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    Default Monastic Tradition: Way of the Closed Fist (WIP)

    Way of the Closed Fist
    This monastic tradition that relies on quick strikes that debilitate their enemies. Where most monks rely on Flurry of Blows, Way of the Closed Fist monks rely on Step of the Wind to initiate their abilities.

    Level 3
    Closed Fist Techniques
    After using Step of the Wind you may use one of the following techniques. Any penalty placed on a creature last until the start of your next turn.

    Mental Break: Targets hit by your unarmed strikes have disadvantage on ability checks that use Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma.

    Power Break: Targets hit by your unarmed strike have disadvantage in ability checks that use Strength, Cobstitution, or Dexterity.

    Shattering Fist: As an action you forcefully strike out with an unarmed attack and may cast Shatter as a 2nd level spell without any compenents (thus can't be counterspelled). The DC for this ability is 8 + prof + str or Dex modifier.

    Level 6
    Armor Break
    After using Step of the Wind you have advantage on attacks and ability checks versus targets that have a bonus to AC from armor (including magic armor), shields (including magic shields), or magic spells (such as mage armor, shield of faith, or barkskin).

    Improved Shattering Fist: You may use Shattering Fist as part of the bonus action used with Step of the Wind. If you used Step of the Wind in your last turn you may replace your OA with Shattering Fist.

    Level 11
    Magic Break
    After using Step of the Wind you have advantage on attacks and ability checks versus targets that use or have access to spells.

    Greater Shattering Fist: You add your wisdom modifier to damage done with Shattering Fist.

    Level 17
    Fists of Fury: After you use Step of the Wind you may expend an additional 2 ki in order to replace each unarmed attack you can make with any with their own Shattering Fist.

    This does not replace the Shattering Fist You gain from using Step of the Wind techniques.

    Spoiler: Notes

    I'll add in specific levels later, I may just change the spell Shatter to its own ability and keep it from referencing it as a spell.

    Shattering Fist is low on average damage but it gives the monk a good ranged/aoe ability that has some great fluff and background (i may have been playing final fantasy tactics monk w/ wave fist...).

    I've decided to make shattering fist lose the action once you get improved shattering fist. This will help boost the monk's damage a bit. After you get Improved Shattering Fist your turn will look something like...

    BA (SotW) + Action (Attack + Extra Attack) + Shattering Fist (used any time After SotW).

    Gave the level 17 ability a Bruce Lee inspired name, Probabaly should have called it Big Boss (rimshot).

    BA (SotW) + SF + Action (SF + SF) is a possible turn for the Monk. The downside to shattering fist is that you can't stun.

    I might need to change a few things but I think I got the core of what I want to do with this.
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