scorcher (spell level 1) to do the similar thing. and how many time are you in melee combat with a sorcerer? So basically you gain fire immune and cold resistance.

    Investiture of ice (transmutation): terrain around you is difficult terrain, but it's only 10 feet, but might still help to prevent ennemy to reach you. you can ignore difficult terrain caused by ice, and you gain a 15ft cone to deal 4d6 damage very similar to burning hand (spell level 1)

    Investiture of stone (transmutation): Gain resistance to bludgeoning, piercing and slashing non magical damage. By the time you reach spell level 6 many creatures you will fight (and will cause enought treath to make you use a spell level 6) will cause magical damage (even their natural weapon will be considered magical) and even against non magical creature, it's still only an extended duplication of one of a bad cantrip: Blade ward. Plus you can make nearby creature drop prone, similar on how Earth tremor (spell level 1) work but without damage?, able to move throught solid rock , this is nice, but it's only for you, you cannot bring your party member with you so it's usefull to run away or hide, (so does greater invisibility spell level 4). So spell is a improved cantrip (blade ward) a continues weaker spell level 1 (Earth tremor) and a gimp version of greater invisibility or a way to run away and leave your party behind.

    Investiture of wind (transmutation): ranged weapon attack made with disavantage (so does greater invisibility, but greater invisibility also affect ALL attack, not just ranged) the flyinf speed is good, but dragon sorcerer gain wing at level 14 and you can cast a spell level 3 to gain fly and share it with other players. and a 15ft cone to deal 2d10 damage (once again weaker then burning hand) This also do not affect dragon sorcerer elements.

    8th Level
    Abi-Dalzimís horrid wilting (necromancy): 30ft radiu Aoe doing 10d8 (45) necrotic damage extra effective against plant and water elemental and useless agaisnt construct and Undead. Or you can sunburst for 12d6 (42) and blind the target for 1 minute. Fire dragon do not benefit from necrotic damage, but add there Charisma modifier to fire spell (making sunburst deal an average of 47 damage. This spell will go up to darkblue if you fight many plant and water elemental.

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    Default Re: Sorcery Guide part2 by Qwertyazerty

    Magical Item:

    I know you technically as a player you cannot choose yor magical and they are usually predetermined in the module, or given by the DM.

    But for Adventure league player who are limited in their abilities to get a new item, since if they have more item then cannto roll on the next item. So the player who take 3 items that are not very usefull for him, have less change to get the good item from the next module, even if that item is the Best In Slot (BIS) but the other player of the group only have 2 items.

    Then in homegame, sometime DM allow you to buy/choose an item of your choice.

    Then the player are limited in using only 3 magical item. Their is no longer limitation on the number of ring you can wear or the number of neckalce, as long that it make sense (so one can argu that he can wear 5 necklace easyly, but to convince that you can wear 2 helmet at the same time will be harder (unless your DM allow a 2 headed player race)

    So this section will help player to choose wich 3 item he should have attuned, and filter the item recceive from module, between the item that are useless, interesting and very usefull.

    Those choice are my personal opinion and they are for my concept of a sorcerer (a spellcaster who stay in range, and blast spell to kill or control the enemies). I will not talk about EVERY item in the DMG and from teh module, I will talk about some of them, the best one that I saw. If you have a question about a particular item you can ask and I'll add it.

    The BiS for your 3 attune item should be:

    Staff of the Magi: +2 to spell attack bonus, +2 to spell DC, Spell absorption giving advantage VS Spell and allowing to cast many more spell per day, and a list of very usefull spell. This is without hesitation the BEST staff for EVERY sorcerer no matter of there origin. +2 to spell DC should bring your spell DC to 21, this is HUGE when compare to a barbarian with 24 (+7) contitution will have +13 Constitution save, so even the barbarian got a descent chance to faill his save (but you should still attack him with a wisdom save spell instead)

    Robe of the Archmagi: AC of 15+dex, so basicaly +2AC over the dragon resilient feature and over Mage armor the wild sorcerer use. advantage VS spell and other magical effect. +2 to attack bonus and spell DC (and this stack on the Staff of the Magi for a total DC of 23). I know that the advantage VS spell overlap with the staff, but the +2 to spell DC and attack roll stacking with the Staff is enought to make this the BiS and an extra +2 to AC and advantage on magical effect (not cover by the staff) is enought to keep this as your BiS.

    Cloak of 29 Charisma: This item do NOT exist, but a belt of giant strenght giving 29 strenght exist so maybe you can convince your DM to allow you to have a cha of 29. I'm saying a cloak, but any visible item slot representing prestige like a crown of charisma 29 or a brooch of charisma 29 could be just as good and acceptable.
    If your DM do not allow this cloak of 29 charisma then Cloak of Invisibility (or ring of invisibility) is probably one of your best choice, giving you a permanent greater invisibility. Specially for a Fire dragon sorcerer who will gain advantage on every singel scorching ray attack roll that his doing. Plus giving disavantage on ennemy to attack you and forcing them to guess where you are. But be weary against enemy with true sight, blindsense, they can still see you, so make sure you stay out of range of there ability. Tremor sense shouldn't be a big problem if your flying

    Other attunement item that you can take untill you find those legendary item:
    Ioun Stone of Mastery: +1 profiency mean +1 to your spell DC and +1 to your spell attack roll, and +1 to your constitution and Charisma save and +1 to your profiency check. This is very usefull and could even rival a cloak of invisibility for the BIS item for sorcerer who are not using spell relying on attack roll (like scorching ray)

    Dragon Mask and Mask of the dragon queen from HotDQ and RoT: Legendary resistance, resistance to the dragon elements? if your already resistance it become immunity. If your already immun it become heal? and add your Charisma bonus on your AC if your unarmored, so basically for a sorcerer add +5AC on top of you mage armor/dragon resilience for 13+dex+cha? If you already have a breath weapon the ability to recharge on a 6 (but do not give you a breath weapon), improved darkvision, water breathing (black and green) the red mask give an extra 1d6 fire burning damage (and probably 4 other similar little bonus not specified) who could say no to this? Here the link toward the 5 individual dragon mask: http://media.wizards.com/2014/downlo....2_Printer.pdf
    Why is this not in the BIS? then yes this will replace the cloak of invisibility (except maybe for fire dragon sorcerer, advantage on every scorching is VERY powerfull, but then again the sorcerer could gain it with greater invisibility so depend on your opinion) something about being invisible and flying make the cloak more appealing, flying 150ft in the air, and casting your spell with advantage, while the ennemy got no idea of where you are and have no clue on where to cast there AoE spell to cast you, kind of make it for 5 automatic sucess on any save. And for dragon sorcerer understanding dragonic and advantage to talk with chromatic dragon is a class feature gained at level 1 so it's not a big argument. But yes if your Sorcerer gain the possibility to obtain such an item make sure to use it, and once your Dm also award you a staff og the archmagi and a robe of the magi and a cloak of 29cha (or of invisibility) say thank you to your DM and good luck on a very difficult decision.

    Defender staff (From LMoP): +1AC, and access to the shield spell and Mage armor, this is great early game for good defense, freeing your spell slot to cast magic missile and other offensive spells.

    Wand of the war mage: +1/+2/+3 to your spell attack roll is particularlyu usefull specially for fire sorcerer using scorching rays. If you DM allow item creation a sorcerer version of the Rod of the Pact keeper would be even better

    Rod of Absorption and Ioun Stone or Greater Absorption: good alternative to the Staff of the Magi untill you find one.

    Remember wand and staff can be used as spell focus so if you can hold a staff in one hand and a wand in the other, but only to cast spell with Material component, otherwise you have to drop one or take the warcaster feat

    Ring of spell storing: basically allow you to keep up to 5 level of spell unused to the next day. further more once you gain a better item you can easyly give it to the rogue/fighter/barbarian of the group giving them access to 5 level of spell. A fighter who can cast shield as a reaction become an extremely sturdy meat shield. Remember the spell fro the ring keep the DC and attack bonus like if casted by YOU, so your rogue will be casting a fireball with your spell DC.

    Ring of protection and Cloak of protection: increasing your AC and Saving throw by 1 will greatly help you survive.
    Bracer of defenseadd +2 AC if you wear no armor so basically add +2AC on top of mage armor or on top of your draogn resilience, so 13+dex+2, great survival item. personally I prefer the cloak/ring of protection since they also increase the saves, but this one is not bad if you have a empty attunement slot.

    Non attunement item:
    Book of +2 to stat: I heard some people saying that they can use the book every 100 years to gain it benefit multiple time (using a elf whop can live 700 year+, or using cloning spell to renew your lifespan, or using demi plane exploit to recharge the book every day) but for this guide I'll cosider that you are goig to use the book only once in your career. If your DM allow you to abuse the item, then good for you and your 100 Charisma score, but I believe this goes against the developer intention since they wanted to keep a certain "bonded accuracy" and having a 100 Charisma score kind of break this "bonded accuracy"

    Tome of Leadership and Influence+2 to your Charisma and to you Max Charisma score, giving you a total of 22 charisma? yes please, this is a must found, untill your DM give you a cloak of 25+charisma.

    Manual of Quickness of Action and Manual of Bodily Health +2Dex and +2 Con, yes please, increase your AC, your initiative, your Dex save / HP, Constitution save, concentration check, yes take it. Allow the Dex fighter/rogue/ranger to take the manual od dex before you take one, but for the Constitution, you could talk with your frontline defendor, since if you take it it will increase your chance to succeed on your concentration save to keep Haste active on them, but even there, I think I woul dlet the barbarian take it before my sorcerer.

    Tome of clear though, Tome of understanding: +2 Intellect, +2Wisdom. This will probably not let you break the 20, but an extra +1 to save against Feeblemind and against wisdom save is alway a welcom idea. But please do not take those boook from the cleric/wizard/druid, they need it WAY more then you will ever do.
    Manual of Gainful Exercise+2 strenght, yes completly useless, pretty much anyone else will benefit from this more then you, so please do not even think about taking it. If you in a solo campaign, I'm not even sure it's worth the 2 day require to study it.

    Pearl of power: an extra spell slot level 3, very powerfull at low level and lose importance at higher level but since this item do not require an item slot, and do not require attunement, then they are alway usefull, an extra fireball? why not, an extra shield? go for it, an extra Haste? who could refuse?

    Daern's Instant Fortress an instant fortress bringing you out of combat range??? hell yes thak you very much. might be consider darkblue for a dragon sorcerer level 14 since he can fly and stay out of range anyway, but this fortress also protect the teamate if needed (the archer and the cleric can stsy with you in the fortress and leave the fighter at the door to defend it) but this item need enought room to be deployd and is very difficult to repair.

    Boots of Elvenkind advantage on dex save when moving silently is relevant (so 90% of the time) and do not require attunement so yes take them, so you can stealth with the rogue and do a double fireball surprise round once you gave the rogue a ring of spell storing^^

    Cape of the Mountebankdimension door once per day without attunement, yes please. But this item might be difficult to use if your DM gave you a cloak of 29 Cha or a cloak of invisibility, but why not wearing 2 cloaks? it's original and do not prevent anything, unlike wearing 2 armor which would be greatly detrimental to movement or 2 helmet which wouldn't fit and could caue vision problem.

    Goggle of night vision for race without darkvision or black for race with darkvision 120ft. Gaining darkvision or increasing your dark vision from 60 to 120 feet is very usefull, but improving darkvision from 120ft to 180ft??? how many time did you fought in a dark tunnel that was longer then 120ft? and wanted to attack from more then 120ft?

    Dagger of Venom: this blade do not require attunement, so if you have teh opportunity yes take it, so you get a decent option if you are forced into melee combat. But please if there is a rogue in your group (specially a poison user assassin) let him have it, he'll have a WAY better use out of it then you.

    Be aware of those item:

    Helm of teleportation will require your attunement but a scroll of teleportation will be more usefull, since when was the last time you had to teleport 3 time per day? jsut get 3 or 4 scroll of teleportation instead and you should be cover for a while (or at least untill you reach a big town again where you can buy some more)

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    Default Re: Sorcery Guide part2 by Qwertyazerty

    for future reference: when copying a guide, try using the quote command, then copying. should keep all the stuff in [] [/] that way.

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