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    Default Your thoughts control what happens to you. (Epic prestige class)


    (Will fill with time)

    Spells: Must be able to cast 3rd level arcane and divine spells
    BAB: +13
    Abilities: Sneak Attack 3d6 (Skirmish and Sudden Strike will apply)

    I'll need more time to flesh it out, right now it's a concept class. Basicly, as they gain levels, they gain total control over all of their mind. They can believe a sword strike will not hurt, and it won't. Need suggestions and concept reviews. You're supposed to have to be a four way multi-class between an arcane, an expert-type (Rouge, ninja, etc), a combat-type (Full BAB), and a divine caster. You should be epic upon taking this prestige class.
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    Default Re: Your thoughts control what happens to you. (Epic prestige class)

    Sounds pretty cool. Maybe I'll yoink this for a character of mine once it becomes fully developed mechanical-wise.

    Only problem is I'll need to take on five levels of rogue, which is painful with the 6 levels of barb and psi-war build. >_>

    I might also have to exclude taking on all 10 levels of the warmind prestige which I'd originally planned.
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