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    Default Roguish Archetype: Avenger (WIP)(PEACH)

    Churches aren't happy about it, well most aren't, but sometimes you need to cross a few lines to get the job done or to further your religion. This is the type of work that most Clerics will have none of and Paladins ready a Smite...will. When a cleric or Paladin says no, or shouldn't know about the mission, this special type of Rogue will always say yes.

    Level 3
    One Faith, Different Path: Due to the differences in training and ideology an Avenger can not multiclass with Clerics, Paladins, or any other class that gains a Divine Domain. If they are multiclassed with another class they can not take a subclass that gains a Divine Domain.

    Divine Domain: Choose a Cleric Divine Domain. You gain the proficiencies, features, and the first level ability of that domain. You learn the bonus spells from that domain, and can cast a limited number per short rest. As you level you gain access to new spells from your Divine Domian as shown on the following level. These spells automatically increase in slot level but you may decide to cast them as a lower level slot.

    Spoiler: Spells Known
    At the end of a long rest you choose which spells you prepare until the end of your next long rest. You may cast any prepared spell once per short rest. When you gain access to higher level spells you may still choose to prepare a lower level spell.

    You may cast each spell once per short rest or one of your spells twice per short rest.

    Character Level (Slot Level): Number of spells prepared.
    Level 3 (1): One Level 1
    Level 6 (1): Two Level 1
    Level 9 (2): One Level 1, One Level 2
    Level 12 (2): Two Level 2
    Level 15 (3): One Level 2, One Level 3
    Level 18 (3): Two Level 3

    Note: Still working on this.

    A level 12 Avenger with Tempest Domain can prepare two of the following spells.

    Fog Cloud, Thunderwave, Gust of Wind, and Shatter.

    After choosing those two spells, the Avenger may cast each of them (or one of them) 2/ short rest.

    Divine Sneak Attack: In addition to the normal weapons you sneak attack with, you may sneak attack with any non-reach weapon that you become proficient with through Rogue (Avenger) levels.

    Level 9
    Channel Divinity: You gain one use of Channel Divinity (as the Cleric's class feature) along with your domain's level 2 ability.

    Level 13
    Improved Divine Sneak Attack: You may apply sneak attack to your cantrips gained from your Rogue (Avenger) levels. This applies to cantrips that have an attack roll or a saving throw. To apply Sneak Attack to a cantrip that offers a saving throw the target must fail their save. Only cantrips that deal damage may have sneak attack applied.

    Level 17
    Greater Divine Sneak Attack: You can sneak attack with any spell learned From Rogue (Avenger) levels, even if they don't typically deal damage (if such a case then the target gets a Dex save unless the DM rules for a different save to be used). Only one target may be sneak attacked if you cast an AoE spell.

    Example: A Tempest Aveneger cast fog cloud, each enemy in the cloud must make a Dex Save, DC 8+wis+prof, and if they fail the saving throw they can be targeted for sneak attack damage (not weapon, str, or dex damage though). Only one that failed the save can have sneak attack applied to it.

    In 4e the fun of the Avenger (outside of encounter advantage versus a target...) was being a sneaky, dex based, big weapon wielding, magic spell shooting, agent of GOD.

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    Default Re: Roguish Archetype: Avenger (WIP)

    This is pretty overpowered.
    I have a LOT of Homebrew!

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    Default Re: Roguish Archetype: Avenger (WIP)

    Quote Originally Posted by JNAProductions View Post
    This is pretty overpowered.
    The spells won't be as much as it seems (not as many as the warlock, but using the Warlock as a base idea for the casting).

    The Rogue already falls behind on damage and even giving them a base 2d6 weapon doesn't really change that. Giving them a 1 or 2 times per long rest boost should bring them up closer to what others can do.

    I think I forgot to add "one target" to the spell sneak attack abilities though...

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