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Thread: Match the Song!

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    Default Match the Song!

    So the game is simple - post the next stanza of whatever song TPAY posted. Then post a line from a different song.

    For example, The White Space's song is the Yogscast's "Diggy Diggy Hole",
    Brothers of the mine rejoice!
    Swing, swing, swing with me.
    Raise your pick and raise your voice!
    Sing, sing, sing with me!
    Come on, come on, don't leave me like this;
    I thought I had you figured out.
    Something's gone terribly wrong
    You're all I wanted!
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    Default Re: Match the Song!

    HTML Code:
    Raise your pick and raise your voice!
    Sing, sing, sing with me!
    "Down and down into the deep
    Who knows what we find beneath?
    Diamonds, rubies, gold and more
    hidden in the mountain store..."

    Miracle of Sound, "London Town"

    Steam train running on a reckless rail
    Speeding right into the rising gale

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